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Health experts believe that lemon juice is powerful enough to boost digestive function of body. Of course, therea??s nothing better than starting your day with a glass of fresh lemon juice mixed with honey. Studies have revealed that citrus in lemon juice is rich in liminoids, compounds that has anticancer activity.
If you thought bananas were the only way to stock up your body with potassium, think again. With lemon juice, you dona??t have to feel bad and stick to bed under the influence of fever.
Having lemon juice early in the morning and even later in the day will give a Master Cleanse effect to your body and help you lose significant amount of weight.

Well, most doctors feel that consuming a lot of liquids help in clearing stones and even preventing formation of stones in future. This is important to feel healthy, enhance metabolism of body and expedite the process of weight loss. Hence, lemon is also considered to be highly effective in treating a huge number of diseases.
Latest studies have revealed that lemon juice supports even the most stringent of weight loss goals.
Drinking about half-cup of lemon juice on a daily basis will increase citrate levels in the urine. It is believed that consuming a mixture of lemon juice and flaxseeds will help in expelling wastes and toxins from body more rapidly.

Lemon juice comprise of pectin, a soluble fiber which has been shown to help in weight-loss regime.
Some of the studies have shown that this could also provide ample protection against calcium stones in the kidney. They are packed with abundant flavor to enhance taste of a variety of dishes and tons of health benefits.

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