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Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is a body of knowledge that explicitly deals with enhancing your mind. Much has been developed since 1970s and today NLP techniques and skills are used by many successful individuals and organizations, celebrities, athletes, politicians, CEOs and the like. Even though most people might have heard about NLP through either media or other means, many are still unsure about its effect and influence on everyday life. Apart from its important involvement in the fields of psychotherapy and treatments of phobias, NLP has proven extremely useful in increasing confidence and improving communication skills and daily personal or professional interactions.
In line with the focus of Skills Converged on Soft Skills and Productivity, the NLP skills covered in these courses are handpicked carefully for common business and personal situations encountered by professionals. As with all other courses on offer from Skills Converged, trainers have unlimited rights to customise, edit or modify the contents.
The training is easy to conduct and easy to adjust, even if you’re not an experienced trainer. Once payment has been processed, you will receive instructions by email and will be given links to the download pages.
Skills Converged is a unique company that provides professionally designed fully-customisable training course materials based on the latest research in learning & development. We can also provide this training course for your staff or your organisation anywhere in the UK. The concept of right and wrong or ethics is a human construct which is in actuality, a continuum of so called ethical choices that one can make.
The principles in the subject of this article may have you questioning everything you think is true.  You will question all of the rules you live your life by. For example, a young girl was cooking a roast for the first time with the help of her mother who told her that she must cut the end off the roast. Sometimes people hang on to rules and regulations because of the ritual of it rather than the practicalities or that the rule still holds true. Once you start to examine someone’s reasons for their behaviour by respecting them and empathising with them, you may be surprised that they have not completely cracked up under the pressure.
So do question your understanding of the concept of right and wrong and the assumptions of the rules you choose to follow.
You will learn all about the concept of right and wrong in Robb’s NLP Practitioner course. The first port of call on your route to success is to understand a) where you want to go b) what problems you need to overcome in order to get there.
The biggest issue preventing personal success, whether that be weight management, health, business or in life is to understand what’s been holding you back for so long?
My Personal Success evenings take a gentle walk though the concepts of understanding your mind and give specific tools to allow you to see the barriers in your way. Once you have seen the barriers and cleared them you can then work on your business goal, life goal or your health goal with a personal trainer or Master Coach. The evenings are ?25 and are held at a range of venues around the Watford, Hertfordshire area. Job training refers to the concept of training employees for the duties and other activities they will be required or expected to perform during any given workday.
Job training is an essential part of every position within any given business; without proper job training, an employee will likely be unsure of what is expected of them or they may be unprepared to handle what types of experiences they have during the workday because they were not taught and trained well.
Off the job training refers to workplace training which occurs through a process of teaching employees what is expected of them when they are ready and able to take on their new position through a variety of different training methods that do not require the employee to directly participate in their new job, such as what occurs during on the job training. Off the job training is especially beneficial to employees who need to be taught overall concepts about a business, such as their policies or general mission statement regarding their customers. On the job training refers to workplace training which occurs through a process of showing an employee what is expected of them when they are able to fully take on their new position. On the job training is considered to be more beneficial for jobs which may require a noticeable amount of hands-on work, such as nursing, farming, engineers, and so on.
All information on this web site is © copyright 1999-2016 Michael Carroll of the NLP Academy.
Hier kostenfrei Unternehmen zur Eintragung vorschlagen oder eigenen Privateintrag hinzufA?gen. Since 2003 Project Manager in Marketing, Sales and Training in the Medical Device Industry. This intensive coaching and mentoring training highlights the importance of coaching effectiveess with mentoring in adapting to discovering new learning, insights as well as improving performances in the work setting.
For companies who wish to engage our Corporate Trainer, you are welcome to make your enquiries here by clicking on the green button below. NLP is essentially a number of techniques and mental exercises that can be easily applied to our mentality and behaviour.
In this introductory course, delegates learn about the history of NLP, what it is all about and how it can come to help them in various areas of their lives.
The aim of the series is to introduce delegates to key concepts and fundamentals of NLP, especially techniques useful in everyday interactions. The specific design on the course also enables trainers to use slides, handouts and exercises in combinations with their own materials.
Courses are designed with attention to detail both on content and style so that you can deliver unique state-of-the-art courses to your clients and get maximum results.

Download our training resources and extend your portfolio to meet market demand and deliver state-of-the-art interactive training courses.
This is a complex debate, beyond the scope of this article which could go on for a long time, but simply put, indoctrination gives us definitions of what is right and what is wrong. When the daughter asked why, the mother said that was just what she was taught by her mother, however, out of curiosity she instructed her daughter to call her grandmother and ask. At the age of about 10, I went to Israel and because it was a Jewish country, I was expecting not be able to buy pork anywhere. Most of what we know and understand to be right and wrong is put in place by the time we are seven years of age.
Every person is the way that they are because of their experiences, their memories, values and strategies. You cannot help someone by first disrespecting them, because when you do that, you are screaming that you do not understand them.
In any situation where you are feeling resistance from the other person, or they are not doing what you want them to do, it just means you have not established enough rapport.
Question whether you are you blindly following rituals which are not relevant to you today. If fun, enjoyment, relaxing, feeling good are things that are most important to you then you may not make as much money as you like or loose as much weight as you want. To register your interest please enter your details here and I’ll keep you up to date with dates.
Typically, job training includes teaching or showing an employee various important facts and information about what it is like to work for a company and what they will be expected to do in their current position. On the job training refers to training which occurs physically “on the job” and often involves showing a new employee what is expected of them through physical and sometimes hands-on experience. For example: Let’s say that a server at a restaurant is given on the job training and taught how to handle a screaming child who knocks over their glass which spills water or milk or another drink all over the table and even the restaurant floor. Off the job training allows for the absorption of facts and policies, making it easier for an employee to react accordingly should they experience this incident while working.
On the job training often includes more physical, hands-on experiences; for example, many new employees are often labeled "employee in training" and required to shadow or follow a current employee as they go about their workday. On the job training allows for those with this type of job the ability to see their soon-to-be required duties or typical workday in action. Both on the job and off the job training have benefits which, when combined, can create a fairly well rounded employee with a strong sense of company policies as well as the experience and knowledge they need in order to successfully work at the business which hired them.
Since 2005 Executive Coach and Trainer Since 2007 Assistant Professor at the University of Applied Science in Nuremberg for Business Administration and Communication Skills. Therefore, the active utilization of these skills and NLP technology from the training becomes a vital and powerful advantage for increased productivity as well as professional satisfaction.
Effectively, people can use NLP to reprogram their mind, change the patterns of their thoughts and emotional behaviours. To master NLP, all you need to do is to understand and learn the skills and persistently apply them over and over again until you can use them unconsciously whenever the need arises. The course is designed as an introduction to different NLP areas, aiming to familiarise the delegates with the founding principles of NLP.
In this brilliant film, the concepts of quantum mechanics, perception and reality are discussed.
But the moment that you do measure it, you must ask yourself what rule you are applying in order to measure it, who gave it to you, who told you it was correct. Over the phone, her grandmother informed her that she used to cut the end off the roast so that it would fit into her oven. When you establish rapport effectively, you are instinctively more capable of discovering the needs of the person and subsequently satisfying those needs.
In the same vein, challenge where you perceive your judgment of people comes from and whether this is getting in the way of respecting others’ models of the world.
Off the job training, on the other hand, refers to training which occurs “off the job” in a different area other than the workplace and usually involves vocal or written examinations, training videos, training seminars, and other “teaching tools” which do not require or necessitate a hands-on, on the job experience. Employees who tend to learn visually will benefit more from on the job training than off the job training as well. Sometimes, people who are currently going through on the job training may be required to work normally on a “probation period,” to ensure that, if they are unable to fulfill their work related duties, they may be fired or at least reprimanded. You may reproduce and disseminate any of our copyrighted information for personal use only providing the original source is clearly identified. NLP brings together three distinct areas of neuroscience, linguistics and behavioural patterns. The comprehensive workbook  designed for this course contains detailed NLP scripts which can be used during the course and also afterwards as a reference. In the case of the priest and the student, the priest told the student that there was no such thing as right or wrong, but if one is living according to the principles of right or wrong which are indoctrinated, and then one is still living according to religious dogma. Whatever age you are, you are still operating according to the rules you learned as a small child. When you respect another person’s model of the world and not try and force them into your way of thinking, you actively understand they’re doing the best that they can with all of the resources and knowledge available to them.
In a sales type situation, if your customer is resistant and is saying no, it means you have not established rapport and built some common ground.

This type of training is especially popular in retail settings where the work involves managing sometimes large crowds in a smaller space. Reinschmidt is NLP-Mastertrainer (DVNLP) and cooperates with Landsiedel-NLP-Training since 2010. The exercises are accompanied with detailed instructor guidelines on how to run them in an efficient way.
He finished by stating that he was brought up in a non-religious household so the concepts of good and evil and heaven and hell had no impact on him. When we questioned some of the locals, their surprised answer suggested we thought they were from the middle ages.
In fact, a lot of the things you learn in school, especially pertaining to how you learn are not really particularly useful in real life situations.
You are acknowledging what they are doing, or have been doing makes complete sense to them. If we removed the concepts of right and wrong completely from our view of the world, the ability to communicate, build rapport and create harmonious relationships would soar.
The priest responded by asking if he believed in right and wrong and the student immediately said yes, he did.
In the 1970’s, when I was around 11, we ended up in Italy, the home of the Roman Catholic Church.
For example, in school, if you are caught collaborating with another student, it is considered cheating, whereas in business, it is called collaboration or team work. On the job training may also include simply learning how to do a job as it happens, rather than being taught through a current employee or relying on background information--for example, a college degree.
Because of what I had seen in Australia regarding the observation of Catholic rituals to the letter my sister and I assumed it would only be fish on the menu for Good Friday. At school, if you don’t know the answer to a question in a test, you get marked down for it. Essentially, you must assume that there are no resistant clients, only inflexible communicators. For example, before the advent of community college degrees in medical assisting, it was common for medical assistants to have little or no medical experience and to learn most of the duties related to their position as they happened during the workday.
In any case, the moment you start to insult the person you are trying to communicate to or help, the relationship changes to being an adversarial relationship, which is counterproductive. A small amount of apprehension when it comes to dangerous situations can actually protect you. Your ability to conduct business is directly proportional to your ability to build rapport. Today, however, most clinics and hospitals would prefer to hire someone with a degree rather than someone without, as the degree indicates that the medical assistant will not need as much on the job training as someone without any experience whatsoever.
The foundation for all education and the real reason school exists is to support and teach Godliness, timeliness and cleanliness. Disrespecting another person’s view of the world also prevents you from finding out why the other person behaves the way they do. If a person cannot swim and they have absolutely no fear of water, they may drown if put in a situation where precautions are necessary. Again, things had moved on, but the people who had moved to Australia had held on to the rituals and passed them down through the generations, regardless of whether they were relevant to the time they were living in. There is always a very good reason for their behaviour which can only be discovered with effective communication.
You want the person to have a normal level of respect for water and for their fear to be removed in the right context. They continued without even really knowing or understanding what the rituals were for in the first place. You may think that they are a complete fool, but you must give them the respect that they deserve. You may discover afterwards that you need to go in complete opposite directions in life, but that is okay. Evidently, it is appropriate to stay away from certain poisonous types of spider, but it is irrational to be afraid of tiny house spiders. Even after 20 years of practice, if I find that something is not working, I go back to these assumptions. They could be a homicidal maniac, suffering from depression or a sexual deviant; however, both of these are simply labels. It means that I am not applying some of these fundamental assumptions to the situation I am in. Challenging the assumptions of the rules you follow is an important practice and it will shape a lot of the way that you think from this point on.

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