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I’m a big fan of the mentality that you are where you need to be and mistakes help make you who you are. The funny thing is though, my two biggest money mistakes both turned into things I didn’t regret.
Right after I graduated, I was in a little bit of a tail spin due to a bad breakup and decided to move to San Francisco with my best friend… because I’d never seen the Pacific Ocean and she had a job offer out there. Her job was pretty good, so we wound up in an expensive apartment and I wound up paying rent of $1,250 a month, which wasn’t even fully half. I had about $7,000 in a savings account and a small balance on my credit card when I loaded up my car to drive from Virginia to California.
I spent the first 3 weeks completely panicking that I’d made the worst job ever while I scrambled my butt off applying for jobs and trying to find work.
One day, I was sadly wandering around Fisherman’s Wharf alter being told by The Rainforest Cafe there that I wasn’t qualified to work at it (always an exciting thing to hear when you just finished up grad school with 3 Master’s degrees) when I noticed a few cruise ships docked there. Theoretically, I could’ve wound up working for a cruise line from anywhere in the world, but I don’t know if the stars would’ve aligned to have me wander past several and remember that cruise ships have theaters the same way it all wound up going down. But $15,000 to make around $175,000 over 5 years and see a ton of the world while building up my resume skills like a boss?
3 years into that cruise ship stint, I was a little burnt out on that life and decided I wanted to go back to school. Several months later, I was chatting with the Tour Guide on one of the ships and mentioned I was thinking about going back to get another Master’s degree first now, since all of my original ones were in areas of religion and I was more interested in studying theater.
Within a week I’d found a school and applied and within 2 weeks I had been accepted and decided I was moving to England.
I had about $9,000 in savings, but needed about $30,000 total for tuition and living expenses. I wound up borrowing the $20,000 from her and paying her back without any interest, which was definitely a huge blessing. None the less, studying in England broadened my horizons more than 18 years of education in the United States did.
I often think about going back there for a doctorate, but it’s difficult to find international funding and without it, the 3 year PhD program with living expenses would probably run me about $100,000… which is definitely not a decision I’m going to make on a whim this time. Wow, I know this post was about money mistakes, but you’ve had some really cool life experiences!
I don’t know Mel, if you had lived in a more suitable apartment would you have been as impulsive as you were in applying for the cruise jobs?

The biggest financial mistake I’ve made was moving back to PA without a job to walk into.
Femme Frugality recently posted…Stocking Stuffers Under $25 from Crazy 8 & $50 GC #Giveaway! All of my money mistakes have paid off for me because they have given me insight into how to help my clients and make sure that they don’t make the same mistakes that I made. Artist Mark Wagner has created the most expensive broom in the world by replacing traditional plastic bristles with cut up dollar bills!
The artist has rolled up hundreds of dollar bills and affixed them to a base of a broom in place of plastic bristles. We have seen artists use money as their medium before, but not with the same message as Wagner’s piece.
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I planned to apply for a private loan, but when I finally mentioned my mad plan to my parents, because I needed to borrow $20,000 from anyone to have in my bank account for at least a month to get the visa in May and I was hoping they’d lend me the $20,000 for a month without interest and then I could sort out the private loans closer to leaving for England in September, they said I should talk to my grandmother. Towards the end of my time in England, I actually came up a little short and took out a $3,000 loan from Sallie Mae.
Advanced studies there are designed to actually make you think rather than just jump through hoops, which is how my first grad school experience felt.

I could’ve moved to San Francisco with my best friend and not lived with her, instead living somewhere that better suited my budget needs.
Sounds like those mistakes turned out pretty darn well compared to what could’ve happened. If you had taken a year to save up for grad school, would you have talked yourself out of it? I know someone, after he graduated he decided to try his luck in the big city in our country even if he didn’t have enough savings.
I hear stories all the time of people moving somewhere and they end up loving it so much that they cant leave it. His ‘recycled’ Dollar Broom literally sweeps up your mess by throwing money at it! His Dollar Broom can be interpreted as a reflection of our country’s way of cleaning up messes – by throwing money at it. Find out which Hollywood parents profited the most off their progeny. These jaw-dropping numbers may make you nauseous, so we suggest sitting down while reading this one. So… $30,000+ later, I had spent a year living in England and had a Theatre and Performance Studies M.A. I could’ve gone to school in England a year later after researching funding and scholarship options.
Of course I don’t know the answers but I think things happen the way they do for a reason. Wagner has also arranged the dollar rolls of the front of the broom to create an elongated dollar bill, with George Washington’s iconic portrait stretched over five rolls of shredded bills. It can also be viewed as a commentary on the art world – an industry of money buying money, literally. As the broom is used, it gets dirty, and thus Wagner’s piece addresses the notion of dirty money. Sometimes, experiences are worth a little discomfort when they’re going to change us for the better in the end.
Wagner’s piece could actually be put to good use by sweeping up the art gallery floor in which it is displayed.

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