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Curvy Mikel Ruffinelli has the world’s biggest hips – measuring a staggering EIGHT feet! This mum-of-four from Los Angeles, insists she has no intention whatsoever to ever lose weight. Continue reading for more amazing people with special talents who make money from their unique features. After the end of World War Two, the independent automakers had to spend a lot of money to keep up with the Big Three.
The biggest challenge for the non-three major auto makers, Ford GM and Chrysler, was having the financial resources necessary to tool up for new designs.
Kaiser-Frazer automobiles were built at their Willow Run facility just about 25 miles west of Detroit. The Kaiser Manhattan was the vehicle that kept Kaiser-Frazer going during the early 1950′s.
The Manhattan, representing the top trim level for 1952 and for 1953 the mid-level version below the luxurious Dragon model. The lower bodies of the 1953 models had a wide chrome band, there were small chrome tail fins that sat atop the rear fenders, and the car’s front fenders were decorated with script nameplates. The standard transmission on the Kaiser Manhattans was a column shifted three speed manual Borg Warner unit.

Front suspension were independent coil springs and tubular hydraulic shocks in along with a linkless anti-roll bar.
As of this date, a drivable 54 model in need of repair and restoration is being offered for about $8,000.
However, Facebook has made new changes which allow you to never miss a deal from The Wally World Woman again! This basic design, as mentioned above, continued in the Kaiser line until the company discontinued building U.S. The Kaiser Motor Corporation, formerly the Kaiser -Frazer Corporation, was one of several independent auto makers who fell victim to the Big Three when the post World War Two car demand began to wane.There was such a pent up demand for automobiles when the war ended that essentially everyone was selling cars. Ford Motor Company had used the facility to build bombers during the war and the plant was massive.
As far as changes with the Kaiser Manhattan from 1952 to 1953, the latter models had widened chrome headlamp rings, counterbalanced trunklid hinges, redesigned white-on-black instrumentation, a new hood ornament and a lowered rear seat cushion for better headroom. Rear suspension was a solid axle suspended by semi-elliptic longitudinal leaf springs and canted tubular hydraulic shocks.
Produced only during the 1952 and 1953 model years there was only a total of 37,000 vehicles built which included all Manhattan models. When you’re raising 3 small children, a husband (yes I’m raising him too!), chickens, horses, cows, cats, dogs and what ever else might come my way, you have to be frugal!

Meet 10 individuals who may seem eccentric at first, but have created considerable value for themselves through considerable online support, which is calculated based on the amount of views each video receives. The Big Three were taking the lions share of business during the 1950′s and the independents that were still around were fighting over the table scraps. I’ve learned repeatedly, if you want to be frugal you have to save time, as well as money, and you have to get organized and that’s my job - I’m here to help you! In 1953 the Kaiser Manhattan could be ordered as a two-door club sedan, a four-door sedan, and a Traveler sedan. This range covers non restored vehicles needing an engine rebuild to museum quality vehicles. As you can see from the above, prices are in a wide range depending on both mechanical and cosmetic condition.

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