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Matthew Ball provides an excellent economic review of Netflix original content for the Ivey Business Review. Yet, I see the massive cash investment from Netflix as a great example of long term thinking. So in a make-believe setting, would Netflix original content make it through the Shark Tank assuming it was a startup-up looking for seed money?
Reading Ball’s analysis you can start to feel Netflix’s business drivers of customer retention, third party licensing costs, and the ability to price subscriptions based on value received. The payback of the subscription based viewer model comes from attracting and retaining subscribers.
Ryan Bushey, of the Business Insider, points out that Netflix can borrow in the short term to make more on the investment for the long term.
My first viewing of an original content series prompted this post because it made me think about the business economics as part of my experience. Competition in streaming video services is increasing as more media outlets provide options for content. Unlike cable TV which had the ability to essentially hold subscribers hostage for years based on the availability of content options, Netflix subscribers are free to go at any time. But the Sharks tend to like the risks that will pay them royalties month-over-month and that have a realistic chance of succeeding. The popular of House of Cards and Orange is the New Black head-up a rapidly expanding list of Netflix original content. Even with the advancement of technology, availability of exclusive content, and increased hours of viewing it will be tough to have significant price increases in the future because competition is growing. When you talk theory in business school everyone takes the side of keeping the company relevant for years to come. Their selection, for my likes, was limited and losing the streaming eroded the value I thought I did receive for the price..
Netflix appears to be positioning itself with premium content, but probably can’t afford to have premium prices.
But in a real business, the conversation tends to gravitate towards the next quarterly earnings release, the stock price, the owners tax return, or how to not get sued tomorrow. There’s an oncoming avalanche of “cord cutters” and Netflix is positioning themselves to catch a large percentage of the money shift. I like uninterrupted episodes that allow me to watch past an arbitrary stopping point that keeps me hooked for another week of waiting. The new content will also make others think again about a NF subscription, suggesting their approach may work. They offer services for a fraction of the cost of cable TV and provide an increasing amount of content.
I was satisfied with the plot develop development and level of acting in the series I chose to view.

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