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In other words, Frans comes across as if he’s making the kind of music he and his generation probably enjoy listening to. Ultimately, the success of this song on the night might end up depending on how much exposure it receives outside Sweden over the next two months. His heavily accented delivery and deliberately un-showy approach bear the hallmarks not only of the ubiquitous Ed Sheeran, but also the likes of Jamie Lawson, Hozier and George Ezra, all of whom trade in ostensibly simple, lyric-driven material performed in strong regional dialects. All signs point to it becoming at least a modest global chart hit even before the contest, which on paper puts Sweden in a commanding position to do the double and finally draw even with the long-faded Ireland by securing their seventh Eurovision victory. Also, while being directly qualified for the finals by no means precludes success, it does make it harder for songs to build momentum. Frans perhaps epitomises this, his simplistic performance capturing the current global vogue for chart stars who look and sound more like street buskers than pop idols.

Frans own singing accent may sound incongruous coming from a Swede, but his father is actually from London so it isn’t quite the Lena-style oddity it may appear at first. If it all comes down to the night, Frans schtick should still be distinctive enough to put Sweden in the mix, but perhaps might not be strong enough to push them to the top. More than any other entry this year, this is one to keep a close eye on during the build-up phase. If you have any money and would like to exchange it for some words, do feel free to get in touch.

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