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The modern alpha male is a perfect example of how our social and biological selves are runners on the evolutionary track.
Current research points to the negative qualities of high testosterone men as romantic partners, husbands, and fathers.
Why would women want that?  Social ramifications aside, high testosterone usually means great sperm. The visual markers of an alpha male are the physiological traits that scream high testosterone to the opposite sex. Women have been socially conditioned to find these qualities important, since they signify a man’s ability to provide and support during the vulnerable stage of pregnacy and raising a dependent young. I always thought that the alpha male is more of a psychological phenomenon rather than a physical. The physical characteristics seem to be a consequence of a certain biological makeup but they need not lead to an alpha male personality.
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Home « blood sugar basics, Make your next conversation with your diabetes healthcare team count by asking these quick questions about blood sugar!. If it stems from a physical nature, why are there so many men with these physical characteristics that are very submissive?
For example, a man can have high testosterone levels which will give him a deep voice and other testosterone markers, but he may be lacking in the environmental influences that will render him an alpha (described in previous post) so that would allow for the situation you described (physical traits but not psychological ones). The physical markers are what signal to women that someone may have high testosterone levels, but certainly the attitude is what will make the difference.

He knows what he is talking about and is the major factor in turning my life around in all dealings with women.
Of course, many females are fooled by the physical illusion and so a good looking guy has an easy time with initially attracting girls. However, when it comes down to it, the attitude is what sets a true alpha male apart and that attitude is often still driven by testosterone levels (which correlate with aggression and social dominance).
It is possible that not everyone’s physiological makeup is able to withstand high testosterone levels and thus the prototypical desired masculine traits are not always the outcome (testosterone has been proposed to be an immunosuppressant). As a result, there are often men who are less traditionally good looking, but still seem to be socially dominant and people (men and women) find them attractive. Society has made many steriotypical comments on how a gay man looks like and how he acts on the outside which is small apperience, and sesitive personality.

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