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In my Dare to Be Great: The Leadership Challenge workshops I encourage leaders to follow the advice of Austin Kleon, and steal like an artist. Trainers need to follow Kleon’s advice as well and make sure to pay attention to the above list. Winning Mind Training – Dedicated to helping good trainers become great trainers and great trainers to deliver awesome training. Sign up to the Winning Mind Training blog to receive new articles, tips and posts directly to your email inbox. Simone Biles is the 'Top Pick' for 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 23 - ReportZac Efron Wants to Grab Pizza With the 'Final Five'Ryan Lochte's Lawyer Defends His Robbery Story After Police Claim 'No Evidence'Kerri Walsh Jennings Loses First Match in Olympic Career, But Can Still Win BronzeWatch Simone Biles & Aly Raisman's Floor Routines for Olympic Finals! Nollywood UP will invite selected applicants to participate in workshops including Cinematography, Screenwriting, Post-Production, Directing, Sound, Acting and The Business of Film and Distribution, taught by leading global film professionals. The Nollywood UP Training has been designed in partnership with Coalition of Nollywood Guilds and Associations (CONGA) to address current gaps in the Nollywood’s capacity.
The Training will consist of Master Classes that cover key elements of directing, camera, lighting, sound, producing and the creative process, along with new strategies in financing and distribution, helping filmmakers harness the power of digital video to achieve high quality results. The training is organized by Nollywood Workshops, a global NGO that empowers independent filmmaking through training and production. As the world’s third largest film industry, Nollywood is booming, providing a gainful means of employment for millions of people, selling heavily with domestic audiences and reaching entertainment markets around the world. Nollywood has a vital need for training to keep up with current challenges and opportunities.
The Nollywood UP Filmmaker Training is a part of The Nollywood Upgrade Project, an Initiative to support the Nigerian Film Industry to withstand current challenges presented by piracy.
Be that as it may, this is my latest creation and I’ll now try to imagine some usefulness for it. Anyway, it’s a place absolutely crammed with cool mind maps, including mine – he he!
As an English teacher, sometimes even with kids when I’m feeling brave, I love showing them stimulating visuals to fire their imaginations.
It was with this in mind that I first thought this black and white mind map might be interesting.
The theme is pretty straightforward: a lot of typical items which are totally or predominantly black and white. Our brains love contrasts, unusual pictures and comparing what they know with new information they encounter. Not only that, our imagination may well start coming up with some of its own suggestions for things which are black or white or both, even without explicit prompting. So as artists we are always playing with these ideas and the range of possibilities which lies between, and includes, absolute brightness and utter darkness. Then again, black cats are supposed to be lucky in my country, and little dresses in this colour don’t often leave people indifferent.
Over and above all that, the idea of contrasting black and white helps us think about differences which are maybe not such big differences after all, like skin colour.
If you’d like to join our friendly mind map discussion group on Facebook to learn more about mind mapping and submit your own creations, then you’re welcome! Here are those download links again, and don’t forget to let me know what you think (or leave a comment below). I started collecting web site links for the images I was pulling off Google searches, but in the end I was going nuts!
Help others release non-productive recurring life patterns as you experience life-enhancing hypnotic skills.
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When you complete this training you will be eligible for Certification through Hypnotism International, recognized as world class leaders in the field of the mind sciences. You will have had the opportunity to see, hear, feel an more importantly, DO THE ACTUAL HAND'S ON WORK NECESSARY to be a Black Belt of the Mind! WHY DO WE SEEM TO GET SUCH POWERFUL AND PERSONAL ESSENTIAL "HANDS-ON" SKILL SETS THAT CREATE IRRESISTABLE MINDSETS IN OTHERS? To start with, Your Black Belt of the Mind Hypnosis Classes will give YOU individualized attention.
Our hands are dirty with hypnotic power and your mind is going to get hypnotically messy for a bit while we reprogram you with killer skills so YOU will have no options other than learning these extremely powerful hypnotic patterns. YOU'LL BE HYPNOTIZING PEOPLE ON DAY 1 so we can build on your skills and move into the arena of clinical applications.
After 25 years of practice, over 1,000,000 people hypnotized, it's time for me to release the true secrets beneath the training. Kleon says that when you steal like an artist the end product is an original, not a forgery.
Read about them, interview them and find out about how they prepare and why they do what they do. The Nollywood UP Training will be held for 100 Nollywood professionals from December 3rd – 7th, 2012.
Filmmakers will be selected to participate through a competitive and transparent application process that considers their experience, skills and willingness to train others in the industry. Heads of Guilds and industry stakeholders had a major input in the design of the training curriculum to ensure maximum relevance for the industry. The Nollywood UP Training team includes seasoned Hollywood and Nollywood filmmakers and film educators, including Tunde Kelani, Kunle Afolayon, Cinematographer Ed Gutentag (credits include War of the Worlds, Austin Powers,Forrest Gump), Actor Ekpenyong “Keppy” Bassey-Inyang, Screenwriter Lee Zlotoff (MacGyver), and Producer Robert Caputo (National Geographic) among others. The industry is on a path to reach the next level of growth and profitability, and to remain the trendsetter for premium African entertainment content.
Access to evolving production techniques, digital technology and cutting edge distribution strategies are prerequisites for improving film production in Nigeria.The Nollywood UPFilmmaker Training will help leapfrog Nigeria’s film industry to withstand the impact of piracy and evolve to the next era of growth.
Serving to legitimize the Nollywood industry as a space for investment, sponsorship and collaboration. You can download the actual original iMindMap file (the mind mapping software I use) and play around with it yourself. I don’t need to tell any of you teachers reading this that kids love pictures and colours. It’s the other way round with paint on a pristine white canvas of course, where combining numerous hues will quickly result in a glorious murky miserable mess.
Looking at my Black and White Mind Map, you will also see many examples of black and white cohabiting quite comfortably, in nature and elsewhere. Did you like my Black and White Mind Map and how would you use it, even if just to make you smile. But I respect original artists rights and if any of the authors of any of these images see them and want a credit and link back to their work I’m only too happy to oblige. YOU are trained by a Master of Hypnosis, and those who have been in the deep trenches of the mind. Your hypnotic skills from DAY ONE will give you a strong foundation for advanced understanding. You'll have to pay attention in order to not miss anything because it will come at you fast and once I start I will not stop.
Pay attention to how they engage the audience, ask questions, answer questions, tell stories and use visual aides like PowerPoint. Use their material as inspiration and find a way to transform and remix by creating your own slides, finding new quotes to make the same point and find, develop and tell new stories, your stories.

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The Nollywood UP Training will serve to strengthen the industry andsupport Nigerian filmmakers to withstand the impact of piracy. Our training will also present an opportunity for Nigerian filmmakers to collaborate with peers from Hollywood and other film industries”, said Bond Emeruwa, Chairman of CONGA. In addition to providing great entertainment, Nollywood remains a compelling and untapped vehicle for advertising, informational and educational content. Seeing as we’re always going on about how important images are in learning and remembering and just enjoying the process, you might as well admit: this is quite interesting to look at!
Others take a more prosaic point of view: white as all colours mixed together, black as none.
Logically, then, we might think that in the presence of 100% light, we would see everything. Or maybe you thought of other typically black and white things I didn’t include which you would have?
This Black and White Mind Map is not a commercial item and is available for free download on this web site and elsewhere. You will only get bottom line hypnosis tactics that work.We will not waste time on needless, senseless, outdated concepts that the other people teach. YOU WILL BE GIVEN SKILL SETS DEVELOPED BY YEARS OF PROVEN EXPERIENCE THAT QUITE FRANKLY WILL LEAVE THE CONVENTIONAL TYPE OF HYPNOSIS TRAINING BACK IN THE STONE AGES. As you experience the awesome power of hypnosis to produce incredibly positive changes in yourself and as you watch the miracles on demand that hypnosis produces with your skills, you'll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you made the only choice you could have. It's what's below it, what actually makes it work, what actually motivates and inspires human beings to make changes, (even if they don't want to). What is original is how artists (trainers are artists) take existing information and interpret it, connect the dots between various disciplines and present the material in a way that challenges their audience to think, train, lead, and live differently.
Despite this great potential, Nollywood filmmakers are greatly challenged by the issue of piracy. In fact, total lightness is white and the result would be like staring directly into the sun or skiing without goggles on a sunny day: 100% blindness. You want to have an experienced teacher that has all the skills, all the experience, all the hypnotic power ready to share freely. OR are you going to now learn the skills that will give you the power to recognize and STOP others dead in their tracks? Don Spencer developed 3 schools of Hypnotherapy, 4 highly successful Hypnotherapy Clinics, hypnotized over 1,000,000 people worldwide, produced the longest running hypnosis entertainment business ever and still surrounds himself with the latest breakthroughs in hypnosis to present to you. It's time to get this out of my mind before it's too late or before someone trys to stop the free flow of information. Watch TED, TEDx and WINx talks to see how speakers can effectively deliver information in short time blocks. You will have the skills to address your clients needs by giving them the tools of self-empowerment to develop a potential that is unlimited in nature.
I certainly hope not and truthfully, once you take this course you'll know that you can never really hurt anyone anyhow except yourself. Join the Excellence in Training Academy Community and gain insights from different trainers every week. You will gain knowledge, wisdom, passion, hypnotic powers and the compassion to use these skills wisely. BECOME A BLACK BELT OF THE MIND STUDENT so you will be prepared to defend yourself, your family and friends for what is coming.

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