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Posted on November 2, 2011 by Hillary Rubin •12 Comments Warning: this is not for the weak, reckless or timid. First I want to let you know up front that absolutely NO human being is free from the mantra of “You Suck.” It’s painful. You grow up, and that little nagging voice keeps telling you how sucky you are, even when you get that job, relationship, car, degree, etc.
The first step to change your mantra from YOU SUCK to YOU ROCK is to step into Radical Honesty. The third step is to have a commitment to creating Unshakable Self Confidence by trusting the unknown and unseen. If you have any other suggestions, comments or aha’s let me know below –  I love hearing from you. I love what you say about honoring the emotion – that has been my experience as well in shifting those engrained belief systems. Did you know that your relationship with your cash or lack of cash has more to do with what’s between your ears than anything else? I’m now ready to share these secrets with you, so you too can have more power over your money and control it rather than it control you.

If so, then what problems or barriers with money do you have that are keeping you from living a happier, richer, more stress-free life? I want to help you break through the barriers that are holding you back from a positive cash flow.
Just imagine all of the possibilities if you had more than enough cash to live comfortably and alleviate just ONE of the major stressors in your life. I want to help you breakthrough the barriers that are holding you back from financial success with my ‘Master Your Money Mindset’ system! What I believe is that our mind is set to a certain belief system, which cements while we’re still children. Today, I know that is so not the truth… and perhaps my entire journey to healing was to prove this wrong. Dancing between the past, present + future all the time is certainly time travel + certainly requires me to be present during any ‘mind suck’, which is totally empowHERing! Learn about your relationship, fears, and deep-rooted causes that make you treat your money the way you do. The concept of budgeting is foreign to us, and all too often there’s a gaping hole at the bottom of our money bucket, so no matter how much we make, it leaves just as fast as it comes in.

My philosophy about money was always negative and as a result, I had negative money issues.
This system provides you with instant access to your roadmap to transforming your mindset about money. Let’s banish the negativity surrounding finances forever and live a more PROSPEROUS life.
Identify these negative habits and turn them around to transform the way you treat your money.
But then I developed and put into practice all the principles of this program and things started to change.

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