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So naturally operations like MK-Ultra and Monarch, Manchurian Candidates and Trauma Based Programming are par for the course. The Mind Controllers forcibly steal our tax money then convince us it's necessary and for our own good. The Mind Controllers monopolize the use of force by creating legislation that exempts their machinations and condemns the population. Not on post but I was hoping for your help please Eric.I have watched countless films and read many books on the New World Order and it is the overall impact that reading from multiple sources had on me that convinced me that all of this is very real.
Thanks Eric and Tim,I watched it last night and thought that some aspects were very strong but others were weak.
Donations are welcome, my books are for sale, or visit my ad sponsors which generates revenue for them and me. This powerful 2011 interview with the Messenger, on humanity’s emergence into a universe full of intelligent life, continues to bring many people to the Allies of Humanity and the New Message. Marshall Vian Summers talks on this important Project Camelot interview about the extraterrestrial presence that is intervening in our world at this time. We as a race have been studied for a long time and the contact we are experiencing at the moment is not contact of a beneficial kind but contact of a dangerous kind. Many people are falling under the alien invasion’s persuasion, losing their ability to know, becoming confused and distracted, believing in things that can only weaken them and making them impotent in the face of those who would seek to use them for their own purposes.
This is where people are pacified in the mental environment in to believing what the alien intervention wants them to think. In the Greater Community, the advancing race of any solar system is considered the master of that solar system and rarely will outside intervention occur. By linking the two primary elements, it is possible to short-circuit thought and “cut to the chase,” when it comes to enlisting the allegiance of huge populations. On the evening of April 12, 1945, I listened to a radio report on the death of Franklin D Roosevelt. A few days later, I began making notes under the heading of “image-emotion cues.” At the time, I had just started working as a reporter, writing articles for LA Weekly.
People came through her front door, almost automatically walked through the house to the patio, as if guided by an unseen hand, and watched the video; then they came back inside and looked at the paintings. They would stop at a painting and say: “That picture was in the video!” “ You see that one? When people encounter an image, when they invest it with importance, they project feeling into the image—and this all happens in a private sphere, a private space.
Coming out of World War 2, US psychological warfare operatives knew they could turn their skills to political purposes.
But on the downside, it can also take you into lockstep with what media operatives want you to experience, second-hand. We focus to such a degree on how we are being manipulated that we don’t stop to consider how we are participating in the operation. So how does one individual’s projection of feeling into an image become a uniform projection of the same feeling into one image, by millions of people?
If they knew they were the real power in the whole operation, if they knew they were investing feelings into images all day long, if they could actually slow down enough to see how they do this….then they would be far less prone to taking instruction about what feelings they “ought to” invest in second-hand images. I would add: If Chris Matthews could analyze how his own voluntary investment of feeling in the image of Barack Obama sends a tingle up his leg, he could stop tingling. Nowhere are we told we can back up a step and realize that we are the ones who begin the whole process, by projecting feelings into images. When I was 19, I was sent to an trained expert in New York to take a Rorschach (ink-blot) Test. In this election season, people on the left are urged to project messianic feelings into images of Barack Obama.
Here at home, police and military are taught, more and more, to invest feelings of suspicion into images of American civilians.
The astonishing number of civilians who participate in government and corporate surveillance of the public, through technological means, learn to invest “dead empty feelings” into images of citizens, as if these targets are nothing more than ciphers, units. The recent bizarre instances of police detaining and questioning parents who allow their children to play unsupervised reveal another accelerating trend.
In the medical arena, countless advertisements and news stories are geared to convince people to invest feelings of trust in images of doctors. As the class of victims in society has grown by leaps and bounds, including any group that can organize and promote itself as needing help or justice—going miles beyond the people who really do need assistance—citizens have been trained to invest feelings of sympathy and concern for all images of victims everywhere, real or imagined. As a society, we can go on this way until we become a horrific cartoon of ourselves (some people believe we’re already there), or we can step back and discover how we invest emotion into images, and then use that process to pour feeling into visions of our own choosing and invent better futures. During the first West Nile “outbreak” of 1999, I spoke with a student who had just dropped out of medical school.
The power of art is that it shows us there are so many more emotions than we had previously imagined. The synthetic world of mind control and the handful of feelings that are linked to images is what keeps us in thrall. The natural world—the world of what we can be—is so much wider and more thrilling and revealing. Clusters of heated, magnetic nanoparticles targeted to cell membranes can remotely control ion channels, neurons and even animal behavior, according to a paper published by University at Buffalo physicists in Nature Nanotechnology. What if “nanobots” that had the capacity to control human minds were programmed to search out and attach themselves to key areas of the human brain? Hordes of these nanobots could be released into the atmosphere or in public areas and infect thousands (or even millions) and nobody might even realize it.
If governments could find a way to use nanobots to remotely control the minds of the general population, a mass mind control program could be implemented without the general public even realizing what is going on.
You see, when it comes to nanotechnology we are dealing with something far more dangerous than we can even imagine.
But even if such a scenario never plays out, the mind control potential of nanotechnology is bad enough.
Video game makers are busy developing games that you control not with a joystick or a gamepad but rather with your brain waves.  So could such a technology someday be used in reverse?

Of course most people by now have heard of  MK-ULTRA and other mind control programs that were developed by the CIA and other U.S. There are other mind control technologies out there that are incredibly dangerous as well.
In fact, there are many who suggest that electromagnetic waves could potentially be used to control thoughts and influence behavior.  Think of what just one terrorist could do with such technology. But one of the most disturbing developments of all is the increasingly rapid merger of men and machines that is now taking place.
What if it were possible to connect your brain to the Internet, either wirelessly or through a cable, download digital information at high speed, and then translate it automatically into a chemical form that could be stored by your brain cells as memory? The same article explained what some of the benefits from such a connection might be….
If you could pump data directly into your gray matter at, say, 50 mbps — the top speed offered by one major U.S. Well, British researcher Mark Gasson infected an RFID chip in his hand with a computer virus and found that the virus-infected chip implanted in his hand was able to contaminate external systems. But even now, an increasing number of people are developing ways to tag humans with RFID microchips. Well, it takes about 5 to 10 seconds to tattoo an animal or a human.  Once the tattoo has been applied, an RFID reader can read it from up to four feet away. The truth is that the vast majority of people do not want their DNA scanned and they do not want RFID chips implanted into them. After all, what better way to truly identify someone?  Identification cards and papers can be forged or can get lost.  But if you implant someone with a microchip how are they going to lose that?
However, we all know that the potential for abuse of all of the technologies mentioned in this article is just too great.  If someday a tyrannical regime gets a hold of these kinds of ultra-powerful technologies the results could be absolutely nightmarish.
My Name is VincentGeorge, an engineering graduate from Bangalore, aged 45 years, I am married and have a 14 year old son.
During this time at one instant when i was in the hotel i had slept for nearly 24 hours during this time i dont know what happened, from the next day onwards I started listening to voices in my ears, some group of people conversing with me, they could sense my thoughts and converse with me, it was really surprising to me.
Later I realised that they have implanted a bio chip into my body and sensing my thoughts and conversing with me, I was not given any work at the work spot but they were conversing with me remotely and also they started controlling every part of my organ both voluntary and involuntary organs, i became too scared and i wanted to return back to bangalore(India), with in one month i returned back to india even while coming the same group followed me in the flight i came to india on july17th july 1998 after which i did not go to any country.
Dear Sir, this has to be really taken seriously if left unnoticed there will be lot of such cases and illegal activities which will happen in our country by americans and foriegners, please do not take it lightly, I would like to meet you in person as soon as possible to explain you in detail.I will be grateful if you can provide me your valuable time to avoid such crime in the future. This is the most AMAZING story I have ever heard in my 10+ years of research into MK-ultra and government black projects! They are trying to drive me crazy, I feel like the Catholic’s know I can prove life was created. This article is interesting, specifically from which a couple of the comments in which particularly the Indian fella noticed a few things: he slept without remembering anything (not strange right? The brains of brazilians are connected to satellite technology to long for torture and murder and the government continues to ignore the facts.
My name is Marisa am a victim of human minds trafficking ring operating in southers Brazil, i have an intracranial implant an i’m being tortured. Your thoughts are affecting the mental environment, and your actions are affecting the physical environment.
It was recently updated to include slides asking the important and critical questions that the Messenger answers to bring greater clarity to this vital message for the world. In reality, what has brought these resource explorers, representing an alien invasion of the most subtle kind to our shores are the resources of our world.
Our world is being visited by several alien races and several different organisations of races. This Project Camelot video with Marshall Vian Summers is of the utmost importance today, for the people of the world to understand what is actually happening in the world.
History has proven that the conquest of one race over another is too costly and too destructive.
First of all, if there is a visitation occurring, those who are undertaking the visitation will want to create a force field around their presence which will hopefully have a predetermined effect on human beings. I knew next to nothing about mind control, MKULTRA, Soviet psychiatric gulags, Chinese re-education programs, or US psychological warfare operations. They had just succeeded in making Americans believe that all Japanese and German people were horribly evil. But the power to do that emanated from the fact that every person invests images with feeling. I was describing everything from bats and owls and chickens to space ships and buckets of hidden treasure in caves. He was sweating, because he had many other blots to show me, and it was late in the afternoon, and he was looking at spending the entire evening with me. This is harnessed by leaders, who then choose the images and direct which feelings are permitted.
People on the right are cued to invest feelings of pride, hope, and “tradition” into images of Mitt Romney.
The suggestion, “Ask your doctor if X is right for you,” is framed as the solution to a little problem.
They’ve assembled teams to promote that image, so their followers could project powerful emotion into the image and thereby cement the leaders’ control and power. Understanding the roots of it within each individual could, however, break the trance of mass mind control.
He told me he’d been looking at electron-microscope photos of the West Nile Virus, and he suddenly realized he was “supposed to” invest feelings of fear in those images. They realize they’re supposed to invest fear in images of germs and disease, and they’re also supposed to invest feelings of hope and confidence in images of needles and vaccines.
There are an infinite number of feelings, and as strange as it may sound, we can literally invent them. I have something to share with you which i am experiencing, I was in the united states during 1997-98, during this time some group of people used to follow me where ever I go infact the same group of people used to stay in the same hotel which i used to stay.
Has anyone contacted you and gotten a proper interview with you your story is VERY INTERESTING!

There is many shadow groups around the world whos research and technology are light years ahead of what todays universities are discovering. And are trying to stop me from proving it, cause then they would have to realize that Jesus didnt die on a cross, and all Christian religions that claim to worship God through Jesus, and that have a cross on there buildings will lose there tax free status because of its connection to pagan satanic origins AND THAT VERY REAL Discrepancy, this in no minor typo in there belief, there are thousands of years of proof!!!, those people (pagans) would sacrifice there childeren in the fire to satan.. IN MY SAD AWAKENING I FIRST THOUGH IT WAS VERSED AND BEING ATTACKED, WHICH IT MIGHT BE OCCASIONALLY, YET THEY CAN TAKE YOU OVER WHEN SLEEPING. This satellite technology is controlled by a global network of Criminals these elements they enter the human brain 24hs the connection an come from several People at the same time, reading the visual cortex through the computer brain interface using mobile phone masts and satellite.
I really want to determine which is the best film to serve as an introduction to the New World Order for a sceptic with little time to research. It's extremely informative, but not to the point where it overwhelms you and makes you want to just blow it off. That is why it is one of the three requirements for establishing and maintaining freedom in the universe: unity, self-sufficiency and discretion.
Our world immensely rich in biological diversity is a gem amongst so many barren planets within the Universe.
There are more subtle ways to influence nations and in this, the development of skill in the mental environment has been the great emphasis for those who are interested in conquest and acquisition. Human beings have been studied for a very long time—at least in terms of their behavior and their predispositions. Hadidjah had enlisted the services of a friend who had videotaped me painting in my studio, and at the exhibition she set up a television set out on her patio and continuously played the videocassette. It all starts with a person setting up his own personal feedback loop that travels from him to an image and back again.
They’re trying to figure out what feelings they “are supposed to” project into the painting.
The tempting prospect for the follower is: participation in a drama that goes beyond what he would ordinarily experience in life. Now, soldiers are taught “enemy combatant” and “civilian” are two different images that require the injection of two different feelings. The person has projected massive feelings of approval into an image of himself—often an image shown on television. If the controllers can convince us that we’re working from a limited map of emotions and we have to stay within that territory, they can manipulate that limited set of feelings and trap us.
In fact they contol how much time will take and what will be discovered by universities and research groups.
In any event, I believe I myself have gone through something similar to this, and I live in Orange, CA. THOUGH I WOULD SAY THE HIGHER LEVEL FUNCTIONING IS SHUT OFF, OR THEY CANT GET IT YET, HENCE YOU HAVE BRUISES AND DONT REMEMBER ANYTHING, AND OCCASIONALLY PEOPLE RUN BY AT 3AM SCREAMING STRANGE SHIT. The mental grocery prison of life, torture or brain radar signature.There is a software created and based on neurosciense of the brain and humam mind that is being used to torture People.
You are a robot now they make you speak and have created an illusion amongst you all that you are normal when you are a human hostage. The alien presence in the world is growing everyday, it explains alien abduction, why people are being taken against their will, to be studied so that a new hybrid race of humans can be created. Brute force is too destructive, requires too much effort and often produces unwanted results. Therefore, the visitors will want to create a certain influence in the environment in order to have a desired impact upon anyone whom they might encounter, either intentionally or inadvertently. Why couldn’t they shape America’s view of a whole planet that lay beyond personal experience? When, decades later, I saw Curtis sitting in his car at that gas station, I was “working from” the emotion I had invested in his onscreen image.
I was working off newspaper pictures I’d seen of him, and the feeling I’d invested in those presidential images. I believe it has happened from Ohio, to Northern California (SF) to Southern California (where I am), back up to Ohio area — eventually running southern and northern. THE VOICES N SHIT ARE THERE, BUT DROWNED OUT ALOT, YOU PROBABLY COULD GET RID OF THEM, BIT MY THEORY IS BY BLOCKING THE MAIN BLOOD FLOW AREA FROM COMMUNICATION EXTERNALLY (A CD IN MY EXAMPLE, THOUGH BY ARM BONE WORKED TOO) — WELL IT HELPS A SHIT LOAD. This weapons uses Neuroeletronicas brain frequency of 3hz to 50hz distance to torture victim by sending intracranial voices plague victims who be come human guinea pigs in the hands of entire gangs that are usurping these bodies victims need to try a faraday cage p try to get rid of this harassment.Recently a US law against the use of climate and mind control weapons was passed, i would like to know the opinion of authorities regarding this type of crime around the world?
To prove this have a brain scan to detect nano technology and I bet that you cannot.The big snore is here now.
Despite having some concerns that have been covered on this site I like Alex Jones films but find them a little too shouty and ranty for someone who is new to this.
You are becoming more aware of your physical environment, but the mental environment is still a great mystery to you.
You are only beginning to learn how other races can gain access to human wisdom and understanding.
Other people, when FDR died, went out into the street and hugged their neighbors and wept openly. Putting emotion into images can, in fact, vault you into a different perception of reality. With this in mind can you Eric or any of your readers suggest an alternative, a film that would be very convincing someone whio is new to this please?
You are only beginning to realize how much your freedom will have to be guarded and protected if it is to be sustained in a universe where freedom is rare. They say they can interrupt any electronic network remotely which is connected via satellite. They say they have placed a bio chip in my body and they are able to read my mind remotely and control my whole body remotely.

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