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When we sleep, mediate or even daydream our conscious mind switches off, but our subconscious or deeper mind continues to run whether we are aware of it or not. Researchers have found that subconscious thoughts, which are often imbedded so deep in our psyche, can be tied to chronic stress and mental illness but also, success. When our brain is at rest, our subconscious mind becomes the strongest and this internal dialogue that we sometimes unknowingly carry around begins to present it self. Raichle believes that when we daydream, or turn off our conscious thoughts, we are tapping into our stream of consciousness or the Default Network. Many scientists agree that subconscious thoughts can be seen as automatic survival systems as often our behaviour is conditioned by our subconscious. He also determined that those who were able to effectively tune into their subconscious thoughts and channel positive messages were more successful and happier in life.
Maybe it isn’t negative chatter in our subconscious that leads to disease, maybe it is that negative chatter that is telling us someway or somehow that the brain and body knows something is wrong and is warning of disease.
You’ll note that the psychic power affirmations contained within are formulated to help increase your awareness, wisdom, concentration, and to balance and expand your third eye chakra. Whenever your intuition or inner sight, awareness or perception seems clouded or foggy just give this video a go and you might just find that you can awaken or open your third eye chakra and allow those abilities associated with this energy center to flow back to their highest levels.
Suppose you decide to think about health, think of health as being a great blessing in the world. Draw a small geometrical figure, about 3 inches in size, such as a triangle, a rectangle or a circle. Close your eyes and start to visualize the number one in front of you and say “one” in your head when you see it clearly. Select an object like a half eaten cookie, a coin, a pen – anything – try to relax every muscle in your body and concentrate on the object.
Write a dream log each morning when you remember a dream and every night before you go to sleep, review your day in reverse. If you find it too difficult, or thoughts distract you and make you think about other matters, do not worry.

Following are the steps for how to do Siddhasana with proper practice and approach for achieving its specific benefits. It is one type of seated pose in which one have to sit on mat by bending his left leg from knee. After this bend right leg to place right foot on left such that both ankles are in touch with each other by putting right ankle on left one.
Now keep both your hands on knees such that palms are facing in upward direction just like Gyan Mudra of Padmasana Pose.
It is advisable that one should not overdo it and practice it till one feels comfortable and easy.
1)   Siddhasana benefits you to make the flow of vital energy from Muladhar Chakra to Sahasrar Chakra.
Asanas described here should be practiced strictly under the guidance of Yoga teacher or under the supervision of yoga expert only. If you like this post, you might want to Subscribe to our RSS Feed or Sign-up our Email Newsletter for our daily blog updates.
It is through meditation, creativity and listening to our intuition that we begin to understand what our subconscious mind is saying. When you are decisive and sincerely want to excel in your studies, pass an important exam, or playing one of your favorite games; the power of concentration becomes available to you.
Concentrate on it and watch the object from all sides without verbalisation, that is, with no words in your mind. Allow the one to disappear and start to visualize the number two and say “two” loud in your head when you see it.
In Sanskrit “Siddha” stands for “accomplished” or “adept” for one who attained the bliss and awakening kundalini power. Now grab the foot with the help of hands for placing the heel just underneath of Sivni Nadi or Perineum. Once the practice increase gradually then one can remain in same posture for more than ten minutes.

And i going once where there was a black hole and see difference world but i can’t go in to that world too long, i dont know why i can’t stay long and falling down. Top of my head there was a long stick that point out energy any time but why i dont see ghost or can’t speech to them.
Top of my head there was a long stick that point out energy any time but why i dont see ghost or can’t speech to them.
Increasing it in a systematic way, brings it under your control, and grants you the ability to use it easily, with no exertion whenever you need it. Keep this up for five minutes, thinking of nothing else but the second hand, This is a very good exercise when you only have a few minutes to spare, if you are able to keep every other thought in the stream of consciousness subordinate to it.
An excellent exercise is to read an article in a newspaper, and see in how few words you can express it. The moment you find yourself thinking about something else, stop the exercise and start again.
Real and good concentration is developed slowly, through daily work, and with special exercises. Think how this great organ is pumping the blood to every part of the body; try to actually picture the blood leaving the great reservoir and going in one stream right down to the toes. As there is little that is particularly interesting about the second hand, it is hard to do this, but in the extra effort of will power required to make it successful lies its value. When you become proficient, lengthen the time and, if possible, include another session in the afternoon. It has to be approached in a reasonable and practical way.When starting to learn to concentrate you have to find a suitable place where you can be alone and undist-urbed. You might have to do this exercise regularly for 10 days or more in order to sharpen your concentration skills.

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