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Chamillionaire net worth is estimated at $15 million.Born as Hakeem Seriki known by his stage name as Chamillionaire is an American rapper and entrepreneur. Chamillionaire net worth came from his album releases, as CEO of Chamillitary Entertainment as well as from his other business ventures.
He began his career independently with local releases in 2002 and then signed with Universal Records in 2005 and released The Sound of Revenge.
His second mainstream album Ultimate Victory was released on September 18, 2007 and followed by an EP, titled Elevate which was released on February 12, 2013. As an established entrepreneur, Chamillionaire invested in a Houston based auto dealer,  Fly Ryes - specializing in customizing cars. His other business ventures included his own record label Chamillitary Entertainment and his own a modeling company, called Masterpiece Mind Frame. He is reported to also own a Tour Bus company with Internet, Cable, Studio, DVD, Surround Sound and a shower. His "Ridin"reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with its video also was named "Best Rap Video" at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards.
Born in Louisiana as Terrence Hatch, Lil Boosie net worth by the beginning of 2015 was $4 million. Lawrence Gene David is a well-known American comedian, actor, writer and television producer. Kim Kardashian is an American socialite, television personality, model, entrepreneur and fashion designer. This country queen needs no introduction because everyone known the sweet sounding country singer for her soulful music. Born in 1948 in 'White' America nobody thought Jackson could be who he is today – a bonafide Hollywood Star. For most, the word "millionaire," a term coined by a Frenchman in the 18th century, calls to mind images of lavish wealth and extravagant lifestyles.
Though it does not provide for the sumptuous lifestyle of years past, having $1 million for retirement is still a blessing.
Let's take a closer look at two of the key strategies shrewd retirees employ to stretch $1 million throughout the retirement years. For retirees who worry about running out of money at some point, an immediate annuity offers perhaps the single most attractive feature of any retirement product: a fixed-income stream that is guaranteed for life – whether the purchaser dies the day after buying the annuity or lives to 120. At 2015 interest rates, an immediate annuity purchased for $1 million by a 65-year-old man paid between $5,600 and $5,700 per month, while the same annuity pays a 65-year-old woman between $5,400 and $5,500 per month.
While life expectancy is used to calculate benefit amounts, the checks do not stop coming once that age is reached and the annuity balance is amortized.
The other problem with annuities is that owners are effectively limited to their monthly checks. Another strategy to make $1 million last through retirement is to place the money in a diversified portfolio and withdraw a set percentage per year, indexing that amount to inflation. The main downside to the traditional portfolio strategy is, unfortunately, no method exists to project with certainty future market returns or inflation rates.
Investing $1 million in a traditional portfolio and taking yearly withdrawals gives a retiree more flexibility with money than purchasing an annuity does. Wendy is known for her on air spatter with famous celebrities including Mariah Carey, Jay Z, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce among many others. Celebrity gossip is her area of specialization and the reason why she was also very successful on radio is her tendency to air out controversial celebrity dirty linens in public.
Born in Ocean Township, Wendy graduated from the Northeastern University with a degree in communications.
Wendy later moved back to New York radio where she vehemently attacked celebrities asking crucial and personal questions and fueling rumors on their misbehaving’s. Lil Kim was also greatly aggravated by her controversial on air stories and rumors that she made a song about Wendy called Shut Up B***.
The Wendy Williams Show has been a major success, hosting star celebrity interviews and whispering juicy celebrity gossip.
Wendy has a wig line called Wendy Williams Hair World and an Apparel line with QVC named Adorn.
Now I am self-employed, and you can read more about my story here, or visit my other blog: The Everyday Minimalist.
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And unlike last month when I straight up freaked out about my car purchase (no more regrets!!) I promise to keep my emotions in check this time around.
Now I can look forward to telling other people that everything above 100,000 kinda happens on automation, haha!
I know I’ve said it before, but I just can’t get over you getting a car loan, and for a Lexus!

I know you are mostly joking but I think a lot of people equate extreme cheapness with being financially savvy. Also, while I hate loans in general, interest rates are such that hes probably getting a 1% discount by financing (adjusted for inflation).
I also feel 10% is a little low, as I am not making the required 280K a year to buy a 28K car, well, not yet anyway.
Must be pretty awesome being able to total up all of your assets (and liabilities) to over half a million.
Thanks :) Been tracking it for almost a decade now – helps put things in perspective! Good strategy of rounding up the monthly debt payments, I would round up my student loan & car payments as well. One question: If your auto loan carries only a 2.75% interest rate, why pay it down more aggressively than necessary? I think right now it just bugs me seeing the debt there and emotionally prefer to just have it all nixed, but financial-wise you’re totally right. Speaking of feeling out of place in a fancier car, years ago my dad got a Cadillac after his Pontiac came to the end of its life, When he first had it, he was parking around the corner from work because he was embarrassed. And honestly, owning a luxury car has really opened up my eyes more as to *other* reasons why people would ever pony up for such a thing. So yeah, people do get them just to show off and what not, but there are other reasons too which I’m better understanding now.
We will be replacing our polluting VW diesel, which they will be buying back in October or November, so we have plenty of time to find the right car. Mel Gibson's net worth dropped from $850 million to $425 million in a nasty divorce settlement. These days, millionaire describes a financial status nowhere near as prosperous as it was decades or centuries ago.
As of 2016, thanks to inflation, cost-of-living increases and lifestyle changes, retiring on $1 million isn't as carefree.
Many retirees have nothing or next to nothing in liquid assets and have to rely on Social Security benefits to pay the bills each month (see What is the size of the average retirement nest egg?).
One technique is to purchase an immediate annuity, which converts the retiree's lump sum into a guaranteed monthly paycheck for the remainder of his or her life.
They are not classified as investments but as contracts by which the retiree places a lump sum into the annuity, which draws interest. While most investment income earned over a long period is taxed at long-term capital gains rates, annuities are taxed at ordinary income rates. They cannot withdraw a large chunk from the annuity, such as for an emergency or a major purchase, without incurring penalties. The years following the Great Recession have been excellent for stocks and mutual funds, and equally good as far as low inflation is concerned. She accumulated her wealth majorly from her talk show The Wendy Williams Show, but of course she is a former DJ and radio presenter. This is one reason her show has a very wide viewership earning her a total salary of $8 million per season. And of course this attitude often got her on the wrong side with numerous stars such as 2Pac and Lil’ Kim. While in school, she doubled by working at the University’s radio station as a DJ, something she was passionate about. Jay Z once said that he did not like Wendy’s style of interview, saying the presenter asked 100 questions in a minute, thereby not giving enough time for response. She has also written an autobiography and other several books and was the subject of a reality TV series called The Wendy Williams Experience.
Every month Acorns invests $20-$30 for me by automatically rounding up all my daily transactions.
Any of these will get you started if you’re looking to start tracking your net worth for the first time! Not making near $200k these days but luckily we’re all allowed to make our own decisions! But it does rub me the wrong way, that a personal finance enthusiast like J$ got a car loan.
I paid more for my wife’s teeny tiny car due to the 200 % registration tax over here. Congrats on crossing back over the half-million mark and l love your detailed net worth report. You’d almost certainly obtain a better long-run overall rate of return by investing the difference instead.
Gotta be super comfortable to share the beans everywhere :) Much easier to do when you’re anonymous too! I’m using 80% of the Zillow estimate, subtracting an additional 10% for selling expenses.
I started from scratch this year but current net worth stands around ?3,500 from what I’ve saved away.

I used to think it was all more to be flashy and cool too, but honestly they’re just freakin’ NICE to drive! The best part is we plan on buying a car for less than VW will be giving us, which will let us pocket a few thousand dollars. Plenty of time to find a good deal too :) If you go the private party route, just make sure to take it to a mechanic you trust to look it over first. Derek Jeter Net Worth is estimated at one hundred and eighty five million dollars ($185 million). The definition of the word is simple: A millionaire is a person whose net worth – assets minus liabilities – is $1 million or greater. It now requires smart budgeting to ensure this nest egg lasts for a retiree's remaining years. Another is to invest the money in a standard portfolio, typically one diversified with mutual fund, stock and bond investments, then withdraw a fixed percentage of that portfolio each year to pay living expenses. The annuity's principal and interest balance are amortized with a series of fixed, regular payments to the retiree. An annuity is essentially insurance against outliving one's money, with the insurance company assuming the risk of the individual living too long. The difference between the two depends on the investor's tax bracket; it might be immaterial, but it might also be significant.
However, a protracted bear market or a period of unusually high inflation – the 1970s featured both – causes a retiree's $1 million to evaporate much more quickly if it is invested using the strategy outlined above. And in a low interest rate environment, such as the current one, annuities are going to have less generous payout rates than in times when interest rates are higher. In fact, it never took her long to land another job with an urban station in Philadelphia, The Power 99 FM. Wendy even once said that 2Pac might have been raped while behind bars that caused a major spur including rumors that the rapper’s song – Why You Turn On Me – was directed at her. She has also appeared on other TV shows such as Martin, One life to Live, Love Triangle, Drop Dead Diva and dancing with the stars.
The wife starts getting paychecks next week, and I’m back to focusing on the future of my projects and how to align my goals with making money at the same time.
See if there’s anyone in your own range there that you can follow and get motivated by! I just analyzed my investment performance for so far this year and I was up a little over 10% due to the fact I had thrown a Vanguard Precious Metals fund into the mix. We could write a check on September 1 and wipe it away, and part of me really wants to do so because the debt bothers me.
They only charge a little for it, and then if anything comes up you can use it to help in negotiations.
A retiree with exactly $1 million may not be spending much time at the Breakers on Palm Beach, or the Plaza Hotel i New York, but invested smartly, this sum should ensure he can live in a typical U.S.
A retiree who prioritizes peace of mind in this regard, knowing that his parents and grandparents all lived to 100, should consider an annuity. If having income for life is a bigger priority to a retiree than having access to his or her money in full, an annuity might be the best option. The station later hired her on full time basis for their morning show then later to an afternoon drive-time shift where she won the Billboard Award- Best On-Air Radio Personality. Here she was so open about her private life often discussing her breast enhancements, miscarriages and former drug addiction that made the station move to 2nd place in ratings. She went ahead and interviewed Whitney Houston, asking her on her spending and drug issues.
All this have been a huge boost on her net worth getting her from a $17.5 million personality 2 years ago to her massive $60 million today. He must have cashed out $500,000-$1,000,000 in stocks cuz he swore the apocalypse was coming! On the other hand I am far enough from retirement that I know rationally I should want the market to stay lower for a while.
Otherwise, retirees should look elsewhere – or at least not invest all or most of their retirement funds in an annuity. We had our realtor run comps for us once a year when we used to have mortgages, and when we eventually sold it it was actually spot on!
The third year follows the same pattern, and so forth, with the retiree always taking out 4% plus the accumulated inflation rate.
Projecting forward the interest rates and inflation environment of 2016, a retiree can easily make $1 million last more than 30 years using this strategy.
For this reason, women, who generally outlive men, receive smaller annuity checks on the same balance.

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