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On Sunday 11th February, Leeds Cathedral was full to standing room only as married couples from all over the diocese joined the congregation at the 11am Mass to renew their wedding vows for National Marriage Week. There were more married couples than I could count standing at Fr Peter Rosser?s request immediately after the homily to renew their lifetime commitment to each other. For one couple, Winifred and Brian Williams, this day actually marked their 46th wedding anniversary which they chose to celebrate?at this very special diocesan event. I guess that had we been able to ask everyone we may have had over a thousand years of married love celebrated that day. How valued in the diocese the witness of this married love is was made clear in an introduction to the Mass written by Bishop Arthur and read out by Fr Rosser, Episcopal Vicar for Christian life.
Fr Rosser?s homily also described beautifully the importance of marriage, including for the rearing of ?psychologically, emotionally and spiritually healthy? children. As well as renewing their wedding vows couples who are celebrating a special anniversary this year were invited to receive a blessing from Fr Rosser who was celebrating this special Mass at the request of Bishop Arthur.
Our special Mass for marriage was arranged by Family Life Ministry and Marriage Care to coincide with Masses in several dioceses throughout the country during National Marriage Week.
While recognising the love that comes from God in all truly loving relationships, Fr Rosser reminded us that we were there to celebrate the particular relationship of marriage. This does not mean that ?getting married? is by itself going to magically make us happy, healthy and wealthy or protect children.
So, marriage is amazing but, when an organisation like Marriage Care has been able to offer 60 years of service to those in difficulty, it is certainly not a piece of cake. As an extra special memento of the day Marriage Care will be able to keep and frame the main decoration.

The Houses of Parliament will play host at 11, am on Monday February 5th for the official launch of the Tenth National Marriage Week 2007 (7-14th February). Speaking at the launch event on Monday Iain Duncan Smith will say ?Every single piece of evidence points unequivocally to the benefits of marriage to society and to the individual. Local events will be occurring throughout the UK as supporting organisations galvanise their networks, partners include; Mothers Union, CWR, Church of England, Marriage Care, CARE, 2-in-2-1, The Marriage Course and Premier Christian Radio. Just six of the couples who talked to Liz Maher (Family Life Minister at Ss Peter and Paul Wakefield) over tea and wedding cake in Cathedral Hall after Mass represented 286 years of marriage.
This special Mass for marriage also celebrated the 60 years that Marriage Care has been supporting couples in difficulties. Cardinal Cormac Murphy O?Connor led the way by celebrating the Mass for marriage on the same day at Westminster Cathedral, so our Mass was part of a nationwide celebration by the Catholic church of Marriage as a uniquely important vocation and the foundation of everything else in church and society.
He quoted Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who said at the launch of National Marriage Week on Monday 5th February that "in general couples who are married are healthier, wealthier and more secure".
Marriage is a vocation because it can be very challenging and is certainly something one should not enter lightly or wantonly (or for the sake of the statistics) or without proper preparation. However, this was a celebration so a massive, iced, rich fruit wedding cake commissioned to celebrate Marriage Care?s 60th anniversary formed part of the Offertory.
Successive governments have ignored and placed disincentives in the way of those who face financial and peer group pressures not to marry. Liz and Chris Penny, Family Life Ministers in Baildon,?celebrated the day they met, 40 years of marriage and both their 60th birthdays. It is also true that given human weaknesses and fallibility couples may need help from time to time to overcome difficulties which can seem insurmountable".

Marriage Care offers an excellent and free confidential counselling service for individuals and couples. The good news about marriage is worth repeating: The trend towards to divorce has actually stabilised and there may even be some sign that it is improving.
Marriage only works when both spouses are completely committed to the marriage which is why the vows we renewed today are so all embracing. It was distributed as people were leaving the Cathedral and offered with tea to those who came to Cathedral Hall after Mass for their usual cuppa. Sadly, it is under more strain than ever as the government continues to cut finding to any organisation that supports marriage. Broadcaster and novelist, Anne Atkins, and Chair of Centre for Social Justice, Rt Hon? Iain Duncan Smith MP.? David Cameron Leader of the Conservative party will be supporting National Marriage Week by speaking at the Fourth relationship Skills Conference on Tuesday February 6th. No other relationship (except perhaps the love of parent for child) promises or demands so much and that is why it is so difficult. The church calls marriage a sacrament: It is the one human relationship that, however imperfectly, most closely mirrors God?s unconditional love.

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