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Your gut feeling is the best lie detector and has all the information it needs – as long as you’re present and paying attention! To see if this is the case for you, experiment with one of our Intuitive Learning Circles for focusing your attention. Another reason why we might block information like this is because we don’t want to believe it!
Use this Circle to help you remember a time when you had the courage to face the truth and do what needed to be done. If you are under the influence of a lie, it can be very useful to release your agreement to fall under it’s spell.
Sometimes it’s really important to face the truth and understand what is required of us to change.
If you aren’t, take a few minutes to let this Circle help you make the correct adjustments. This entry was posted in Developing Intuition, Emotional Healing, Free Online Learning Games, Mind Exercise and tagged mind exercises. Just like the muscles of the body, the brain needs to be exercised daily to be in good condition. If you don’t work out every day,  the brain becomes slower and tends to get distracted more easily.
For those who do not like these types of games, you can search on the internet that there are a variety of games that are specially developed to enhance the intellect of people. The constant distractions, and low productivity associated with these distractions have become so common in offices today that doctors have even given a name: attention deficit trait, or ADT. With today’s technology, children are likely to have problems to focus their attention on one thing and for that reason they are unable to concentrate. Be aware of the precautions before you pick up a Mind Exercise to practice.Sagar Sonker - Life Coach. Imagine a circle of pink or green color, then turn it into a ball, and after it – into a tetrahedron, cube, and trapeze.
Imagine yourself in detail where and how you are sitting now, what you are wearing, what facial expression you have. Now remember any recollection in detail – a view of your country house, the clothes you were wearing at your sister’s wedding, your workplace, etc. Rewrite the same text with your left hand (or with your right hand if you are left-handed). Following some of these simple exercises, you will give your brain a good workout and make it easier to start the activities that require your attention. This Intuitive Learning Game is inspired by the compassionate energy of Kuan Yin, using the I Ching, an ancient Chinese text that follows and predicts movements and energy flow in the cosmos. It’s possible to be very intuitive when it comes to sensing what other people want and still have a lot of blocks about what you feel and want for yourself. In times of instability, it’s a good idea to follow your innermost guidance and follow it unwaveringly. As you gaze at this Circle that accesses information about karma, ask yourself if you are following one of the flows listed above.
Use this Intuitive Learning Circle inspired by the Amazon Ant to help you identify and release the attachments you have to doing more than what is in your best interest.
This entry was posted in Developing Intuition, Free Online Learning Games, Mind Exercise, Transformation and tagged mind exercises. For us, exercise with a duration of 15 minutes for each day will make the body become healthy, mentally become brighter, clearer brain, decreases stress levels and will lead to happiness as well. If you have a hobby, although only briefly exercising frequently or for long periods but relaxed in doing so, then these activities can increase the hormones in the brain such as adrenaline, serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. People who often exercise will automatically have the confidence level is quite high when compared with other people who rarely or never exercised.
Think about it, if you use your right hand more than the left, then most of the time you are only using the left side of your brain. So, whether these easy exercises may make you a bit more brainy or not the thing is, these physical exercises are still considered to have good effects on the brain: such as increasing creativity, and organizational skills. To receive free e-courses e-books, audios, videos and a weekly news letter on self-improvement and spiritual development visit our free membership site. They also showed functional changes in three regions of the cortex – right lingual, occipital-fusiform gyri, and right frontal pole.
People who exercise later in life may better protect their brain from age-related changes than those who do not, a study suggests. Our lifestyle is mainly what determines brain health in each of us and just like your body; if you stretch and exercise your brain, you can keep it fit, healthy, and working to its best ability. As you remember, the goal of our Bull Tipping Games is to clear emotional distress that drags us back into unhealthy patterns and sabotage our positive intentions. The critical mind provides the emotional fuel and mistaken identity that every bully, batterer and opportunist depends on. To find out what kind of mistaken identities are causing problems for you, relax and gaze softly at the Circle below, Parrot Medicine from Gifts from the Rainforest. If the answers you get are disturbing to you, it’s time to have your true self come back and reclaim your personal authority. Let’s start by releasing some agreements that keep the Inner Bully in a position of power. Now take a moment and think about all the ways your self esteem has been distorted throughout your life. If you are, use the symbol below for dissolving destructive mental and emotional blueprints.
Once the clouds are cleared, you’re ready to play our Shamanic Healing Game where you can clear more on a DNA level and then plant the seeds of happiness in your new playing field of positive self-esteem! Rheanni Lightwater specializes in alternative healing that connects you with your highest potential. Disclaimer: These games should not be considered as a replacement for traditional stress reduction or mental healthcare. There’s a lot of concern about racial prejudice and intolerance lately, and for good reason.
Haven’t you ever wondered though, why so many people come from a place of fear even though they claim they come from a place of love and don’t really believe they have anything to be fearful about? Doesn’t it seem strange to you that so many folks (and I include myself in this) are so quick to make decisions and voice opinions based on the past rather than what would obviously be in their own best interest? The thought is that if we were to let go of this ancient legacy of fear, we would somehow be letting go of our ancestors themselves – perhaps the very people whom we love the most and feel we should be loyal to. So, if you’re up for connecting with your ancestors out of love rather than fear, lets find out if any of this is going on with you and me! Now imagine that you can actually dissolve the mental, emotional and spiritual pattern of disharmony, prejudice and intolerance. Once you feel clear, you can heal more family patterns playing our Sacred Cow Tipping Game. Have you ever asked for something and gotten it, only to get into something you really hadn’t planned on? In the 1950’s, scientists invented the premier pesticide, DDT which, at the time, was a boon to food manufacturers.
It’s time to get out of denial and create a clear intention to respect nature, rather than trying to dominate it. I respect all natural resources – the animals, plants, water, air and all the elements. In today’s world, confused feelings are often the result of extreme stress or emerging memories of trauma. Very often, a person who is stuck or blocked is feeling confused by some form of abuse or controlling situation and is unable to perceive their situation clearly. Use the answer that comes to you as the basis for the game so that you can disengage from the confusion and release your doubts very quickly. The best way to stop confusion is to clear away the smoke screen that clouds our vision and that is exactly what this game will help you to do.
Simply look at the images and Intuitive Learning Circles below while you ponder the statements or questions that go with them.

Now that the pathway no longer exists in your mind, you are free to focus on what’s genuinely helpful.
Both books are filled with healing and dynamic methods for bringing positive change into your life.
We all know there are habits that create emotional healing and other habits that reinforce the same old, same old feelings of disconnection – anxiety, fear and panic.
What if our minds were programmed to communicate on a certain frequency and that frequency was primarily a distress signal? If that were true, we would habitually tune into messages of negativity, fear and emotional confusion. Whenever we decide to make a stand for love, it takes courage to step out of the submissive patterns most of us were raised with.
As we continue to reach for our potential, we know that the challenges will be new and setbacks will occur. You can use it now to dissolve mental and emotional blueprints that cause you to tune into the frequency of fear and distress.
Once the pattern is gone, you’ll want to clear the karma and your attraction field on a deeper level.
This mind exercise can help you to access your own innate healing abilities and develop your intuition about how to best help yourself. Take several deep breaths and relax while you’re looking at this Intuitive Learning Circle. If you want to enhance the action of the Circle, imagine that you can use it to focus in on whatever thought, experience or conflict that’s been bothering you, like a bull’s eye. You might want to cross your ankles or hands over the midline of your body to make sure the patterns are gone and you are completely free. The next step in your grounding game is to seal and heal any holes, doorways or openings in your energy field.
Again, it’s a good idea to look at this one both crossed and uncrossed over the midline of your body. How Do I Deal with Entanglements Around Family and Career Success – or the Lack of It? Here are a few clues that may point to a family entanglement that’s getting in your way. One example of a family entanglement was found in a woman who had an unexplained inability to be successful.
It was finally discovered through Trans-generational Therapy that she had taken on the guilt of her father, who was a navigator in World War II and had bombed many people.
When dealing with our own issues, we can understand the general circumstances of the original trauma and why we reacted the way we did. This mind exercise using the Intuitive Learning Circles will help you to calm down and distinguish between a family pattern and the reality.  Your heart and gut feeling knows the truth, even though your mind may get mixed up. Families tend to carry stories and personality traits around difficulties in life and then hand them down to their children.
Imagine that the list of negative thoughts and beliefs you’ve come up with can be gathered up and sent to the Sun to burn up forever. Now that you have some insight, you can go on with the rest of the exercise in the same way – considering the positive affirmations while you gaze softly at the accompanying Circle and then sending any negativity to the Sun. Next, tune into your gut feeling in your solar plexus by placing your left hand there and breathing into it. If you followed the directions, you should be feeling better about family and career success. If you follow the directions, you can get all kinds of answers that could really help you out. Use this Soul Contract Circle to imagine that the lie (or lies) are like contracts that you can burn. Use the Circle below like you did with the others and give yourself a chance to reorganize. You’ve just given yourself an amazing gift that is going to save you a lot of trouble in the long run. A number of researches have proven this fact.  Working out can also improve memory, concentration and IQ and avoid or delay diseases like Alzheimer.
If you have ever done physical exercises you surely have noticed that the more you exercise your muscles, the better they look.
So when whenever you want to solve a problem, it is very likely that your brain will think of other things and you will have a hard time focusing.
You need to exercise the mind with different activities so that you can keep parts of the brain active.
It is good to try several of them to see which one best fits or what feels more fun and bearable. If you have never solved a crossword is very likely that if you try, you will feel very frustrated because it is too difficult.
It is important to find games or exercises that are made for this purpose, because it will not do you any good place to play a game that only entertains but does not exercise at all. But you can make children do concentration exercises that help them to improve concentration and memory. Sometimes it cannot even “wake up” and “switch on” the mode of idea generation or information processing.
If you know any foreign language (even at a basic level) you can also translate the same text into another language, using a dictionary.
It’s a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about knowledge, awareness and self-improvement. Most of the time, it’s best to follow your own heart and that can be a challenge when so many people are having a difficult time around you. Societal collective karma is being triggered all around you because endings and beginnings are like that.
Do this while thinking about your family, your friends, the people you work for and with, organizations you’ve been involved with, etc. Perhaps you take on other people’s work or let others drag you into their personal drama (or nightmare).
In addition, exercise will also make a smooth blood circulation once, fat and calories to be burned completely, the risk of high blood pressure can be reduced and the risk of obesity disease also declined. This hormone has an important role in improving endurance. Research by experts in the UK showed that 85 percent of people with mental disorders using sport as a means to raise your mood and relieve anxiety in them. The left side of the brain manages the actions and movement of the right side of the body and has to do with rationality and organization. So, if you made use of your left hand more in doing some everyday chores, then the right side of your brain would be stimulated also. One thing worth noting is that by performing these exercises, you are energizing the part of your brain which is not used as frequently as the other part. Lifestyle factors have a huge impact on your brain health, including (but not limited to) sleep, exercise, meditation, and oxygenation.
Without this Inner Bully in place, a bully in the outside world would have nothing to stand on.
We wouldn’t feel bad about pursuing our own goals or be so hard on ourselves when things get a little tough. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical or psychological condition. But lately, I’ve been thinking that some of the fear is actually handed down through family patterns in our DNA.
What they didn’t know was that this miraculous invention and the completely unrestricted use of it was going to throw the ecology of nature seriously out of balance.
Use the Soul Contract Circle to help you find old agreements from the collective unconscious that are supporting these troublemakers and release them. This symbol for dissolving destructive blueprints will help you clear the negative pattern. The healing meditation below is made up of Intuitive Learning Circles and can help you to clear away the smoke. If there is more than one situation causing you confusion, go ahead and play the game again specifically for each situation.

Place both feet on the floor and breathe deeply as you imagine yourself planted firmly in the Earth. Simply follow the directions and see if you can free up some of the trapped energy that comes from emotional shock. Once you have a sense that your mind has found the target or fixation, imagine that you are sending a beam of light directly to the problem. The key to doing that is to learn how to listen to that “still small voice” inside that reminds you about what will genuinely help you.
Without proper grounding, you could be flying all over the place, wasting your time and not getting anything constructive done.
This Reiki Chakra Key will help you to balance your heart chakra and clear away emotional trauma.
Now is an excellent time to go stretch, take a walk in nature, enjoy a hot bath or do something else that nurtures you. Do you think that those negative stories are like a prophesy of doom, interfering with your chances to attract the elements required for you to be happy in your chosen career? In reality, we might be influenced by or even living out a pain, a shame or a curse that doesn’t belong to us and has actually been passed down from previous generations. She always found herself taking the blame for other people’s cruelty and was the appointed “scapegoat” in any job that she held, but she didn’t really know why. By taking the time to go within and calming down, you can understand more about what the real source of your difficulties are and take steps to listen to your heart, which will help you connect with more positive energies!
Include their beliefs about appearance, gender roles, sexual preferences, competency and business in general. If you can think more clearly and focus on productive activities, you have successfully released the grip of confusion from your mind. All you have to do is relax and gaze softly at the center open space of this circle while you ask yourself a couple of questions. Having courage to face the truth is one of the most important things we can develop in ourselves. The same happens with the brain, the difference is that it won’t look toned, but you will notice the improvement when solving a problem or remembering something faster. As a result of that, you will achieve  greater creativity, because the creations come from different places of the mind.
But don’t get discouraged, you have to be patient and accept that, at first it, you may fail. In such cases you can use a set of very simple and effective exercises to warm up your brain.
By doing so, you free up a lot of energy that may be working in cross purposes to your aims. Be sure to take some time to rest, relax and be out in nature to help you develop intuition and integrate these changes more fully. The right side of the brain manages the movement s and actions of the left side of the body and has to do with intuition and creativity. By using your left hand more often you would be strengthening the part of your mind that has to do with creativity and intuition.
If you want to improve your brain’s functioning, you might as well try to fire up your whole brain, and not just half of it. Visualize the agreements like old contracts being pulled up out of the earth like old, nasty roots.
Simply see the cloud dissolving or send it to the Sun until your mind is clear and your heart feels light. Simply go through it by answering pertinent questions that will activate your heart wisdom (intuition) and give you a new perspective. The next few symbols are from “Divine Nature Activated” and will help you release negative conditioning from your DNA. Put both of your feet on the ground and use this Circle to reconnect with your spiritual self. There may be numbness, mental confusion or fragmentation.  These are all ways that the unconscious mind protects us during a traumatic event.
You can use this symbol to help you identify them and dissolve whatever is constricting you.
However, when we unconsciously take on someone else’s pain, such as a mother or brother, we become entangled because we can only guess at what has really happened or what their pain is about. This first one will help you to slow down and get insightful answers about the overall problem.
The Circles are helping your mind to clear away mental and emotional clutter so that you can think clearly. We hope this exercise will help you create your life in your own best interest – including a thriving, successful career!
At first, it may be difficult, but you will eventually acquire greater efficiency and speed. You can start with those which are more comfortable and eventually make those that seemed impossible. But if you do crossword daily, after a while you will notice that you can solve them completely and quickly. She is particularly interested in topics regarding introversion, consciousness and subconscious, perception, human mind's potential, as well as the nature of reality and the universe. These are times when having a clear intention can easily make the difference between success and failure.
Once you sense the ties are detached, use the Circle again to seal and heal your energy with a soothing balm that naturally repels.
So could it be conceivable that the side of your brain which manipulates your dominant hand is used more than the other side of the brain? So, if you are a left-handed person, and you make use you right hand more often in doing simple everyday chores, then you are strengthening the part of your mind that is organized and rational. Like the one when you rub your belly with one hand while your other hand is patting the top of your head. You can’t habitually deny your brain adequate rest and then expect it to function well for you. Then you might check to see if there are other fixations or problems that you can do the same with. All you need to do is gaze softly at the symbol and imagine that the negative patterns in your mind are like a maze of dark lines, dead ends and cages. What would happen if you used your non-dominant hand more while going about your everyday activities?
Undemanding tasks like these are great physical exercise for the brain, and they can help improve the functioning of the brain, no matter how silly they may appear.
Sleep not … Even small amounts of cardiorespiratory exercise such as regular walking can make a difference, but you will experience the most benefits with more vigorous cardio such as jogging, running, or dancing.
It can help to imagine that an old, broken DNA strand is falling apart while a vibrant and light filled DNA strand is connecting with your heart and solar plexus areas. We could become inexplicably anxious, depressed or even quite ill without any clear explanation for it in our current life. Confused and frightened, the young girl made a decision to try and make him feel better by acting out and being a bad person for him.
If the trauma has been handed down through several generations, the situation is even more confusing because we may not even know who the ancestor’s identity is or what their experience was. Her behavior took a sudden turn for the worse and that, in turn, made everyone even more upset. Of course, this was all unconscious and she didn’t really understand what she was doing or why.

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