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Mel Robbins gives advice to men and women across America on her daily syndicated radio show The Mel Robbins Show.
A Dartmouth-educated lawyer-turned-life coach, she’s also a columnist at Success Magazine, blogger, relationship expert and working mom. While the show is broadcast locally in Ventura County, CA, the guests have national—and international—appeal. But I recently received an email that stopped me in my tracks and slammed me to the ground. It was a harsh reminder that my words were not taken lightly, and my actions (or lack thereof) were noted.

You have big plans, dreams and goals, but when it comes down to success, it’s about the actions you take, not the ideas in your head. If there’s something that you’ve been thinking about, or put on the back burner, or a ball you’ve dropped so many times you’ve got whiplash just thinking about it, don’t worry. I have listeners from all 50 states and the District of Columbia in the United States and over 125 countries.
Most of the messages are from advice-seekers, groups requesting me to speak at events and individuals in need of coaching. In my experience, these emails are generally pretty great, and I appreciate the time people take to send them.

I completely forgot that the book I had just published promised something very different: Internet contributions, daily blogging and a host of updates from my wild success.
I slowed down, kicked back and put everything on hiatus for a couple months, including the launch of my new daily newsletter, “Robbins Rundown,” which had been much hyped on my website. Yet my dreams hamstrung me because I didn’t think critically about how I could actually execute.

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