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If you haven’t setup iMessage as part of iOS yet, you need to take a few minutes to do so. You can edit these if you wish, or if you’re on an iPad or iPod touch you may need to enter an Apple ID manually. I couldn’t figure out how to make messages from other iOS 5 users pop up automatically on my iPad. I can’t figure outwhy I am not ableto see the Imessage ICONS like thesmiley faces and sad faces when I am sending an iMessage with my iPhone 4?
My girl and I are using it and I think the imessage text come through blue instead of green.
I think you are right but I have no way of telling because all my friends are on iOS 5 LOL! If you travel (like overseas) and are connected to wireless, you will not pay for messages. A question here, for me to be able to receive messages to both my iPhone and iPad, is this the correct setting? Hey guys, my mom is having a problem with the new settings after downloading the new iOS5 update for her iPhone 3gs.
I’m also having this problem plus when i text other phones that are iphones they open the message and it looks like im trying to send them an attachment. This fixed my problem of my email address showing up instead of my phone number and i can still send imessages to other iphones.
Messaging will not let you browse for or type an e-mail alias, so find the alias in Contacts or wherever and use the press-hold Copy methods to get the address to Paste into the recipient list of Messages. So i have an ipod touch but i dont know how to send messages to my sister who also has an ipod touch. I have a iphone 4s (up to date software) and i am trying to get the imessage to work on my kid’s new ipod (also up to date). Today on Christmas I got and iPod touch fourth generation , I just got done interning my contacts and I go to try to text some one but it keeps telling me they don’t have iMessage .
I done what the directions said and switched it on so I can iMessage but when I type the message. That leads to my next question: if I set them both to an email address (including my phone) then will iMessages from my iPhone default to data only and not SMS? Hello guys, i have an iphone 4 and my girlfriend an ipod touch 4, why she receives my messages normaly but she can?t send to me? Checked it was turned on and I noticed it had you can be reached for iMessage at my email address my pho number is there but it is highlighted grey and won’t let me select it as an Option.
Go into messages and where it says revive at click on it and sign out of ur apple Id and it will send ur iMessage through ur phone number and not ur email address.
I think not, you do realize that the 2.0 animatronics and old animatronics are all going to be active, right? How is FNAF 2 a prequel if it doesn't explain why the old are so beat up and damaged while having the new ones? Notice how the Bonnie's endoskeleton has more teeth in FNaF 2 and less in FNaF, which probably means they just rebuilt them. Oh and also the endoskeletons have rather blocky jaws in FNaF 1 than rounded as it appears in FNaF 2.
One of the most useful features Apple has added in iOS 7 is the ability for users to block any number or Apple ID from contacting them. Using this feature to block anyone is very simple and in this post we will explain how you can do it in a few simple steps.

Remember that iOS 7 allows users to block any number from different stock applications so if you receieve a message you can block that number from the Messages app, if you receive unwanted calls you can block a number from Phone app and finally if you receive a video call from an unwanted person then you can block it from the Facetime app.
If you block any number the change will have affect across the board and the blocked person will not be able to contact you in any way on your iOS device. Next up we will show you how you can block any number that is sending you annoying text messages. Again, remember that when you block any number  the change is reflected in all other apps so if you have blocked someone from messaging you the same number or email address won’t be able to Facetime or call you on your number. But on Android Devices you will have options to block unknown callers or No Caller ID calls too.
WhatsApp is a popular messaging tool for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows phone users, but it has long been missing desktop clients… until now, anyway.
With WhatsMac you’ll be able to chat in WhatsApp as usual, view media that has been sent through chat, and get notifications of new messages through OS X Notification Center. I just installed it, did the scan (settings – WhatsApp Web) and it works perfectly!!!
If you’re on iOS and jailbroken though, there exists a tweak to enable WhatsApp Web support. Kind of a very indirect way to get it working, but it works to get WhatsMac running in OS X if you have an iPhone and no Android device handy to scan that code. If you already for whatsapp working on ArcWelder on your mac, what is the point of using it WhatsMac? I loaded the whatsapp APK file on ARCWELDER but I am getting the app icon and when i log in i get an alert – device not supported. It probably just doesn’t work on his current system configuration for whatever reason, but it seems like he tried launching the app on a Mac, indeed. And you actually don’t even have to use a Mac to run Mac Software – People are using Mac OS X on custom build Hackintosh Systems for many years now. Hi all, I’m using 13in MBP late 2011 edition with Yosemite and an Iphone 6 with the latest IOS update. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.
Wow, glad to know that there is an app other than that of WhatsApp web to use WhatsApp on PC. Some iPhone customers received text messages alerting them to the free minutes, but even those who didn’t get the notification apparently are eligible as discovered by 9to5Mac readers. This appears to be a retention effort by AT&T to reward customers and perhaps avert them from jumping ship to the Verizon iPhone. I got the minutes for my iPhone, coworkers got them on their Androids and iPhones, it looks like ALL CUSTOMERS ARE ELIGIBLE! Do so by tapping into the appropriate places, your Apple ID is the same account you use to login to iTunes and the App Store.
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When she connects to WiFi (which she needs to have on in her home due to poor signal with 3g) her iPhone sends her messages through her email address.
Everything is set up per the article and I know for a fact I am sending to other iOS5 users, but it sends green SMS no matter what I do and doesn’t give any options at all. That’s been the primary point of failure in my experience, some people have it disabled or not configured. If 8 want to receive messages to both devices so I can continue a conversation I’d have to set caller ID for both to the email address, correct?

Ascertain is there are some rare areas where the phone part may work but data (not wifi) may not be available.
If I have iMessage enabled and I want to send a normal message to another iOS 5 user, how do I do it? I setup iMessage and when I go to try to send a message, it won’t let me push the send button! Apperantly, the old resturaunt was NOT Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, but another place called Fazbear Family Diner(??). Facial recognition just plain wasn't good enough for what they're using it for here until 1997. Why wouldn't those be used instead of teh older ones (which the guys explains are now used for parts, hell he even explains how all the 1.0 are now for spare parts).
For Mac users, you can now chat through WhatsApp directly from OS X by using a free app called WhatsMac. It’s open source, so the extra curious can even poke around and see how the whole thing works, interacting with WhatsApp on the web. Perhaps WhatsApp will allow third party client connections down the road, much like its cousin Facebook Chat, which works great in the Mac Messages app. If you find any neat apps or utilities that you think other Mac and iOS users would enjoy, let us know! IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE. Of course the other benefit is that even if you do have an SMS plan, sending iMessages can circumvent the SMS protocol, allowing you to send texts for free to other iPhones. In this case SMS normally works but if my caller ID is the email address, will that prevent the sending of iMessages? He also states the animatronics are allowed to roam freely during the day, however in FNAF, they aren't.
It would require full frontal scans with zero difference between the mugshot and the person being scanned.
You’ll need to scan the QR code from a compatible WhatsApp mobile app to get it working (if there is a way around that, let us know, since that is a limitation for iPhone users). He also says that he's probably going to take the nightshift in this game, in FNAF he says he used to take it.
Not to mention they have little reason to use it unless they've had trouble with predators before. This can be any random caller that is annoying you or any marketing company that keeps bothering you to buy their products. An update for the iOS app an web app will bring that critical QR code ability remains to be seen. I would like to thank the author of this app, its made life a little bit convenient and I appreciate the time you put in to make this work. When it doesn’t let me send it, I touch the persons contact name on the message and it turns red and tells me the number is not registered with iMessage!!

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