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JDOG behind the scenes while filming The Pickup Artist for VH1, with the final 2, Kosmo and Brady. I'd like to share with you the amazing story of how I "accidentally" become one of the founding fathers of this community. It seemed in the beginning that getting a woman into bed was an almost insurmountable task.
I didn't have a girlfriend until I was about 18, and my time with her lasted for two periods of about six months each. I learned rather quickly that there was a lot more to meeting a woman and getting her interested than just having the nerve to go up and talk to her.
A couple of weeks later I received a glued together collection of hardcore "how to pick up women" tips which I absolutely devoured. Several guys turned me on to other secret places on the internet where this stuff was being discussed.
Of course I would scour those forums and chat rooms for the very best stuff, which I would then share with my readers. Over the last 8 years, thanks to all of the great information guys around the world have been so generous to share, I have helped turned the lives of many guys around. Even with all of the great information flowing through the list, it is still not easy to put together all the bits and pieces someone needs to be successful in their dating life.
If a guy were to subscribe today, it might take him a while to absorb all of the information that he personally needs to be successful with women. I had to twist a few arms, but eventually I had the All-Star line-up that I was looking for. In total, I had 21 of the world's greatest seducers and pickup artists, and dating experts. The best part about Brent's discovery is that any guy can use it to get women to literally chase him down. How to get your power back on the first phone call to a woman - say just this one simple line to get HER pursuing YOU!
Newsflash: Approaching a woman right after she gets hit on by someone else is actually EASIER than approaching her out of the blue. Although Tyler is now famous in the community for his awesome contributions to the game, many don't realize that his success did NOT come easy.
But after two solid years of back-breaking work---going out 6 to 7 nights every single week---Tyler began to figure it all out. I have personally witnessed this man achieve things that I would have never believed had I not seen them with my own eyes. In his awesome presentation, you'll learn the techniques he uses to give himself an advantage over men that are better looking than he is. A major mistake guys make when using a "canned" opener that ruins their chances no matter how good the actual line is (If you've ever learned a so-called "great" line somewhere but it DIDN'T work for you, this is probably why.
The Amazing Secret Of An Ordinary 32 Year-old Guy From South Florida Who Gets Over 18 Dates With Attractive Women Each And Every Month. What's the fastest, easiest, lowest-risk, most convenient way to meet literally DOZENS of interesting, sexy, attractive, available women?
Women are bombarded with DOZENS and DOZENS of emails a day from every type of guy you can imagine. The next guest you'll hear from is a man who has literally "cracked the code" of the online personals.
His name is Dave M., and in this remarkable presentation he reveals the unique "autopilot" system you can use to turn any dating site into your own personal GOLDMINE of attractive women. The 3 biggest mistakes guys make when trying to meet women online (Any one of these will completely ELIMINATE your chance of getting a reply.
A sneaky way to get women to reply to you who ARE NOT subscribed to the site (85% of the women you see are not paying members. The subject lines that DOUBLE the chances of a woman opening your email (With women getting DOZENS of emails every day, this is KEY. Steve is a spiritual guru and renegade hypnotist who is known throughout the community for his powerful metaphysical routines and unique knowledge of the female mind and body. There are few who haven't used his teachings to have more success with women, and after you hear what he had to say in this groundbreaking presentation, I'm sure YOU will do the same. A simple 3-minute exercise you can use with a woman you've just met to create a deep spiritual bond (She'll feel like the two of you are "meant to be" when you do this right. A powerful exercise that will show you how to completely SILENCE the negative "inner voices" that are killing your selfconfidence and sabotaging your success with women.
What you must do differently when looking for a relationship rather than a one-night-stand (If you miss this, women will notice and immediately mark you as a "player". How to smoothly stop a woman that is walking through a bar or a nightclub (or down the street) and strike up a conversation (this is one of the hardest situations to meet a woman.
The 4 questions you must NEVER ask a woman (Any one of these will tell her you are a CHUMP instantly.

A great "default" question you can use to start a conversation with a woman anytime anywhere. A way to give a woman YOUR phone number that almost GUARANTEES she will call (This is hilarious and fun.
An awesome technique to earn a woman's trust in the bedroom that makes her feel totally comfortable taking things to a sexual level (You'll use this every time you are intimate with a woman from now on. How to REALLY stop caring about what other people think of you and start living for YOU (This mental shift is MAGNETICALLY attractive to women.
He's been featured in The New York Times, Elle magazine, The Montreal Gazette, and many more. Mystery was the first man ever to put his skills "on the line" by taking students out to nightclubs and teaching his tactics LIVE and in the field. Mystery has an open challenge to any man who thinks he can "out pull" him in a nightclub environment. Mystery is the creator of the Mystery Method - a proven scientific system that is geared towards attracting the most desirable and exclusive women in the world. How to handle "last minute resistance" - The things women think about before "getting down to business".
A way to make every woman in a nightclub see you as an attractive man (This simple tip will get even the hottest women in the club to wonder "who IS that guy?".
How to turn your fear of approaching women into a GOOD THING that actually improves your game (Believe it or not. Several years ago he decided to make it his life mission to find out how to REALLY turn a woman on. An amazing way to get a woman to have phone sex with you the very first time you get her on the phone!
From the moment he took the stage, the crowd sat spellbound as he shared one amazing strategy after another.
The best part about Doc's material is that he covers parts of the game that no one else even thinks about.
Many of the men in the audience were unfamiliar with Doc before this event, but when you see his presentation it will be come very clear to you why he was a crowd favorite. A detailed system for expanding your social network and becoming "the man" in your town (Doc is truly a networking genius.
The next man you'll hear from is a master of making women feel comfortable and curious about him, building attraction and sexual tension FAST, and keeping conversations "hot" for as long as he likes (which is usually until the woman jumps on him). Known for his innovative stories and techniques, Bishop is a legend among Cliff's List readers.
He'll also cover the inner issues and drama you must eliminate if you want to avoid looking like a "dork" in front of a woman. Patty is a world champion ballroom dancer, and is an EXPERT at reading and projecting SEXUAL body language.
She trains men and women how to get in touch with their INNER sexuality, and in this presentation, she'll show you how to project a powerful sexual energy that FORCES women to notice you.
A simple way to touch a woman while you are opening a door for her that makes her feel like a woman.
The subtle body language sign that lets you know you should back away from a woman (Miss this and she will think you are following her around.
A simple change in the way you walk---used by male models and ballroom dancers---that practically FORCES a woman to notice you (You can learn it in 3 minutes. How To Set Up Threesomes, Ways To Touch A Woman That Drive Her Wild, How To Meet Women In Bars And Nightclubs, And More. Thousands of men around the world attribute David DeAngelo to be THE SOURCE of their dating success.
But what many men do NOT know is that David DeAngelo's first step to becoming the world's leading authority on the topic of dating advice for men was posting his theories and insights on Cliff's List! I can't tell you how excited I was to have David return to his roots and share his insights at the Convention. But perhaps the most amazing thing about Style is that just a few short years ago he was having ZERO success with women. Many people are also shocked to discover that Style is a New York Times Best selling Author, having written the well-known biographies of Jenna Jameson, Motley Crue, Dave Navarro, and Marilyn Manson. His upcoming book is called, "The Game - Penetrating The Secret Society Of Pickup Artists".
In his awesome presentation, he shared a TON of great tactics you can learn in minutes and start using to attract more women immediately. The world of seduction is full of emerging trends when it comes to dating and getting the most beautiful, adorable and gorgeous beauties. It is important to know the skills these men use to perfectly get the attention of any kind of woman no matter her class and levels of prominence. Eric is famous for his boldness; charisma and humorous nature that has greatly helped him in making it to the limelight as a perfect well composed and great pick up artist of the 21st century.

He uses humor combined with vast knowledge of world affairs to get the attention of beautiful ladies. Known as Mysteries wing man in the VH1’s series, matador is known to use effective approach when it comes to the game of seduction. He may have started as a cocky jerk, but he finally made it to the list with his use of a perfect suave style which is a fine smooth counter intuitive approach to win at any woman. Recognized as a master of PUA, Tyler is famous for his analytical seduction style that works to his benefit at all times. He has his own seduction company known as Real Social Dynamics and it is doing well when it comes to swooping women down to their feet. Through the combination of mystery’s teachings, he has managed to come up with his own teaching from his own crew. He owns the PUA Training Company and it is now the biggest seduction company located in Europe.
He uses a combination of modern techniques together with older ways to win the hearts of many women out there. Use Gamblers technique if you are dying to love a certain celeb and you will get her under your arms simply and effortlessly.
As the author of The Game, Strauss wins it all the time when it comes to the seduction game.
It’s time to use these skills from the best seducers in the world and you will definitely get your dream woman, master their tactics and skills of getting the best women and you will become a guru in the dating and seduction game.
These places were often password protected, and guys would share tips and even pictures of the women they had seduced (and let me tell you. Each one agreed to share their exact formula for success with women, and reveal the secrets they had spent YEARS to perfect.
Although he is not a "natural" and did have to go out and learn this stuff like everyone else, he has definitely taken it to a whole new level. 3 more of the world's top experts who stunned the crowd with their insights and techniques.
Many have since copied his "In-field Workshop" style of teaching, but all freely admit that Mystery is the original. Through his original book "Bishop's Journal" he helped guys from all corners of the world become more successful with women, and there seemed to be no end to his impact. He is author of the popular book "Double Your Dating" and creator of many innovative programs dealing with all aspects of dating and attraction. Routine" - A funny mind-reading routine that fools a woman into thinking you have actual psychic abilities (Don't worry.
There are many pick up artists who use language in clear eloquence and crafty manner to win the hearts of many other celebrities and renowned actresses, models and famous faces in the limelight.
Through the use of speed seduction hypnosis style, he has made it in the game of finely tuning ladies to his game. As a top 5 pickup artist, he has been very instrumental in winning the hearts of many famous celebs that many other men fear to dare approach. He breaks at the right time and lays his facts and witty in the most interesting manner than any other guy.
He learned from Mystery the godfather of PUA, but later came up with his own effective skills. The event was to be 3 whole days long, so each one would have plenty of time to lay it all out. But get him in a nightclub and you will soon see why Tyler is one of the best in the world.
His unique sense of humor and powerful, easy-to-use techniques were one of the highlights of the convention. He manages to use a combination of attraction, comfort stage and seduction stage to hit his mystery lines known as Mystery Method. I called it and the person on the other end of the line told me that he had published a book, which I ordered immediately. Guys would look up their friends who were "naturals" with women and invite them to come on board. Many of the most respected pickup artists in the community attribute their own success to his teachings. He has a particular kind of experience and perspective that is unlike anything else out there. I started to hunt out for men with skills - when I found out about someone who was successful with women, I wanted them to be on the mailing list and I wanted them to send in their thoughts. To this day I STILL receive success stories from men who have used his techniques to take their success with women to the next level.

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