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Fathers spend a lot of time worrying about how to make ends meet and provide for their families. To help figure out if a purchase is worth it, Shankman said you should "Imagine where you're going to put it. Dads also have a lot of demands on their resources, and it can feel like their money is stretched the thinnest.
Protect Your Family Against the Unknown"If you love your kids, be a man and get a will done," advised David Bach, founder of FinishRich Media.
That's where some been-there, done-that advice from experts can help dads figure out how to prioritize their finances so that their money is going to what matters most.

Having a will as well as sufficient insurance will "protect your family if you die prematurely," said Bach.
Tell them the most important thing they can do financially in life is 'pay themselves first.'" Bach said his book, "The Automatic Millionaire," is a great resource to teach kids about investing and saving. Imagine it taking up space, cluttering up a closet shelf, or worse, a place in full view of you all the time on the kitchen counter or the dresser." This foresight can help you determine if you'll actually use a purchase or if that item's better left on the store shelf rather than wasting money and space in your home. Click through to see tips from personal finance, business and travel experts on how dads can save money, make more money and help their kids get the most out of life. It's easy to assume the worst will never happen to your family, but as a father, it's still your responsibility to prepare for it just in case.

Open a Roth IRAClark Howard, consumer expert and radio show host, said his best advice for dads is to save for the future. Put Tomorrow's Needs Before Today's WantsVictor Ricciardi, a Goucher College finance professor and co-editor of the new book "Investor Behavior: The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing Balance," said dads should balance spending wants with investment needs.
Pack Lunches TogetherDigital business consultant Scott Monty's everyday saving tip also provides a great opportunity to teach kids about money.

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