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Even after knowing that making money from blogging is not very easy and requires lot of hard work, still many bloggers think of blogging as a better option over doing a job. Most of the parents want their children to be well settled and that’s why they always advice their children to find a good job.
While doing studies we may do blogging as a part time activity, but the question which always keeps knocking the mind of many bloggers is that – Will I be able to give time for blogging after completion of my studies? Pressure from parents, relatives sometimes leads to confusion in the mind of many bloggers. Even if we love blogging a lot, we should continue doing blogging as a part time activity until blogging starts giving better income than what we can get from a job. Nowadays many bloggers are now thinking about diversifying their income by trying out affiliate marketing, planning to have their own startup etc. According to me, 2 most important things which most bloggers should try to improve at is SEO and Social Media Marketing.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very important thing for most of the pro-bloggers as without proper SEO getting good search engine traffic can be very difficult. Newbies shouldn’t look for instant income and try to build a brand by promoting their blog in the best way. The craze for blogging, scope involved and the other reasons has already made many bloggers give up their job so that they can start doing blogging full time. I am still a part time blogger with a day job but trying to come into full time blogging soon.

One thing a newbie must know is this, the more you give in to learn and apply blogging principles the more chance of success you will get!
And if you tell them that I am blogging for 6 months then they will say why are you wasting your time, try for the job. In this post I’m going to mention some of the things which bloggers think about and why more and more people want to start earning money by doing blogging.
Parents and relatives may never understand that why you’re so much addicted to blogging. Later on I asked the same question to many pro-bloggers and I got to know the perfect answer. One of the reasons to not rely totally on blogging is that blogging doesn’t provide guaranteed income and there can be fluctuation in the income earned from month to month.
Companies regularly contact bloggers for writing about their products which means that blogging is now a very important platform for advertising and promotion. Content writers, logo designers, theme developers etc are able to earn good money because of bloggers and webmasters.
Even if bloggers try out so many things to increase their income, the never ending passion for blogging makes them regularly update their blogs.
Newbies fail to get success in blogging mainly because they don’t have complete knowledge about SEO and Social Media Marketing.
For making your blog become a brand you’ll need to work very hard for few months or even a year.

Even if currently you may doing blogging as a part time activity, your determination and skills may soon transform you into a full time blogger in future. I'm also keenly interested in Technology, SEO, Creative Writing and have also started working as a Marketing Consultant for few clients and companies. I am happy that you liked the points which I have mentioned to make people take the decision between blogging and job. This is the reason which makes many new bloggers leave blogging and join a job so get they can get guaranteed monthly income.
Bloggers regularly need the service from such freelancers as bloggers sometimes due to lack of time are unable to do everything on their own. For making your blog become a brand you’ll need to have a good domain name, perfect logo, attractive design, high quality content and much more. Some pro-bloggers have already been successful in making their blog the new identity for themselves. It is always inspiring to see others who are making it blogging but it is not a road to travel by the feeble minded.
Some of the SEO experts earn much more than pro-bloggers, this is the reason that I’ll recommend every newbie to immediately start gaining more and more knowledge about SEO.

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