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Washington (PFM): Erik von Markovik starts a new job Monday as associate director in the National Security Council’s revamped terrorism interrogation division, focused on devising new techniques for extracting information from the most recalcitrant suspects.
Using showmanship to “seduce” confessions from uncooperative targets is not a new idea as anyone who has watched television crime dramas can attest. Also joining the President’s High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG) are Mystery posse members J-Dog, Matador and Savoy. It’s a fact I like to keep things simple and tend not to over analyze or overload you with too much information at one time, and why should I? In this video you’ll discover a simple daygame structure for meeting women during the daytime. In this video I walk you through a technique on improving your body language, voice tonality and the skill of speaking slower. This is an article about the game and how Neil was introduced to it ultimately becoming one of the worlds leading pickup artists.
Neil was more than successful and became mystery’s right hand man in no time and led many of mystery’s workshops around the United States of America, Australia and Canada.
Neil Strauss founded several years ago the Style life academy which is a training ground for guys who have read about the game and want to implement some of the techniques and principles Neil teaches.
Neil is a self confessed nerd who never got out much and never seemed to get the girl he wanted. He has come a long way since then having multiple sexual partners, threesomes, approached several thousand women, generated and invented several hundred famous openers and routines and now has Lisa leverage on his arm as a hot girlfriend. There are many speculations out there on whether he still goes out to meet women, or still tries his techniques and routines. Openers, routines, gambits and techniques still work the only difference is in the messenger and how it is delivered. Some of the most successful pickup artists have a skill that can NOT be taught on the workshops, in fact the pick up artist probably doesn’t even know he has this skill as its unconscious, or outside the real of their consciousness and they don’t even know they have this unique skill.

Some would say this is confidence and they would be right, it’s also a mixture of arrogance, pride and a few other things. Most budding pickup artists are in the ‘game’ for three months or less and they give up, they give it a try and go out a few times with their buddies they do about half the approaches they could do, and they say they’re not really getting the results of other PUAs out there are getting so they give up. There’s nothing wrong with this don’t get me wrong, in fact this is good that they remained unwavering and giving it another shot. The skill the drives success in life, in business, personal relationships and other areas is persistence, it’s having this belief in yourself that you can do it and you deserve it. Man guys I’ve coached through my workshop business have learned somewhat skills (from me and others) on being persistent at pickup even when the odds seem like they’re against you. I’ve met a lot of successful pick up artists in my life either when I’m interviewing them, running a workshop on some of my travels and bumping into them or just been introduced to them and these insightful guys all possess the skill of persistence and belief.
To become a pick up artist you need the skill of persistence, if you get shot down or rejected then take a breather, have a coffee, don’t get inside your head and think “why, what’s wrong, what am I doing wrong” etc just have a break and keep going. Here’s a few tips that will help you know what it takes to pick up women without being sleazy. Watch FREE hidden camera pickup videos and discover how to approach, meet and get dates with attractive women at the shopping mall, the park, even the street!
Where you get to watch and listen as I sit down with 11 famous dating coaches (Sinn, Carlos Xuma, etc) and discover exactly what they say and do to approach women, start conversations and build attraction in any situation!
No need to memorize a million converstation starters or stories, just use the above structure and you’ll find meeting women in the daytime so much less of a headache.
He met mystery (more below on him) and then wrote his bestselling book “the game”penetrating the secret society of pickup artists.
Neil also wrote and co authored several other books of a non-pick up artist nature that were quite successful and were top on the New York Times best selling list. Neil also met many other pick up artists at the Hollywood mansion in California and worked and trained with them.

He watched many of the high school jocks steal his girls away and he ended up being the crying shoulder later on when the jocks broke it off with them, secretly he wished he could kiss and get close to them.
Some women don’t pay attention to one guy (based on many factors such as their approach, the loudness of the music, whether their being distracted by their friends etc) and may not have heard the opener and it’ll work. What I am trying to say however is that you should keep going from the get go and never let rejection stop you, or “club” girls attitude deter you. Most importantly is that you DESERVE IT as this will always provide you with a drive to achieve it. Having other girls that are just your friends tells a lot of women that you’re a fellow that other girls like to be around.
I'm Vince and I created PUA Lingo so you can find unbiased info on social dynamics and dating.
He’s a retired pickup artist who no longer is in the game anymore, and why would you be when you have a hot girl on your arm and be called a GMPUA.
There are so many women in the world that it would be physically impossible to approach them all, but even so would it make a difference? The girl you approached may also have forgotten about being approached before by the same line (most attractive girls) have been approached a lot and forget faces.
Do you slouch a lot, wear you pants below a beer belly, or sit in the shadows in a hunched over position? I heard one fellow say that if he can get a woman to laugh and keep her laughing, she’ll laugh all the way into bed.

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