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This is a complete training that covers all phases of the Mystery Method model and getting ‘real’ attraction.
Richard La Ruina, also known as Gambler from PUA Training, quickly got famous in the UK market as a pickup artist and dating coach. When he reached the age of eighteen, Gambler took his life savings of around ?2000 and invested it in the stock market.
Gambler started to learn about dating secrets soon after he read “The Game” when it was first published in 2005. He advanced very quickly and started working on his looks while building a strong emotional state. PUA Training’s first breakthrough was when Richard La Ruina, was featured in a Channel 4 documentary “First Cut: The Rules of Seduction”. Richard is the author of a book which is quite popular since it explains how you should be better with women. We guess that professional pickup artists would say that all’s fair in love and war, and that guilt (or other negative feelings) can be easily overcome.
Before you even show up to your live bootcamp, Venusian Arts preps you with a virtual training session. He describes his childhood as the most difficult part of his life because he faced a lot of problems at school.
The money that he made from the stock markets was later put towards constructing and marketing the dating company which he created.
Richard studied at several different schools that were centered on the art of picking up women.
Even though he favors a more natural style, he has created wonderful information about hypnosis and NLP. Kezia Noble worked with him for around two years before she decided to retire from his company.
In addition, the men said they felt more intelligent and attractive, and the women felt more intelligent and confident. In fact, we bet that just reading advice like that will make them feel even worse about themselves.

We make sure that before you even walk in the front door, you are armed with a solid routine stack.
The day portion basically covers all the basics of attraction and is a fully interactive session. You will learn the revolutionary Mystery Method and how it is applied infield NOT taught from a book or in-class lecture. You get demonstrations LIVE from your instructors, then YOU YOURSELF open sets and get feedback from instructors. This teaches you how to connect better with people, how to have more fulfilling relationships, and a more satisfying life.
During this time he obtained the alias “The God of Gamblers” after a movie character from Hong Kong. He also supports lifestyle development in order to attract more women easily in his courses.
In 2007 Richard gained a lot of attention in UK when his book “The Natural Art of Seduction” published and this helped him in promoting PUA Training. Even though they failed to get any investment; Dragon Den’s members were quite impressed with their finances of the business proposal.
The reason for him visiting these places was because he wanted to pick women from different places around the world since the cultures are vastly different.
He doesn’t attend most of his boot camps in London and USA since he is constantly traveling. The idea is that even though your routine stack takes 90% of the work, it will only account for 10% of the results. We might have had ideas of what was holding you back in life, but now your sticking points will be crystal clear. Our revamped training program is ‘interactive’ which delivers quick results and life changing skills in less than two days. Gambler also claims that he was never good women and had never kissed a girl by the time that he turned twenty-one.
The schools included Mystery method, Real Social Dynamics, and Ross Jeffries’ Speed Seduction.

Richard is known to favor teaching methods that are focused more on the natural ways to pick up women instead of just teaching routine techniques or the basic pick up artist courses to his students. But just in case you want to get laid and feel like a better person, you might be interested in the results of an academic study on the topic. Plus this is when our instructors are going to get real idea of what has been holding you back all of these years.
It was release quite late when compared to the other companies but it quickly became famous. She became his main female dating instructor in the PUA Training Company which he was going to establish in 2007.
A PhD student in Mainz, Germany, trained 17 men and 23 women in the pickup and flirtation arts — specifically, how to apply evolutionary psychology principles to the pickup scene, how to make body language work for you (lots of touching), and how to combat anxiety. You’ll watch our instructors demo routines and stories, and then we will get demonstrations from you. The feedback you get on how you present yourself to the world is ‘critical’ and will only truly come out when you are doing it for real.
He then sent his students into the wild, with the men instructed to gather digits and the women instructed to gather drinks invitations. Well, the men said they felt selfish afterwards, and the women felt dishonest and less responsible. Delivery, tonality, body language, kino escalation, knowing how and when to isolate, recognizing windows of opportunity to escalate, and pulling the trigger. By the time day one is over with, you will have true understanding for what needs to get done. PUA Training is also among the companies that are growing rapidly internationally in the regions of South America, North America, and Asia. She even mentioned the story of how she came to know Gambler and how he instantly hired her for his company.

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