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I wouldn’t use the word mix in the emperor last chance marbles puzzle, sounds like mixing the contents between bowls.
Also, it doesn’t state that the daughter is the youngest in the family mystery, surely that shouldn’t be assumed? For the marbles teaser, couldn’t you just split the black and marbles, then put the black marbles on bottom and the white ones on top. Alex Naddour, Jake Dalton, Sam Mikulak, Danell Leyva and Chris Brooks pose for a photo while at podium training on Aug. It’s Brooks and Naddour who served in that alternate role in 2012 only to stay the course over the last four years.

As they strolled back to the village, Mikulak posted a video on his Snapchat saying it was a long day but one that they had survived.
The team is coached by Mark Williams, who has worked with both Dalton and Brooks over the last few years and is also the head coach at the University of Oklahoma, their alma mater.
In case there are too few whites to completely cover the top layer, you could lay them around the edge of the bowl on top of the blacks and then just pick from the top edge of either bowl.
The disappointment in London was palpable not only for the three who competed that are back for Rio, but for the entire U.S.
In Rio, they eat meals together, relax together, talk about handling the pressure and stress together. They’ll face their biggest challenges in squads from Japan, Great Britain, China, Switzerland, South Korea and Brazil.
They faltered there, dropping out of the medal standings and leaving them crushed at an opportunity lost on the Olympic stage.

Whatever idiot they had write up their questions obviously forgot about BEDMAS and tried doing their equations left to write one number at a time.
That is the correct formula for determining the answer to such questions, which apparently Leway wasn’t aware of. It is also the reason why McDonalds had to award two prizes: they gave the prize to someone with the WRONG answer (because that was the answer they were erroneously looking for) and had to give the prize out again to the person with the right answer who had to bring in a mathematician to explain to McDonalds how mathematics works.

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