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Business Insider asked CEOs, self-made millionaires, and best-selling authors what they wish they'd known about money from the get-go.
If you have lived in Thailand for a few years, or several years like many ex-pats have, the girls can tell very quickly. It can be fun to play the fool and pretend you’re a newbie in town, play your cards right and you can watch the girls lining up for you all hoping to help empty your aching wallet! Do look around the bar, appear a little taken aback too, after all it’s the first time you’ve been to Thailand and seen such lovely ladies. Don’t get distracted by what’s on the TV’s in the bar, be it cricket, football, music videos etc.
If I Pass This Way Again – So Reed Richards Just Gets a Pass For His Clone of Thor Killing Goliath? After a couple of stumbles, including the entrance and rapid exit of Christian Bale, Universal Pictures has finally begun principal photography on the Steve Jobs biopic, titled … Steve Jobs. Directed by Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting) from a script by Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network), the film is based on Walter Isaacson’s bestselling 2011 biography of the late Apple founder. Steve Jobs stars Michael Fassbender (X-Men: Days of Future Past, 12 Years a Slave) as Jobs, Kate Winselt (The Reader, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind) as Joanna Hoffman, former marketing chief of Macintosh, Seth Rogen (Neighbors, The Interview) playing Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and Jeff Daniels (The Newsroom) as former Apple CEO John Sculley. Rounding out the cast are Katherine Waterston, Michael Stuhlbarg, Perla Haney-Jardine, Ripley Sobo, Makenzie Moss, Sarah Snook and Adam Shapiro. What are the odds of all-girl quadruplet calves being born and actually surviving the birth? The heifer calves were born on December 6 in Orland, California, and a local veterinarian confirmed they are indeed quadruplets.
Dairy farmer John Zuppan told the Chico Enterprise Recordthat in his 69 years on the job, this is a first.
Karle says each Holstein calf weighed a little less than usual at birth -- only 60-65 pounds instead of the common 85 pounds -- but that they are otherwise in good physical shape. Zuppan says the rare family of bovine sisters will be raised together, staying on the farm to join the dairy herd when they're older.
Catwoman (Jocelyn Wildenstein) plastic surgery experiences in attempts to alter her face could give you Surgeon phobia, that phobia where you see a surgeon and run the other direction. Am not dissing, just calling a spade a spade and in this case the spade has a broken handle.
The 73-year-old initially decided to reconstruct her aging face so she could give it a more feline look so as to help save her marriage to millionaire art dealer, Alec Wildenstein.
Jocelyn is now a New York City Socialite popular for her EXTENSIVE facial surgeries and her extravagant life.
Catwoman (Jocelyn Wildenstein) plastic surgery started when she was insecure about her relationship with her then millionaire art dealer husband one Mr.
If I told you to guess am sure you wouldn’t get it because Jocelyn has undergone through at least SEVEN facelifts. Collagen injection is one of the surgical procedures performed on those who want to erase frown lines, crow’s feet and smile lines (nasolabial folds).
Jocelyn Wildenstein collagen injection was performed to give her skin a plumper, smoother appearance.
7 times and getting worse, going through injections and 4 million DOLLARS up in smoke make me almost sympathize with Catwoman, majorly because of those $4M, but sympathy can do nothing to reverse the process. While you and I are judging her, she still has the confidence to hit red carpets all over America and dining with the who is who in Hollywood -have to admire her for that part. Ladies and gentlemen, there are multiple lessons from Catwoman (Jocelyn Wildenstein) plastic surgery for everybody; 1. Reports surfaced on Tuesday, April 12 that the 29-year-old Mean Girls actress is engaged to Egor Tarabasov. According to TMZ’s report, Tarabosov, whose father is a multi-millionaire Russian businessman, proposed to Lohan over the past weekend. Although the couple has taken the big step of moving in together, reports of their engagement are not yet true. Lacey Budd is the Director of Audience Development for The Knot News and contributing writer. Thank You Messages for Friends: Friendship is too precious to be celebrated with a measly greeting card on Friendship’s Day. 2) The secret to lifelong friendship is to treat is not just as a gift, but also as a responsibility.

3) Thanks for knowing exactly when to tell me what I want to hear, when I want to hear it the most.
4) From selfies to parties and from heartbreak to loneliness, thanks for being there for me through it all.
5) I am glad that the love in our friendship is not dependant on mood swings and bad hair days.
8) Thanks for removing the word EXPECTATION and adding the world HAPPINESS to the dictionary of our friendship.
9) I would rather thank you time and again for being a wonderful friend in every way, than belittle our friendship by saying thanks only once a year on Friendship’s Day.
10) Thank you for being by my side not just when success makes me a haughty snob, but also when failure makes be a lousy slob. 11) My friend, thanks for never asking for reasons or explanations when all I wanted was a long hug and a few laughs.
13) Throughout my life, everyone could see the tears in my eyes… but only you could feel the pain in my heart. 15) I don’t know how I can say thank you to a friend who understands the all the things I never say and never says anything I don’t understand. 16) Look back in life and you’ll see that some of the best memories will be the simple moments spent with friends. 17) I would rather thank you right now and today for being such an amazing friend, rather than regret not having said these words to you after life’s journey comes to an end.
18) I never get ruffled even when I have troubles coming my way, because I know that you are just a phone call away. 19) My dear friend… thanks for walking with me when I needed support, thanks for walking ahead me when I needed guidance and thanks for walking behind me when I needed someone to watch my back. 20) Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, obviously never had such a cool friend like you. 23) Just like how a rainbow has no value without its bright colors and a perfume has no value without its fragrance, my life has no value without a friend like you. 24) We are truly Best Friends Forever because I can’t remember when our friendship began and I know it will never end. 27) My friend… thanks for showing me the dreams that I didn’t have the courage to see myself.
28) You’re less of a friend and more of a mirror that hides my weaknesses and highlights my strengths.
30) The best part of having a friend like you, is that I always have happy days to look forward to. 32) You’re my BEST friend because some of my life’s BEST memories would exist if it weren’t for you.
33) Today I want to declare, that your friendship is worth more than millions of likes on Facebook and hundreds of thousands of retweets on Twitter.
34) You have been the foundation of our friendship, my pillar of strength and the wall which shields me from every sorrow.
38) You gave me your shoulder to lean on when I was down, a piece of your mind when I was acting crazy, your hand to help me move on and your heart to heal all my worries. 39) Living life without a friend like you would be like celebrating Christmas without Santa Claus or Easter without a chocolate bunny. 40) The way you help me solve all the problems in my life, sometimes I think that you are a fairy in disguise.
However, it wasn't until later that I learned just how much of your long-term economic success depends on your professional career. Most bar girls, for example, will treat a newbie in town much better than a Pattaya veteran. It is recommended that you go on a bar crawl in virgin territory where no-one knows you and take a ‘wing Man’ who is showing you around town for the first time. Try a few times pronouncing her name wrong before getting it right, after all you don’t speak any Thai right? If she says ‘I go dance now’ after a sip or two she is probably waiting for a rich regular client, doesn’t sense your money becoming her money, does not fancy you or has smelt a rat and knows you stay long time already! When a girl says “sa wat di ka” just reply “hello what’s your name?” and offer to shake hands. Take a look around and you can easily spot the ex-pats glued to the telly, completely oblivious to the girls dancing on stage provocatively right in front of them!

A glass of draft beer in A Go Go can cost as little as 55 Baht as opposed to 120 Baht plus for some bottled beers. She has since spent about $5 million on her newly-found exotic cat face in a bid to make herself more appealing to her acting career.
By the way, her phone bills could feed several children’s homes as she once said was $60k.
I wonder what she wanted to achieve and though this may sound harsh, I have never seen anybody work this hard to fail because in the end she looks worse.
If yes don’t go trying to get like them because you might end up looking like Catwoman if not worse (by that I mean dead!). From this love of the cat the idea of eyes reconstruction was born and so was this Jocelyn we know. This procedure has been around for some time, but with the introduction of tissue fillers known to last longer such as Restylane, they have waned in popularity.
In pursuit of beauty, Jocelyn had an encounter with collagen injections to her lips, chin and cheeks. Organizing Hangers: A happy closet is a happy mind,” she captioned the shot with prayer and kiss emojis.
She has a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from Marymount Manhattan College and previously worked at Wenner Media and Hearst. Make every day count and keep poking your besties with cute texts, tweets, pins on Pinterest and posts on Facebook. You might not know this, but you helped me find happiness in being the person that I really am. Through all of life’s murkiest corners and bends, I’ve always sailed through, because of you, my friend.
I don’t know if I owe you a sorry but I definitely know that I owe you a big thank you for being my friend. The reason is that most tourists, also known as a “two week millionaires”, will tend to be flash with the cash and don’t mind buying expensive lady drinks. Well you can play the game out, but it’ll cost you a bar fine and a room or signal your wing man it’s time to bail out and he will explain that you have a plane to catch in a few hours, or you are going on a coach trip early tomorrow and must go now. And on a California dairy farm, the stars aligned and mama cow gave birth to four healthy baby cows. Michael Karle ran DNA tests using the calves’ hair and learned that two of them are identical twins, while the other two are fraternal. I finally came to the conclusion there were four new babies from one cow," Karle told HLN affiliate KFSN. With such a life one would surely keep pets but NOT try to look like the pet by opting for a battalion of alterations to your God given face like Madam Catwoman. She wanted squinted eyes, maybe to see at night, and she did get them but at a high cost in every aspect, now her eyes are not a match for her face.
From handwritten notes that touch the heart to funny doodles about crazy stuff you’ve done together, let your friends know how much you appreciate them for all the support, advice, hugs and smiles.
Most ex-pats, on the other hand, will be aiming to get a good deal for their money, especially in low season! You could ask what she said and repeat, of course she will laugh as ‘sa wat di ka’ is said by ladies, ‘sa wat di krub’ for men! Either way it’s a game that’s fun to play, especially if you want to re-live your early Pattaya experiences, or simply just want to be treated like a ‘two week millionaire’!
Don’t alter your looks to please anybody and lastly, Cats are not so attractive after all! Childhood besties, bffs in school, college roommates or colleagues at work – all these people hold a special place in your life’s memory bank. What I know is that it was a bad decision even for a socialite raving through the nights of New York City. Take ideas from this post to find the right words to randomly say Thank You to your friends for everything they’ve done for you.

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