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These are stimulus-response programs, that is "habits." There is no thinking in these subconscious behaviors, it's more like push the button, play the program. Sound healing of Crystal and Tibetan bowls helps you to slow down the thinking process and balances hemisphere of the brain, it opens and clears the subconscious mind.
With the discovery of brainwaves came the discovery that electrical activity in the brain will change depending on what the person is doing. Alpha activity has also been connected to the ability to recall memories, reduction in discomfort and pain, stress and anxiety, headaches. Theta is also a very receptive mental state that has proven useful for hypnotherapy, as well as self-hypnosis using recorded affirmations and suggestions.
The Spiritual Development Group was created to meet your growing spiritual needs as well as providing wisdom and insights on how to have the most amazing life you've ever had. We discuss many topics from a universal perspective and give you steps on how to implement them into your physical lives! We have many spiritual teachers, masters and practitioners within our Spiritual Development Group waiting to assist you. We created the Spritual Development Group to have many gifted teachers  and masters come together and form a loving group to share their gifts with other like minded people. Besides our many energy meditations we provide, our lectures, seminars and workshops are very informative, exciting, and can be life changing. The subconscious mind is the store room with an unlimited capacity; all your memories, past experiences, deepest beliefs, everything that has ever happened to you is permanently stored. If the subconscious mind is so powerful, how does one reprogram it to make positive changes in one’s life; to reprogram our conditioned thinking which might be pulling you down from living the life you always wanted to. To change our lives, we need to do more than change our thoughts, we have to go deeper than that and change our programming. But the good thing is that the subconscious learns through repetition, that’s how it picked up the negative patterns or bad habits in the first place. Take time every day sowing the seeds of your new programming. Repeating mantras or positive affirmations have the power to raise your vibrations and make a lasting impression in your subconscious mind.
Its not just repeating the same thing again and again, you have to break the barrier that prevents certain thoughts from entering the subconscious mind. Meditation takes you to deeper realms of consciousness, that allows you to access your subconscious mind. It sounds difficult at first, but with regular practice, you will become an observer of your thoughts, instead of getting distracted by it. Let your creative juices flow, take up artistic expression like painting, drawing, cooking, decorating, sculpting, pottery and so on.
There are other ways to unlock the power of the subconscious mind – clinical hypnotherapy, energy psychology and even brainwave entrainment – is effective. Does that mean that you say I’m sorry, please forgive, Thank you, I love you 3 times? Advertisements Summit Outpatient offers customized treatment programs designed to bring counseling and healing to those struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Text available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, unless otherwise noted. With a little modification of regular creative visualization and meditation process you can change your old limiting beliefs and boost up your success rate in all the areas of your life. Practicing these techniques will enable to become good at performing energy clearing on your own without the need of any light worker or energy healer. Even if you don’t believe in energy healing, use these methods by looking at it as the tool to do the required inner work of changing your attitude towards the life which will allow you to take the right decisions.
If you are familiar with the law of attraction, then you might already know that creative visualization is a very powerful tool for attracting the life you wish to have. There are some inner changes that occur when you use visualization consistently and it is the altering of the beliefs present in your subconscious mind.
With a little awareness of your emotional state while visualizing you can get a glimpse of some major subconscious beliefs that are causing certain repeating patterns in your life due the kind of energetic discord that happens when you imagine something which isn’t in harmony with your inner beliefs. It is good to set goals that are higher than what you think you can achieve, but when it becomes hard to visualize those goals, it is an indication that you have challenged your limiting beliefs.
In such cases you should consider altering your goals in a way that it doesn’t seem like something impossible when you sit to visualize. For example – If you are imagining becoming a millionaire when you are just making the ends meet with your current income, your visualization session won’t be that easy and free flowing and neither it would be fruitful.
As you progress from one level to another your subconscious beliefs will keep on getting altered, this will gradually make it easy for you to reach to the place that once seemed impossible. Once you have set a goal that it is higher than what you think you can achieve, but not impossible according to your current situation. Slowly imagine your life based on all the things you have listed before, don’t force yourself to bring the specific images just allow it to be a free flowing visualization, make sure to imagine as if those things are happening in the present moment.
Doing this regularly will change your energy and clear all the subconscious blocks that stands between you and your dreams. Present moment awareness helps you to open yourself to receive intuitive solutions for all your problems and one of the most effective methods to keep yourself rooted in the present moment is meditation.
Meditation allows you to connect with your inner self; going into a deep relaxed mind state enables you to know your inner world better and thus helps you to make the required changes so that your outer world becomes more beautiful. If you are new to meditation, then I would advise you to practice any simple meditation method for some days until you are able to deliberately bring your mind to a relaxation level where it is in a little sleep like state, but still pretty much conscious.
But sometimes you will be reminded of a memory, which would be an incident that has caused an energy block due to the emotions you have attached to that memory. To get a better picture of what I am trying to say here you can read my post unlimited abundance review where I have illustrated how one of my childhood incidences caused a limiting belief in my inner mind. So, in most cases that memory would be from childhood, it could probably be one that you didn’t know has affected you so deeply. Repeat the words in your mind “I now release all the thoughts, beliefs and emotions I have attached to this incident, I forgive myself and others who are responsible for this. If you can feel the energy block near any of your body part, then imagine a divine light coming from above and removing that block. That’s it; you may sense some heaviness in your chest or head after the energy clearing sessions and it is perfectly alright. Using these three simple yet very powerful tools you can see some great positive changes happening in your life, but to make it work you must have a strong faith in what you are doing and be persistent with that. My permanent tool for energy clearing has been Christie’s unlimited abundance program, which I would strongly recommend to you as well because it is very simple and far more effective than all the three methods I have talked about in these two posts. If this post was helpful to you then please spread the word by sharing it on your online social networks.
In this masterclass Christie will be teaching how our life is affected by the abundance blocks in our energy.
By Guest Author Leave a Comment There are two parts to our brains- the conscious mind, which handles all things we are aware of and the subconscious mind, which controls everything else.
Whether we are aware of it or not, the subconscious mind, not including involuntary physical behaviors such as breathing and our heart beat, works off of signals sent to it from the conscious mind.
Ultimately your subconscious mind knows what’s in your best interest, and will nudge you in that direction. Now that we’ve determined that sleep is the best time for your subconscious mind to handle its work, we need to be sure that the scary movie thoughts are replaced with positive, problem solving and productive thoughts. Following is a list of ten methods you can apply to your life that will help you access your subconscious mind.
Although the ideal situation would be to apply these tactics right before bed, it’s not practical to expect to do so.
Like anything else, these concepts will become easier with practice, but even when implemented poorly or improperly, you should still begin to see substantial results. The easiest way to be sure you’re thinking about things that are important is to leave physical reminders. What I suggest instead, and have found personal success with, is to firmly and clearly write your goal or desire on an note card or piece of paper and put it in a strategic location. Second, when you place the reminder in a strategic location, one where you will see it frequently, you give the thought an opportunity to take a direct route to your subconscious. I’m not a person who puts myself into deep trances on a regular basis, but as someone who daydreams occasionally, I can attest to the benefits of allowing your mind to drift into a relaxed, thoughtless state.

The next time you catch yourself daydreaming, take a moment and think about how focused and in tune with your thoughts you were. Be sure to have a focused topic as you are drifting into meditation or your thoughts may be misdirected. To visualize, all you do is create mental pictures (some people prefer videos), of yourself successfully accomplishing something.
It’s important to remember to create the picture in as much detail as possible, making note of such things as sounds and smells. Visualize through the entire event or performance, imagining the desired outcome and all the excitement that comes with it. If you were to state your goal or desire aloud on a daily basis, your subconscious mind would have no choice but to listen. The entire process is orchestrated by your conscious mind, which relays the plan to the subconscious. A deadline tells your subconscious mind that there is an urgent matter at hand, and it must be taken care of immediately.
The amazing thing about the subconscious mind is it does whatever it takes to accomplish the things that you ask it to. When your focus shifts, the ability of your subconscious mind to take on and solve the problems you’ve laid out for it becomes significantly lower.
Once you understand how to filter your thoughts so that only the absolutely important ones make it to your subconscious, you’re on your way to realizing its potential. The only way to truly understand progress is to see where you were then, and compare it to where you are now. Next, identify a few of the stages or milestones that you plan to reach on the way towards achieving that goal. A better way to accomplish your goal is to set a goal that challenges you, yet is realistic. Be persistent, persevere through tough times, decide confidently in what you want and allow no temporary setback to put you off course.
If you relay this message to your subconscious mind by making a conscious decision that this is what you want, your subconscious mind will respond. Make conscious decisions that are in the best interest of your overall goals, and your subconscious mind will receive the message, and go to work. The more you utilize the great power that your subconscious mind provides, the better you will be at calling on it. RJ Licata is an internet entrepreneur who spends a great deal of time working on his own personal development.
Simply sit back and put on your headphones, close your eyes and get ready to change your entire life in the most unimaginable way. Previous Post10 Mind-Bending Implications Of The Many Worlds TheoryNext PostTHRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? FacebookJOIN POWERSStay up-to-date with everything that's going on here by subscribing to our newsletter. Did you know that the simple act of freeing your mind from distractions can greatly enhance your health, creative energy and productivity? Just as a clean environment, free from clutter, removes disorder and promotes harmony, a clear mind provides the same benefits, by replacing the chaos of anxious thoughts with lucidity, peace and greater focus. Clearing the mind instantly soothes emotions, releases negativity and heals the effects of stress. Imagine yourself being in full control of your destiny, by simply knowing how to clear your mind and redirect your thought processes at any given moment. Understand the degree to which meditation dramatically upgrades your body’s stress response, effectively making you immune to anxiety, depression, addiction, and more.
Learn more about the highly powerful brainwave system through user’s most frequently asked questions (FAQ).
Happy EquiSync users send us their testimonials every day, we have posted a small sample here. Reach Deep Meditation Quickly & Easily Learn about meditation's incredible array of benefits, and how EquiSync® allows easy access via powerful brainwave technology. Balance Left & Right Brain Hemispheres Meditation effectively balances your brain hemispheres. Beat Anxiety, Depression, & Addiction Permanently upgrade your body's stress response, become immune to anxiety, depression & addiction.
Naturally Boost Good Brain Chemicals With incredible health benefits, meditation boosts chemicals like Melatonin, Serotonin, DHEA, GABA, & more. Strengthen These 10 Key Brain Regions Harness the power of meditation to make your brain smarter, happier, & healthier.
EquiSync: Frequently Asked Questions Learn more about the highly powerful brainwave system through users' most frequently asked questions. Verified EquiSync® User Testimonials Just a few of the many testimonials that our happy customers send to us every day. Order The Full EquiSync® System Now Access highly pleasurable, super beneficial states of meditation quickly, safely, & easily using incredible brainwave technology. The Benefits Of Bridging All Mind Layers Meditation unleashes the incredible potential of our untapped mind layers. Our meetups include class instruction, discussions, hands on healing, energy meditations, ascension practice, workshops and many guest speakers.
Our ability to anchor in higher dimensional energies for meditations is incredible and truly a wonderful experience. Our teachers include a multitude of gifted psychics, mediums, channels, sound healers, spiritual teachers, professional lecturers, energy healers, Reiki trainers, life coaches, financial coaches, relationships coaches, special guests, etc. In simple terms, the subconscious is a part of you that is outside of yourconscious awareness, that creates automatic programs to make functioning easier in life, without having to pay attention on everything you are doing. Your subconscious mind makes everything you say and do fit a pattern consistent with your self-concept, your “master program.” That’s why it’s important that you filter what is embedded in it. To program your subconscious mind, with the present “conscious” understanding that you’ve gained takes time, because it invloves bringing down the old neural pathways and creating new connections in your brain. If you feed good thoughts to your brain continuously, it will enter your subconscious mind. Nurturing your creativity can help you be more authentic and in closer touch with your subconscious self. Once you start living in harmony with your inner self and your subconscious state your life will be transformed!
The more you clear the lower self of its programming, the more your higher self (Aumakua) can guide your way.
If cleaning is the number one most important thing to do and the core of the entire Zero Limits process, how do you do it accurately? Notice something wrong – This can be triggered by a thought, another person, an event, or anything else. It’s a fast-track way for me to remove the data in my being so that I can get closer to the Divine.
He is a globally respected bestselling author, speaker, musician, healer and star of such blockbuster films as The Secret. The Mindful Word invites you to reprint, copy, distribute, and alter CC-licensed text as long as you provide a clickable link back to The Mindful Word and share-alike.
All you have to do is to forgive and let go whatever emotions you have attached with the past until you start feeling better about the particular subject. She will perform a live energy clearing session to clear the #1 common barrier in most people’s life and will show you how you can live a better life by using the energy clearing tools that she offers. In other words, whatever we spend our conscious time thinking about most becomes a point of interest for our subconscious mind. Without the negative influence of the conscious mind, which tends to make decisions based on emotion rather than logical thought, your subconscious is free to do what it does best. This way, when your subconscious mind gets working it is addressing the issues of most importance to you, and not caught up with trivial matters that are out of your control anyway.
I also think there are advantages to applying them throughout the day so that you’re sure the things you want are reaching your subconscious mind.
Take a minute to specifically identify the goals you want to achieve or the problem you’d like to solve.

You would actually see yourself performing the task, either in third or first person, whichever you prefer. Allow yourself to feel the joy that you will feel when you actually do successfully complete the task. In order to speak, your brain must formulate thoughts, and in order to formulate thoughts, your brain must first compile and organize those thoughts.
Suddenly, you’ve opened up the channel of communication between the two minds, simply by stating your thoughts.
Could you imagine if every time you wanted to do something you had to completely start from scratch? Having a plan that is already proven successful will allow your subconscious mind to work on the nuts and bolts of following the plan rather than designing its own plan. If you were to combine a deadline with the accountability factor, you’d give yourself no choice but to accomplish your goal.
Your mind will feel the importance of the matter, and will make all the necessary adjustments to be sure that the proper attention is given to solving this problem, which it understands to be the most pressing. Attaching a deadline to a particular goal simply increases the rate at which the subconscious mind works, without you even realizing it. Although your subconscious mind wants to continue working on the original plan, your attention is diverted from the ultimate goal to something more timely, but usually not nearly as important. To counteract this, you’ve got to make a conscious effort to maintain your focus on the issues that you want your subconscious to concentrate on. To see a visual map of the road you traveled is an important step towards reaching your ultimate goal.
However, when you do that, and then realize that such a goal is beyond your scope of ability, you’ve set yourself up for failure. If ending world hunger is your ultimate goal, how about setting your first goal at ending hunger in your community. Your subconscious mind, once it has the assurance that you want it to work on a goal, will do whatever it takes to succeed.
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Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to The Power Within Us with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. A clear mind is the easiest path to greater accomplishments in life – both personal and professional. It breaks down subconscious mental barriers that can sabotage goals and dreams, allowing you to replace them with new, empowered thought processes. Once you have cleared the pallet; you determine where your thoughts and energy are redirected. By harnessing the power of super advanced, precisely designed brainwave synchronization audio technology, EquiSync® gives you access to the same deep, highly pleasurable, extremely beneficial meditative states as someone with decades of meditative experience – quickly, safely, and easily. See to what degree EquiSync beneficially influences your brainwave patterns, plus the basic differences between the 3 programs. Learn about meditation's incredible array of benefits, and how EquiSync® allows easy access via powerful brainwave technology.
Come remember what you need to ascend your spirit, raise your consciousness and live a life of pure joy, fulfillment and love. Many of us, through psychic gifts, mediumship, or channeling, work with high light beings such as Angels, Ascended Masters, ArchAngels, and other high beings of the Light. This is when you begin to reap the benefits of accessing your subconscious mind through meditation.
Make a list of the things you would be doing and all the lifestyle changes that will occur when you have accomplished these goals.
And since our subconscious mind is always at work, it puts forth a great deal of effort addressing those topics.
Even if you can’t recall being woken from the nightmares, there is a good chance that you had them. Once you’ve got them clearly in your mind, close your eyes, control your breathing and relax your body.
By creating visual sequences you put yourself in a situation that you anticipate yourself being in, before it actually happens.
Such a simple thing as telling others about your plans requires that you make important decisions before you can do so. The more people you tell of your plan, the more people you will let down if you fail to achieve it. If you can’t get in touch with them, then read everything you can about them, or study their career. By this I mean you’ve got to be aware of the distractions that are presented to your conscious mind, and do your best to flush them out. Once you’ve accomplished that goal, then you can broaden your scope and work on something bigger.
It’s your responsibility to train your subconscious and conscious minds to see the difference between setbacks and failures. Follow along as you clear any mental-emotional pattern holding you back, even if you've been stuck for years. Many of us have the unique ability to bring in higher dimensional energies for energy meditations to help cleanse and heal your body, mind, and soul. The first six years of your life is when the subconscious mind is programmed and it is much more powerful than your conscious mind.without engaging in a conversation with anybody in the car.
In the process if you experience negative thoughts, sadness, anxiety, frustration etc., don’t try to resist those thoughts but acknowledge them and accept them in your conscious mind, and it will eventually fade away. In meditation, your brain patterns slow down and move first to alpha and then to theta and, in deep meditation, delta patterns.
Put the bottle in the sunlight or under a light bulb (not fluorescent light) for 15 to 60 minutes. Vitale is an authentic practitioner of modern Ho’oponopono, a certified Reiki healer, certified Chi Kung practitioner, certified clinical hypnotherapist, certified NLP practitioner, ordained minister, and holds a doctorate in metaphysical science. I would love to hear your views on this, so please do leave your comments below before leaving this website. The occurrence of the nightmares is a prime example of the awesome power of our subconscious minds. A to-do list can be helpful, though it’s easy to have your primary goals blend in with other, less important daily activities.
For me, the accountability aspect adds an extra element of motivation to my already desired goal. But after few weeks or months of practice, that person would be at ease while driving , since its become a habit and is registered in thesubconscious mind. This means that if I get an impulse to do something to resolve the perceived problem, I might clean on it three times before I actually take any action. While you watched the movie your conscious mind was creating thoughts and images of the parts that you found scary.
Now visualize (see step 3.) yourself achieving the goals, or functioning in a world where your problem has been solved. No one can make you mad or upset; you do that inside yourself from what you perceive outside yourself. If you don’t change those thoughts before going to sleep, then your subconscious mind has nothing to work with other than the movie you just watched.
During sleep is the most effective time for the subconscious mind, because there is no chance of conflicting signals coming from the conscious mind.
You’re angry, upset, worried, scared, or any other of a wide range of emotions and feelings that could be labelled as unhappy.

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