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The offices are open plan, and the bookies share with customer service and one person—who usually works from home—whose job it is to pursue company debt. Advocates for online gambling are focusing the spotlight on a report by UK-based market analysts, H2 Gambling Capital, stating that legalized online gambling would create thousands of new jobs and billions of dollars in tax revenue over the next several years. The fight against illegal online gambling in Belgium is not easy, with 21 of the 94 blacklisted gambling sites still active, according to research by De Morgen. It is still possible, for example, to play games for money on sites like 21 Grand Casino, Scratch Mania and Bingo Round, despite their being blacklisted.
Several major websites such as Bwin, Ladbrokes and Unibet, have since adjusted their activities to be in line with Belgian law, while other sites, such as Betclic and Europa Casino, have suspended their activities altogether in Belgium. Customers are colour-coded based on their betting history, giving the bookies a visual point of reference for every punt that comes in. Customers are allowed on with credit, and those who fail to make their repayments are passed on to legal, but my contact doesn’t know what happens then, they work on a different floor.
He went on to warn lawmakers that failure to legalize web-based sportsbooks, poker sites and casinos was leaving thousands of US-based players without any form of regulatory protection. Barney Frank (D-Mass), has previously pushed for legislation that would both legalize and regulate online gambling.

If you think you may have a problem, don't hesitate to contact for more information.
It is technically difficult to block the sites, according to Belgium’s Gambling Commission. The sites are illegal because they do not meet Belgium’s strict conditions for online gambling services, such as a license from the Gambling Commission, a Belgium-based computer server and the payment of taxes on the income they generate. Red means you’re a professional, which results in punitive restrictions over how much you can earn, while blue—VIPS, or softs—are the hard-gambling incapables, who are let on to bet as much as they want under the assumption they won’t make it back. The desks have four computer screens, on which all the data for the races and the incoming bets are displayed, and employees have been known to pass on tips to friends when the other better companies are slow to react to a change in odds. Blocking the illegal sites has proven to be a difficult task, admits Etienne Marique, Chairman of the Gaming Commission.
Worse, once they lose, you’ve got them on the chase, and they’ll keep betting, “no longer punting, just gambling”, with the odds resting firmly with the house.
Jim McDermott (D-Wash), has sponsored proposed legislation for taxation and regulation of Internet gambling.
The bigger firms go even further: they’ll observe a punter’s preferences and, in the case of real high rollers, offer box seats to sporting events to maintain goodwill while they fleece people’s pockets.

Of the two efforts, Frank’s bill has received significant support, including several Republican party members.
Estimates of the size of the online gambling industry vary widely, from as low as $6 billion to as high as $100 billion.Because of the difficulty in enforcing age and other requirements, the issue has divided lawmakers and the industry. As a result of the decision, Cash-strapped states are now able to legalize poker and other gambling over the Net.This could mean lottery ticket sales on-line, legal on-line poker and more. Justice Department said that online gambling in all forms is illegal under the Wire Act of 1961. If you remember, in December 2007, Microsoft, Google and Yahoo paid a combined $31.5 million to settle federal charges that they promoted illegal gambling by serving ads for the gambling operations to other Web sites.

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