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The excitement was tangible from early morning and enthusiastic supporters cheered on their teams.
On the rugby field it was the team from Worcester who barrelled through to a win, while the ladies from Worcester campus brought their A-game to the netball court and kicked dust into the eyes of their competitors. One of the highlights of the day was the staff netball game, which saw the staff members from Paarl campus and Caledon campus take one another one.
We would like to thank all organisers, staff and students who contributed to make this day a great success and we are looking forward to next year’s competitions! In collaboration with the National Institute for the Deaf (NID) the students played their part in making a difference in the lives of deaf individuals who live with multiple impairments and disabilities. After the relay through Stellenbosch and surrounds, Wickus van der Westhuizen (Faculty Manager) said that it is heart-warming that students still show passion for worthy causes in a time where the youth is often accused of apathy. This annual event is held in high regard by the Boland Community as BC services the entire region and has numerous international students, especially from neighbouring countries. As a Further Education and Training (FET) College, BC prides itself in developing individuals who are considerably more prepared for the workforce than the average high school graduate. One of the day’s highlights included motivational speeches by celebrity guest speaker and radio personality Ivor Price, who urged students to dream bigger and strive towards excellence. The composition and functions of the SRC have been determined as per the FET Act 16 of 2006.

After the enrolment process, new students are introduced to relevant course information in order to assist them to achieve their personal objectives through a smooth transition to College life. Establishment of clubs such as Engineering Society at Ellis Park, Culinary Society for HHS,  Finesse at Parktown as well as Arts Society in Crown Mines.
Awareness days such as Human Rights day in March, Africa Day which was co-planned by Crown Mines Film Academy and Venenzuela with the theme being ‘the role of youth in arts, culture and science and politics’.
GUCOSCA sport and culture activities such as league games, sport and culture festivals held at CJC’s Crown Mines and Sedibeng FET College respectively. CJC sport and culture award to recognize students that participated in sport and culture activities which was held in October and about 250 students attended.
Students competed in the different sport codes including rugby, netball, soccer, darts, chess, table tennis and dominoes.
Both the table tennis and the darts were won by the participants from Strand campus and the darts champion hailed from Stellenbosch. In a nail-biting finale, it was the team from Caledon who stepped out as the winners with a final score of 12-9. This took the form of memorial runs in order to raise funds which also formed part of the 133rd service year of the NID.
Hendre Smit and Anneme C-Lazarus (lecturers) added that these students through their selfless acts should inspire other study fields to make a difference because only then will institutions of learning truly become corporate citizens.

This year, due to the number of qualifying students, it was decided to host two separate sessions. The College offers vocational national certificates, as well as post matric national certificates and diplomas in a broad field of disciplines from business and financial management to engineering, social sciences and hospitality and tourism. These awards honour those students who excelled in their respective study fields and we are proud to announce that Sune Bergh (Management Assistant: N6) was not only the best Management Assistant student at BC, but she was also honoured as the best Management Assistant student at the FET Achiever Awards ceremony. This resulted in SANCA being invited by Alexandra campus and LOVELIFE at Ellis Park, Parktown and Highveld campuses. Not only was the aim to raise funds but also to increase awareness of the institution but more importantly of people living with the impairment.
No less than 500 excited students attended the first session and the hall was packed to the rafters with proud parents, friends and family members. The SRC comprises of students from various campuses and also represent the student body in various Council Committees. The second session saw almost 700 students in attendance – a magnificent sight, especially when viewed from the stage.

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