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The researchers monitored the cohort’s sleep patterns, as well as performing intelligence tests on them to assess their reasoning and problem solving skills, Mail Online reports.
They monitored sleep spindles, which are bursts of brain activity to consider correlation with different forms of sleep, cross-referenced with gender.
However, analysis of men’s brain activity found the same stimulation occurred when they had naps.
The Government of Karnataka conducts Common Entrance Test (CET) for admission into various professional courses.
Brain Hack Psychology Workshop a one-day event on how to understand the human brain and the way the mind works. Human Brain is fascinating and mysterious for the vast amount of information that it stores and processes. Here is your chance to explore this wonderful organ called the brain that possesses the prowess that no other super computer does. The Brain Hack Psychology Workshop would use the most advanced, yet natural psychological principles, to reverse engineer a brain and its working and, in fact, trick it to one’s own benefit.
At the one-day mind-hack workshop, you would learn all about the techniques of brain hacking, which would help you develop perfect brain images for fostering a quick thought process. The workshop would help you learn how your brain works, and reverse engineer and learn how to trick it to the fullest. So, come and join the Brain Hack Psychology Workshop in Chennai at the Madras Institute of Technology to learn how to increase brain power. Newsletter SubscriptionSubscribe to our newsletter for latest updates on events happening in your city. Oxford Grammar School celebrated Investiture ceremony on 1st September 2014 at 10:30am in the school premises.
Pledging and distribution of Badges was followed by interaction session where students raised number of questions. TERI (The energy & Resource Institute) organized a leadership development programme for school students-STEP (Sensitizing. TERI Camp provided extra ordinary exposure to students through the activities village study, world cafe, Role play, leadership and its contours, crossing the river, leading change, promoting sustainability, film screenings painting, power point presentation, study trip to beach and cashew fields. The management congratulates the students for attending this unique camp which has built confidence and allowed then to spread the message of environment responsibility.
The fire fighters trailored the 'Safe House' which is used to teach fire safety for the school children. As a part of curriculum both 8th & 9th class students of CBSEhad been taken to public gardens to observe the specimens and models at health museum . Chittaras are wall paintings done by tribal women of Malnad , Deevaru community for special occasions such as weddings , festivals and other auspicious days .
He explained the harmful effects of using chemical colours and benefits of using natural colours in paintings .

He trained students in a little span of time how to make Chittara paintings by using natural elements. A song performed by Oxford Grammar School students on the occasion of Biodiversity COP -11 held on 5th October 2012 at Hitech CIty.
Dhanush Kumar of VIII Grade winning first consolation prize in the essay writing competition conducted by the Andhra Pradesh forest department at Nehru Zoological park. Our school students received prizes from ROBERT SWAN for a skit on ENVIRONMENT, CBSE students – Dhanush ( VIII ) , Gurjeet ( IX ) , Preksha ( IX ) , >SDeeksha ( IX ) and Akshara ( IX ) teachers B.Venkat Rao , Mrs Sabera and Mrs. Quiz & Antakshari programme were organized by students of both SSC & CBSE wings to entertain their teachers speaking on the occasion , Chairman Mr.Vedakumar expressed that a small concern shown by teachers will would the children future quoting the example of great personalities including president Pranab Mukharjee thus highlighting the role of teachers in present world. 66th Independence Day was celebrated with pomp and gaiety in Oxford Grammar School premises. To help blossom the young minds , OGS has conducted a mass painting competition for Grade I to IX on 5th July 2012. They found that sleep spindles, which are associated with higher IQ scores, were boosted when women entered dreamless sleep.
Shetty Institute of Technology (RNSIT) established in the year 2001, is the brain-child of the Group Chairman, Dr.
The one-day workshop would be the right place to find answers to your questions on what is psychology and how to increase brain power.
The Brain Hack Psychology Workshop in Chennai at the Madras Institute of Technology would help you learn the art of reading people’s mind, implanting thoughts, predicting behaviour and hacking into the subconscious, all of which may sound like science fiction.
It is a term that people have coined for certain set of people who can implant thoughts and predict behavior and, yes, it definitely sounds ominous.
Challenge your brain with games designed by a team of expert neuroscientists, magicians, illusionists, hypnotists and computer hackers to exercise your brain’s memory and attention. In short, the workshop would leave you with a jaw-dropping, fun-filled magical experience that you would cherish for the rest of your life.
Responding to the queries Brigadier advised the students to learn English though it is a foreign language, but not to forget mother tongue.
Training and empowering peers) under project Search (Sensitization, education and Awareness on Recycling for a cleaner Habitat).The programme was held at Stone Water Eco Resort camp Goa from12-16 May 2014.
The team has demonstrated sprinkling system of water, Co2 & foam in the conditions of fire accidents which involves oil, currency & documents . They observed how the infections diseases like HIV , Jandice spread from one person to the other . Students from Vi – IX classes boys and girls attended this programme and were associated with , world famous environmentalist ROBERT SWAN , who evacuated 1500 tonnes of garbage from Antarctica with his team and also visited North Pole and South Pole.
Senior students observed the self government day and went around in gorgeous dresses teaching their juniors. Vedakumar , Mrs.Sulochana Rani gave among the mementoes to teachers as if is a usual practice added attraction was Leapstart , Physical activity group to which the school is attached to held dance session for teachers.

This is a part of school's extra – curricular activities to help the youth develop and nourish their talents. For, scientists have devised numerous methods in which this can be done, including the invention of a device that enables processing of thoughts. What a Brain Hacker does is in reality an observation of the human behaviour, deduction, neurolinguistics, probing, hypnosis and magic, all of which can make people think that he is hacking into their brains. You would be able to learn quick tricks and techniques you can use on your friends by the time the workshop ends.
Brigadier MM Masur who hails from Delhi University has 30years of distinguished service in Indian Army.
The activity enabled the students understand the care & action to be taken during the fire incident which may appear at any place during any time.
The lines and patterns on these paintings each symbolize on aspect of nature or depict the religious , social or agricultural practices of the community .
On being enquired, he advised the students to keep the option of army open for their future and he described the thrills and joy, which include this illustrious profession programme came to an end with Vote of thanks by the student Morya.D. As a training programme resource person giving training to the students to enhance their creativity. Flag hoisting was followed by colourful cultural programme which included patriotic songs, skits on Alexander and Porus.
He highlighted the virtues of ability, awareness, alert, boldness, character, decision making and discipline help in building leadership. They show the scenes of daily village life, their ceremonies , deities birds of the region and the toys. They spent some time inside the plant nursery and observed the different varieties of flowering plants, very big trees and xerophylto they also observed the process of stem cutting for multiplication of plants related to horticultureand interacted with the labourer who was practicing stem cutting in the garden. Then we went to IEEE exhibits there we saw computer exhibits and models of satellites and rockets. Shetty is a leading player in many industries viz construction, manufacturing, hotel, automobile, power & IT services and education.
We had a great day and children learnt more about the monuments, computer, Satellites , gravity etc.
With a continuous desire to provide quality education to the society, the group has established RNSIT, an institution to nourish and produce the best of engineering talents in the country. RNSIT is one of the best accredited engineering colleges in bangalore and top accredited engineering colleges in bangalore.

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