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It’s like we can’t get enough – foam rolling, static stretching, mobility drills and exercises, Yoga, Pilates, the list goes on and on. While mobility is important, I would argue that it’s every bit as imperative that we be able to stabilize, or control, the mobility that we have as well. When I think of amazing mobility, two types of athletes that immediately come to mind are figure skaters and dancers. But if you look beyond the surface and dig a bit deeper, you’ll find that many of these athletes end up with horrible spines, in spite of their incredible amounts of mobility. To be more specific, it’s their inability to stabilize throughout their (quite large) range of motion.
If you’re unstable you go hard into a cut, but if you don’t have the ability to stabilize and control you ankle, knee, hip and trunk, you’ll be “moving” too much.
If you want to start incorporating slower eccentrics in your program, I’d start by using a 401 or 301 tempo on your big lift for the day.
If you follow the work of Cal Dietz (head strength coach at the University of Minnesota), you’ll see he includes blocks of eccentric training where the lowering portion of the lifts takes as long as 6 seconds each rep!
Trust me, if you’re taking 6 seconds to lower a squat or bench press, you’re going to develop a high degree of stability and control! While ISO’s can typically be held throughout any point in the range of motion, you’ll most often see them held at the midpoint of the exercise.
For a chin-up or pull-up, you’d hold the top position of the lift, where your chest is touching the bar. Again, while you can perform ISOs anywhere throughout the range of motion, I think you’ll get the most benefit (and the most transfer) by holding in that position where your joint angles are in the position of least mechanical advantage. To use ISOs in your training, start by throwing in some drop sets after your main exercise.
Not only will this improve kinesthetic awareness and proprioception similar to our eccentrics, but also these ISOs will build a tremendous about of stability and strength out of the bottom position.
Tempo training is our third style of stability training, and it’s very similar to the first two we outlined.
Finally, there’s no pausing or resting at any point in the range of motion – the reps must be continuous.
While the primary goal of tempo training is to develop specific oxidative capacity, it’s also a fantastic way to develop stability. I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but slow and controlled tempo training develops kinesthetic and positional awareness. Last but not least, single-leg and split-stance training is an ideal constituent part of any stability-focused program.
But I also think we often go about single-leg and split-stance training in a totally incorrect manner. The primary goal of single-leg training should not be to show how much weight we can handle.
How many times have you seen people performing step-ups, split-squats or lunges in the gym with ridiculous loads, and they’re literally falling all over the place? Instead, use the single-leg lifts to improve stability and control, so that when you do your big lifts like squats and deadlifts, your stabilizers are up to snuff and allow your prime movers to demonstrate their true strength and capacity. While I’m rarely (if ever) going to use a single-leg exercise as my main lift of the day, I try and get at least one single-leg exercise in almost every time I train legs. If you combine single-leg work with some of the methods I outlined above (eccentrics, ISO’s, tempo work, etc.), you have a recipe for some serious stability.

An in-depth discussion on the diaphragm and respiration goes far beyond what I can cover here, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the need for improved diaphragmatic breathing and function.
I can make an argument that if you don’t have good stability through the diaphragm and core, you won’t have optimal stability anywhere else in the chain.
At IFAST, we could link issues in the upper back, neck, core, and even down to the lower extremity on a poorly functioning (or poorly aligned) diaphragm!
A good starting point here would be to focus on improved respiration patterns, most notably getting the diaphragm moving and shaking.
Whether your goal is to ball out on the court or field, hoist heavy weights up and down, or simply dominate life, improving your stability can get you there in a safe and more effective manner. Utilize some of the prescriptions I’ve outlined above over the next 6-8 weeks, and I guarantee you’re going to feel stronger and more stable as a result. My b’day is 23rd December so that gives me 3 months to smash it and show off when I turn 30.
I think that you know buy now that you help set a fire in me that has turned me into a beast. I was a big talker before discovering Travis Stoetzel and his methods, now I’m a doer! Doing the 6 week challange and believe i am killing every monday and train hard as every monday at 0530, makes my week glide by so much easier. I keep on training and definitly wanna get to know more stuff, so for that reason I follow your blogs & videos. Feeling quite good again from this day forward I?ll be following a training schedule for 16 weeks.
I no longer talk about things as the death of my father in-law last year opened my eyes to how fragil life is. Great to see some new movements and methods in the program and having the opportunity to go hard at em!!
Travis Stoetzel lives and breaths for all things strength and conditioning and is 110% committed and determined to help turn you into a complete BADASS both in and out of the gym.
Even those who aren’t fans of the USA Women’s soccer team had to tip their cap to Carli Lloyd’s performance in leading her team to the 2015 Women’s World Cup championship. Life hasn’t always been so golden for Carli Lloyd and if it wasn’t for the lessons she learned, she may have been home watching the final from her couch. Pointes of View exists in order to help people grow their faith in Jesus, build healthy relationships and effectively live out their purpose. But if your goal is to push bigger squats, benches or deadlifts, lack of stability will now allow you to recruit your big prime movers.
Today, we’re just going to focus on some of the most basic and readily available methods you can use in the gym to improve stability. Many athletes and lifters alike will have a tendency to move explosively throughout the range of motion, but specifically on the eccentric. Eccentric training takes that reliance on the stretch shortening cycle away, forcing them to lean on and develop the muscles instead. Most importantly, slowing down the eccentric component of the lift develops the connective tissue to a high degree, but also improves our proprioception, positional and spatial awareness.
While I’ve always dabbled with them myself, it wasn’t until I spent some time training under Mike Tuscherer that I really came to respect the value and role of ISOs in my training programs. If you’re squatting, the goal should be to lower for 2 seconds, and then perhaps more importantly, rise for 2 seconds as well.

This is just another method that you can throw in, either as part of an aerobic training block, or as a mini-block to help maintain stability and control while you focus on more explosive or strength-focused styles of training. After all, I didn’t create an entire product around single-leg training just because I was bored and had too much free time on my hands! Instead, the primary goal of single-leg training should be to demonstrate amazing stability and control. I discussed this in depth in my Complete Core Fitness product, and we’ll be covering it extensively in our Diagnosis Fitness course as well.
Share it on Facebook, re-tweet it on Twitter, or just e-mail the link to a friend who may benefit from it. It’s people like you who progressively think outside the box that are responsible for helping to revolutionize this industry. I have been working on my own program to get out to the public it was greatly influenced by you. One of my biggest mistakes was lifting weights before using my body for strength training, without much luck. She is the first American ever to score in four straight World Cup matches, the second American to win Golden Ball honors as the tournament’s top player and she scored the fastest three goals ever in any World Cup final. You’ll get helpful content in your email box on Mondays and Thursdays, as well as upcoming events at North Pointe Community Church, Edmonton, Alberta.
You will find stories here of how Christian faith catalyzes values, relationships and purpose.
Cut that weight by 30-40%, and then perform 2 sets of 2-3 reps with a 2-3 second paused isometric in the bottom. So anyone that reads this you need not to only read what Travis does You need to put in the work the beast is within you . Galanis worked on Lloyd’s technique, subjected her to a rigorous training program to increase her fitness and he worked on her mind to focus on improving her game and thinking more about helping the team. Have been training for strength the past couple of months but last night I made the decision to take major action, I purchased your bags bells and bodyweight program and am ready to transform. Now I resiliency how hard you need to work to stay at the to of your physical condition all the time. She worried about things that she had absolutely no control over, and she had poor training and living habits. America’s soccer hero, 36 year old Abby Wambach subbed in, perhaps playing her final match. I will continue to push myself to become the best I can be and Travis has given me such inspiration to keep training hard as hell!
I do not talk I don’t have time for it, my children need a father that can keep up with them and not talk about how fit he used to be. This year, it was Lloyd who was asked to take an important penalty kick against Germany in the semi-finals.

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