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FIRMS making nuisance marketing calls will face ?500,000 fines under a Government crackdown. The free publicity offered by the BBC will help the firm, which has been named the 26th fastest growing company in the UK on The Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100, to win new customers.Which? A crackdown on nuisance calls was announced last week, but there are already tools available to block pests from getting to your phone.A More than 80 per cent of us receive unwanted marketing calls a€“ typically twice a week, according to industry watchdog Ofcom. Phone users who sign up to this free service should stop receiving unsolicited telesales and marketing calls from these members. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Yet Ofcom says the service fails to stop up to two-thirds of unsolicited calls a€“ from non-members and foreign companies.

The firm said: a€?Neither NES nor WCUG accept that issuing monetary penalty notices is the appropriate course of action. New powers will be granted to the data-monitoring watchdog Information Commissioner's Office to tackle callers who cause 'nuisance, annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety'. Telecoms provider TalkTalk received an identical penalty in 2011 for similar practices.Ofcom received 40,000 complaints about silent or abandoned calls last year while the ICO received 175,000 complaints about nuisance calls and texts. Some 2,700 complaints were made, which is likely to be only a fraction of the people who were wrongly called.
Its 700 staff telephone 15,000 people a week and another 500 in the field call another 10,000 homes.The firm had a record turnover of A?25 million last year, while it was named the second best place to work in the UK on The Sunday Times list. Both have made the necessary representations to the ICO and will be issuing a formal appeal shortly.

Last month I got angry with the company boss and said I would report it to a regulator unless the firm stopped hounding me.
This warning did the trick.'Nicola, who runs children's clothes shop Chateau de Sable in Chester, adds: 'What would happen if every trader I dealt with treated me this way? Life would be intolerable.'Telecoms watchdog Ofcom regulates silent calls while the Information Commissioner's Office regulates most other calls.
We urge people buying goods, especially online, to ensure they do not give their consent to any follow-up marketing by ticking a€“ or failing to tick a€“ a permission box when making the purchase.'Recorded messages make up almost a fifth of nuisance calls, while live marketing calls make up more than a third.

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