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14 August 1947 is the independence day of our Muslims, all over the Muslims celebrate this day in the world. Many Many Congratulation of 69th Anniversary of Pakistan Independence Day is 14 August 1947 to All Muslims lived in the whole world. Recent Posts14th August 1947 HD Wallpapers14 August Essay Taqreer in English Urdu14 August Mili Naghmay Mp3 Free DownloadPrize Bond List Rs. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Come and join Freedom and Joy Ministries from June 9th-16th for a powerful week in Las Vegas. If you are sincere in your quest, I will take you through the backdoor and reveal to you the secret to becoming a Buddha. If you are a person with this rare form of DNA, lean in, for what I’m about to reveal to you is a secret that will transform the whole of your life. This is quite possibly what you’ve been looking for your entire life, but the cosmetic messages of the world have led you astray.
But imagine that you tied one end of the leash to your dog, and the other end of the leash around your neck.

So if it is the mind that prevents you from becoming a living, breathing Buddha, what should you do about it?
The backdoor secret to becoming a Buddha is to achieve the state of Atmamun (the mind of the spirit).
And the truth is that transcendence comes first, and then the mind curls up next to you like a lap dog. This day is freedom day of all Pakistani and separate country is build up the name is Pakistan. For the key to solving anything is to keep refining the question until it is so incisive that the solution blossoms right in front of your eyes. It came into existence the moment you bought into the idea that you were an independent, flesh and blood, egoic entity.
And when you see a dog run and bark, you think nothing of it because you understand that this is the natural behavior of a dog. But the mind is such a subtle and clever entity that it is incredibly difficult to entertain the idea that it is separate from you. You see everything in High Definition, because the mind no longer stands as a veil between you and that which you choose to look at.

Gupta is a personal advisor to CEO’s, Professional Athletes, Celebrities, and Performing Artists around the world. And after it was complete, you sat back and marveled at your wonderful performance or creation. Because the source of your words and actions are no longer the mind, but pure consciousness.
But no one ever told you that in order to make the mind a tool, it must first be transcended. But because you don’t realize this in your heart, you live as a condensed form of matter known as a flesh and blood human being.

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