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Last night the speakers at our church supper informed us of their mission work in Nicaragua. So, I return to my troubled thoughts about the disparity of the distribution of wealth both in the U.S. The anniversary of September 11, 2001 reminded me of my deceased skier friend Robert Jenkins. My recollection is that he was a disaster coordinator for the Red Cross out of Broome County. We had many enjoyable days skiing the slopes at Greek Peak with occasional adventures on the steeps of the Olympian.
Yesterday we had the pleasure of celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary with a wonderful dinner and a day of remembering all the good things of our lives together.
I am old enough to remember Pearl Harbor of December 7, 1941 and the shock to our nation and our people of the unexpected attack and the tragic loss of life.
It is comforting to know that there are many of us who were married on September 11 and can still hold to the joy of our day. Recently I read Elizabeth Gilbert's book Eat, Pray and Love as well as attending the movie of the same title. Because I have commented on the reluctance of some faculty to retire probably it is necessary for me to explain the rational for my own early retirement. At lunch and coffee on Wednesday I explored retirement reasons with several of my colleagues.
The gathering witnessed the personalized vows by the bride and groom being solemnized under the chuppah with its own symbolism in the Jewish faith and in many ways representing the tent of God that embraces all of us the greater sense.

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