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In one of the fastest growing period for software development, amidst varying costs and outsourcing and offshoring modules, a few challenges have always remained when it comes to software development. Information technology teams have often grappled with software requirements changing as organizations evolve and business strategies change. These issues have to an extent begun to get addressed as more IT teams and external vendors offering agile software development methods. Where earlier all software development were undertaken as big projects, the agile SDLC gives ample scope to break-down complex pieces of architecture into smaller packets with dedicated engineers working on each module. The approach also has a very high interactive element – which is one of the major challenges of a significant number of IT projects.
Another often heard complaint with traditional IT development is non-attention to user interfaces and design. Since developer teams working through smaller modules in the agile software development life cycle have a lot of freedom to work on independent segments, responsiveness increases tremendously. Traditional IT teams often struggle to create buy-in from line managers for several functional aspects of modules. You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username).
We’ve been following the progress of the Family Guy mobile project since it was first announced last year. TinyCo has also said that it is working closely with the original creators of the show to ensure an authentic experience. Sales execs at vehicle leasing company are competing for rewards and recognition in their use of a new CRM system. Even the most meticulously planned customer relationship management (CRM) project will quickly hit the buffers if intended users dig their heels in and refuse to engage with the new system. When LeasePlan UK was preparing to play its part in the global vehicle leasing company’s roll-out of Salesforce back in 2013, this was exactly the situation that commercial performance director Tom Brewer was anxious to avoid. Perceiving this unease, consultants from Deloitte, LeasePlan UK’s Salesforce implementation partner, came up with what, on the face of it, was a pretty ballsy suggestion: Why not try gamification?
Their advice might well have fallen on stony ground, given the hype and resulting suspicion that surrounds workplace gamification.
The concept of gamification was quite new to me and I was quite taken with it, quite quickly. A key part of the Sumo gamification project was identifying the behaviours that LeasePlan UK wanted to reinforce and reward in its sales team’s use of Salesforce.

Because Sumo is a native plug-in, it appears directly on Salesforce screens, ‘nudging’ sales execs to fill in data fields, providing them with ‘next steps, and so on. Results were impressive: between the baseline phase and the go-live phase, Brewer and his team saw activity completion rates more than double, an almost seven-fold increase in contact scouting and a five-fold rise in overall engagement. And even after the close of this formal competition, Sumo continues to keep LeasePlan UK’s sales execs competing with each other in their use of Salesforce and the Salesforce1 mobile app.
It’s a bit early in the day to say we’ve proven that correlation, although we’re seeing early signs of it. And as LeasePlan UK brings to market new products and services, he says, it will rely on Sumo to reveal how effective its sales team is in creating new opportunities for them. LeasePlan UK was an organisation that I’d characterise as not highly competitive in terms of sales culture. Almost all organizations, big or small invest in software – whether for small modules or enterprise level integration.
But the investment of money, time and effort required to make these changes often leaves many people frustrated. This kind of developmental approach encompasses much more flexibility and practicality for developers to respond to feedback.
Feedback is not shelved until much later in the development cycle, it is taken very often by periodic and continuous testing.
This provides for a lot creative iterations to developers and execution is faster and less affected by other parts of the project. The agile model basically can only succeed if there is adequate two way communication between developers and users and this helps resolve later changes or delays in development. Since this model demands constant communication between different teams as well as line managers and developers, design aspects can be closely monitored and fixed through the development process. Since testing happens almost simultaneously and quickly and over relatively smaller pieces of code, bugs can be easily detected and removed before delivering to the end-user. The agile model creates the perfect platform for in-house IT teams, external software development teams and business managers to meet common objectives seamlessly. A fun loving person, he writes about a variety of topics related to computers and technology. The series is one of the most popular on television right now, and many believe the game has the potential to give The Simpsons: Tapped Out a run for its money. The game will feature all the voice actors from the series, as well as new animations and new jokes from Seth MacFarlane’s Fuzzy Door Productions.

There was, however, some scepticism among other key stakeholders and more senior executives within our business when I came to them with the idea that this might help. There was already a lot of investment, energy and enthusiasm around the launch – but we’d ‘been there, seen that’ with other projects and then found that what actually happens is that three, six, twelve months after the launch, you run out of steam, the benefits haven’t materialised and the whole thing sort of fizzles out.
It ran in ‘baseline’ mode for one month – meaning that it couldn’t be seen in Salesforce by sales staff but was still running in the background and collecting stats on the behaviours that LeasePlan UK had identified in the planning process.
It was introduced to sales execs at a half-day, offsite meeting at Mercedes-Benz World in Weybridge, Surrey and with the announcement of a competition timed to coincide with that summer’s football World Cup tournament in Brazil. It also keeps score of their adherence to its suggestions, as well as the proactive actions they take in terms of setting up meetings and up-selling services. One of the things we’re doing now is providing that information back to sales managers if there are concerns around individual’s usage rates. One of our ambitions was to turn up the volume on that competitiveness – and gamification has enabled us to do that. Traditional management systems seek feedback very late in the process and often in a sequential process, changes become difficult to achieve. This model is perfect for strategies that are evolving and may not have clearly defined objectives.
Rally your favorite Family Guy characters (even Meg) and save Quahog in this all new adventure from the writers of Family Guy. The outcomes we wanted to achieve were well understood by the senior management team and the board, but there was some uncertainty around return on investment.
We were pretty determined, with this particular project, that we weren’t going to fizzle out. We’re also able to identify those staff who use the system well and soon, we’ll be able to figure out how closely that correlates to their overall sales success. I knew that if the sales team didn’t take to the system, our chances of delivering against the business case were seriously at risk.

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