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Zibaba is a Tel Aviv- based social commerce company ; the only Facebook store-front  solution with a group off feature and a social affiliate network. Payvment is a free beta app that allows merchants to create a customised store front for their facebook page.
A tab on Facebook that allows for ‘social shopping’ including customised category searchesfor shoppers and buttons to tweet and share . If you have a Storenvy account, you can download the facebook app for free, and allows shoppers a social shopping experience.
Morrisons has expanded the trial of its new logo across a number of its Local branches across the region. The “friendlier” lower case typeface, reference to its heritage and “tree” motif was launched in September last year at its Merrion Centre in Leeds.
McCarthy & King Marketing is a Massachusetts-based marketing and creative services firm that produces complete lead generation and lead nurturing programs for the business-to-business sales process. Through targeted direct mail, we’ll deliver a consistent flow of sales leads in the right quantity and the right quality. For each mailing, we’ll provide your prospects with multiple response channels to capture and qualify your leads. You’ve made an investment in generating your leads.  Are you prepared to simply toss them over to sales?
How and when your sales leads should be handed off to sales is up to you, but you never want to completely let go of your leads.
Many people see their direct mail, email and other marketing activities as individual marketing campaigns.
The problem is that campaigns are typically implemented for a short period of time and then they come to an end … until it’s time for another campaign. We believe a better approach is to treat all of your marketing activities as part of a lead system that continually generates, qualifies and converts leads 12 months a year. Before we introduce a new program to your sales process, let’s look at what you already have in place. 65 per cent of all views on Olympic-related YouTube video over the past 12 months came from mobile – a figure that jumps to 75 per cent in the UK, and 87 per cent in Saudi Arabia.
That’s according to figures released by YouTube ahead of the 2016 Rio Games, kicking off this weekend, which also reveal that, at peak, the Olympics actually outperform all other sporting events in terms of search.
The child-friendly gifts that came with McDonald's Happy Meals used to be simple toys, usually part of a promotional campaign for a family friendly movie or television show.
Internet Radio, which includes online-only radio stations and Broadcast Radio station streams, is one of the fastest-growing online media categories, according to eMarketer.1 With the proliferation of new Internet-enabled devices, digital audio usage is gaining tremendous momentum, already connecting more than 89 million consumers per month to online audio content in the US alone. 2.a€?Highly Engageda€? a€“ These consumers consistently listen from their home or work computers, smartphones and tablets. 3.a€?Influencersa€? a€“ These consumers are actively involved in social networks, frequently recommend products and services to friends, and are often asked for advice on what to buy, where to eat and where to travel.
Tuned-in, highly engaged and influential, this audience demonstrates significantly higher brand recall and ad response, creating the powerful a€?Super Demographica€? audience of digital audio consumers. Business events are often fantastic networking opportunities that can dramatically help you build connections and grow your business. Here are my top 4 follow-ups for after business events that can help you grow your business network. It’s always great to learn about your prospect while you have the opportunity to speak with them, but networking conversations tend to be brief. Twitter allows you to stay up to date with your contacts through the information they choose to share, and provides you with a forum to comment or share related information in response to their tweets.
While at the networking event you may have told your prospect that you would send them some additional information, or an e-mail to with your availability for a potential meeting. Following up after your networking event is a critical component to turning an encounter into a lasting connection.
This free guide shows you how to find prospects, handle sales objections, develop meeting plans and get new deals signed for your B2B company. Marc DeAmorim: Marc serves as our Inside Sales Representative, researching prospective clients, contacting targeted accounts, setting up meetings, and closing sales. Many people make the mistake of believing that social media is simply a sales or marketing tool.

Customer service plays a large role in the customer experience, and displaying good customer service can go a long way towards gaining loyal and returning customers.
But what can a company gain from having all their customer service issues viewed publicly by potential leads and loyal customers on their social media channels?
One of the keys to demonstrating excellent customer service skills in a fast paced environment such as social media is speed.
Tesco are a great example of always posting prompt and detailed replies to customer service issues and even general feedback on Tesco services. Too many customer service teams, especially in call centres, are told to stick to a strict script when it comes to solving customer issues.
But everyone is different, and although the issues they have faced may seem common enough to fit into a box or category, their own personal reaction to the situation and how the issue has affected their life and loyalty to your company can vary with every individual case. Don’t just wait for the issues to come to you, because often people will brood in silence or post about your company without you knowing it. So starting the conversation and offering people the opportunity to come forward with their problems is a good way to encourage people who may not usually think to speak directly to the company to let you know what’s wrong. There are plenty more ways you can make the most of social media as a customer service tool; do you have any to share? I graduated in 2011 with a 2:1 degree in BA HONS Journalism and have since set up my own freelance business specialising in digital marketing. If you feel the need for justification, check out this research, which found that some online bumming about can make you more productive.
How come every other organ in your body can get sick and you get sympathy, except the brain? Our philosophy is that our client is the expert, whether they are a large established organisation, a sole trader starting a new venture or a volunteer working two hours a week for a charity.
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Joining Zibaba allows one to benefit from features such as Integrated Social Interactions, Social Affiliate Network and Facebook Targeted Advertising and Analytics. Payvment accepts Paypal and most major credit cards, and allows store owners to manage their orders and selling history on a Facebook admin page. Storefront Social is versatile and easy to customise – you can connect existing stores (Google Base or XML feed) or simply add products manually.
Best for small shops with a small inventory (if you are going for the basic package) it allows up to 100 products.
You can upload a customised shop banner to Facebook and customers can tweet and share their purchases and favourite products.
Its free and offers unlimited product uploads, as well as discounts to fans, and the ability to stay on Facebook throughout the whole buying process. Videos from Olympic sponsors have already accumulated more than 400 years’ worth of views between April and June. They listen to Internet Radio up to three hours a day, also listen to Broadcast Radio up to three hours a day and in addition connect to the internet for more than four hours a day. They change stations multiple times per day, refer to their online media players to check the names of songs and artists, and spend substantial amounts of time selecting, personalizing and interacting with a wide variety of digital audio content.
These ad responses include both online and offline actions, reaching well beyond the click, including: purchasing a product online or at a retail location, searching online for product information, becoming a a€?fana€? on Facebook, or calling the company. But what you should you do after the event to turn these brief encounters into lasting connections?
Take the time to learn more about potential prospects through additional research after the networking event. You may wish to mention the event that you attended and a main highlight of your conversation to remind them of who you are.
As a tip, if you prospect does not include their Twitter handle on their business card, you may be able to find it on their LinkedIn page.
Whatever the case may be, it is important to make good on your word and deliver. Being prompt in following through on your word is both respectful and a great way to build trust to strengthen your relationship. In fact it is one of the most rounded tools any business can use, aiding in areas such as market research, business development, and most importantly, customer service.
Social media has become the preferred method of many when it comes to resolving product or service disputes, as the consumer is offered a level playing field on which to contact a company representative quickly and directly, without the need for lengthy periods on hold while a call is passed from department to department and without needing to wait the typical 24-48 hours handling time for an email enquiry.

If executed correctly, you as a company can display your excellent customer service and dispute resolution skills publicly, something many customers value highly in a company as mentioned before.
Responding to a Tweet, comment, wall post or direct message as quickly as possible is essential.
Therefore your staff should be trained to have the freedom to do what they feel is necessary (within reason of course) to keep this customer happy. I write for a variety of digital marketing blogs as well as working on blogs and social media channels for clients in a range of B2B sectors. The summer lull, the Christmas-to-New Year bridge when everybody seems to be on holiday but you: the time of year when we tackle saved-up jobs and get a little bored in between. There are over 1,700 TED Talks to watch online and counting, and some will turn out in time to be as prescient as the ones mentioned above. We feel it is important that control over actions and plans remains with the client, so that any solutions we help them find are truly inspired by the client's own motivation and resourcefulness. Zibaba has made ground breaking developments in the world of social commerce and has become a leading provider of f-commerce marketing platform solutions, enabling anyone to manage online stores within the Facebook social media environment.
It’s basically an app to showcase existing stock and directs customers towards the URL for the product, so you will need a separate store complete the transaction. Most of Ecwid’s users have chosen them for their simplicity, and it is very easy to set up shop, using a Edwid dashboard, which is then easily integrated with Facebook. Storenvy has been described as Etsy for the non-creative merchant, and because its free, it’s worth creating an account – if only to then download their easy to use and attractive facebook app.
Security is top priority with VendorShop and shipping is made flexible, as well as all credit cards and Paypal being accepted.
Started in the early days before freeserve was a scribble on a napkin, developing and marketing online self help products for the likes of BT, Cable& Wireless.
Understanding your prospect better allows you to assess potential fit and develop a stronger sales message.
For a touch of courtesy, while at the event, be sure to ask if you may connect with the contacts on LinkedIn. If you are new to the world of LinkedIn and need help building your network be sure to read 5 Tips for Marking Great LinkedIn Connections.
To build additional twitter connections be sure to read our past blog post, Use Social Media Etiquette to make Valuable Twitter Connections. If you can’t find an answer to their query within an hour of them posting it, a courtesy reply or comment to say you are on the case and will be back in touch ASAP goes a long way.
As well as offering customising tools, localisation tools and easy product upload, Zibaba is a Facebook ‘preferred developer’ company.
For the shop owner, Payvment boasts that you can set a store up in around 15 minutes, for quick and easy selling. The app allows customers to drag and drop products into a shopping bag and check out without leaving Facebook. This seems like an app that addresses every possible concern regarding shopping on facebook, and has features that compliment this practice. Created by agency Leo Burnett, the video has racked up 20.8m views since it was first posted in late June. After all, connections can be leveraged to get meetings, earn introductions, and ultimately help earn new business. A persuasive feature, aside from it being a free app, is that Payvment allows for unlimited stock. Set up the first online retailer channel for Demon Internet (Now part of C&W) before moving Agency side. As MD of grow* i focus on strategy and head up the client management team as well as keeping my toe in the water. Then their friends of friends will see it, and before you know it Amazon and O2 could have lost 100 potential customers without knowing it!

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