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Internet Scam Check - Can YOU Expose A Scam?It would be difficult to try and expose every single online scam there is, so Ia€™ve comprised this internet scam check system so you can go down the list and compare details. Internet Scam Check Update: Does everything add up so far?Nope a€“ stop thinking of dealing with the firm and alert other people to your findings a€“ again, via forums, blogs and at the bottom of this page. Illustration by Mark MatchoInternet Scam Check - TestimonialsMany firms will offer testimonials and the primary point of this is to reference other peoplea€™s success.
Internet Scam Check - GuaranteesMost firms will offer some kind of guarantee with regards to their product. Thousands in Somerset and Devon Call for Faster Broadband  A staggering 15,000 residents in Summerset and Devon have protested against sluggish broadband speeds. Richard Clarence Lovenson This guy is a personal scam artist that ingratiates himself into the life of a vulnerable female.
Please note, this page is not the same as performing a review a€“ I strongly advise you to look up reviews of the firm you are investigating.
If there is a problem with anything, being able to contact someone is critical a€“ scammers will often leave little or no contact details so they can navigate the web untraced.Street Address?Country?Telephone number?
Whatever the guarantee is, make crystal clear what the conditions are a€“ the length of the guarantee, the conditions for a refund, how much refunds are etc.Next, you need to verify that the guarantee has teeth.
Whether it is drastically too low or high for what it is.Typically if you could get say a a€?$100 dollar iPhonea€? it is a scam, unless there is significant and legitimate income coming from somewhere else. Buy a small quantity of stock, subscribe to the minimum membership level and conserve your funds a€“ you can always upgrade later.Try and get the most out of the program as quickly as possible a€“ download reports, copy text over and use the material.
They have all of the up to date electronics and even motorcycles going for dirt cheap, and offer a business where they give …Click here to write your own. Simply give a few details, explain your reasons to investigate and give some time for people to answer. This is the wrong way to go about it.To start off, are the testifying people using the firm?

This takes a little bit more research, but if you Google the firms name +refund or +guarantee and see what it comes up with. It could be that you get a $100 dollar phone that it is a cheap, counterfeit copy.Equally if someone is trying to push a $1500 dollar iPhone then you know to back away a€“ although this is rare, some people will still push products at absurdly high prices. Analyze it and draw a conclusion; is it for me?If it all seems okay, then continue on and look for some long-term results. This needs to be irrefuteable proof the your investigation shows up a scam.We ask you only to do your homework so that we can PROVE the scam exists and also to prevent us from looking bad ;-)With that in mind, please do share and reference your details! You may even find the firm is on the forum or blog youa€™re posting on!** Down at the bottom of this page we give you the chance to share your internet scam check findings. Not necessarily iconic brands such as the Apple iPhone but perhaps something new and innovative you havena€™t heard of before.Whenever you see something that does seem too low, ask yourself how they are making money out of it a€“ are they sending bricks in the post? Submit your evidence - and make the world a better place!DONa€™T accept any rubbish from newbies with only one or two posts RAVING about the firm.
Are they engaging in illegal activity?Research some basics of how much it would cost them to produce the product.Another thing to watch out for is what would be termed a€?back-end profita€?.
Wait until youa€™ve had a month of consistent sales and then say a€“ a€?yup, it worksa€?.If you find something that works, then make it as big as possible. Nearly all the time however, this will be by fluke and not easily duplicable - still, nothing to stop you from selling material on how you made it. The likelihood is they work for the firm youa€™re investigating and have simply picked up the topic on Google.
If so a€“ discount these immediately since their interests go hand-in-hand with the companies.
Typically it will be small sums every month which make the firm profitable a€“ the sign-up fee is simply to lure people in.When evaluating a firm, research how much it will really cost you in the first year.
Are they specific to minor details a€“ a€?I made A?103.47 in my sleep last night.a€? Are their claims directly or indirectly related to the firm?Most importantly, can you reference the details yourself?

Consider that you are going to be learning a lot very quickly and will perhaps not begin to rake in any real money very quickly a€“ so plan in advance and allow room for error. For example if ita€™s a web design company, can you see the testifying clients websites and gawp for yourself?
Thinking about it this way, perhaps you cana€™t afford it.Other forms of back-end profit could include OTOa€™s or One-Time-Oppurtunities. Are you dealing with a bedroom-based con-artist or are you dealing with a multi-million pound corporation with billion square foot warehousing. These are sales pitches which feature a product that is so outstanding (whilst related to the original product) that it commands a high price.
How do you know who they really are a€“ incidentally, you could repeat the a€?Contact Detailsa€™ system on the testimonials contact details and see if there are any eyebrow-raising features.You could ask the firm for contact details of the testimonials and also ask politely why contact details arena€™t featured. The idea is to pressurize the buyer into parting with even more cash a€“ and not necessarily help out the buyer meet their own needs.
If they say no, then you can draw a line through the credibility of all of them a€“ unless of course in exceptional circumstances where contact info would be inappropriate (you can judge this yourself). Other back-end selling techniques include upsells (like in a fast food restaurant a€“ a€?do you want fries with that?a€?), downsells (reduced versions of an OTO) and last-chance offers (the OTO, but at a higher price as a last ditch attempt to get money off you).Usually, these wona€™t help your business and 99% of the time theya€™ll appear later on in the product. By then youa€™ll be able to make a clearer judgement on whether or not youa€™ll benefit from using them.The thing about price is the value to YOU.
A seller may make all the claims they like, but it depends on how it can change your life, your business and your fortunes.

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