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Today there is economic uncertainty with people being made redundant, losing jobs and with cut-backs in the workforce there are many knock-on effects such as bankruptcies on the increase. List of People Who Help People In Need 2012 - Rich Wealthy Millionaires Who Give Money Away For Free. Whether for tax benefits, because of personal tragedy or just from having a heart of gold, many millionaires give away money.

Despite having no idea of what having billions of dollars might feel like, I would imagine that I would find it near impossible to spend that amount money in 50 lifetimes let alone 1, so why not spend it on helping others.
The Giving Pledge will not accept any money; it is simply asking billionaires to make a moral commitment to give away their wealth to charity.
Many people are having sleepless nights due to their current economic situation being tenuous at best, not knowing how to meet the current months rent or mortgage payment as well as the overdue credit card payments.

So if you know what millionaires do with their money, you can start doing the same things with the money you have.

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