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This article has a money making guide here.Please add tips to the subpage, rather than the article below. Note: Before claiming any rewards, you must set a RuneScape Authenticator on your account in the account management page. This level contains level 26 giant rats, level 30, 44, and 53 zombies as well as level 28, 35 and 41 Flesh Crawlers, which drop the bottom of sceptre for the Skull sceptre. This level contains level 24 spiders, level 50 giant spiders, level 37 and 59 scorpions, and level 49, 64 and 68 Catablepon. This level contains levels 60, 68, and 85 skeletons, level 76, and 77 ghosts, level 75, 82, and 86 ankou, level 159 shades, and a single level 159 zombie. Full completion of the Stronghold of Security also makes it possible to skip the question to the doors. The dead adventurer's hat and examine is a reference to the video game, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The level 1 rats found throughout the Stronghold drop bones when killed, unlike the identical level 1 rats found elsewhere in Gielinor.
The Giant Mole (Talpidae wysonian) is a boss found in the Falador Mole Lair, just under Falador Park.
When using the serpentine helm or other venomous weapons the mole will have a chance to be infected with regular poison. A map of the Falador Mole Lair, labelling spawn location and burrow locations of the Giant Mole. The Giant Mole deals a decent amount of damage, and once it reaches 50% of its Hitpoints, every attack done to it has a 25% chance of causing it to flee by burrowing in the ground, requiring players to track down the mole. If you have done the hard part of the Falador achievement diary it may be a good idea to bring a poisonous weapon or a serpentine helm as you will get a mole locator, else it is not recommended to use weapons that are poisonous such as dragon dagger (p++) because the mole might burrow away from you when it is low health and die far from you. Another strategy is to use a Verac's set, due to its prayer bonus and its chance to ignore the mole's Defence.
It is still a must to have Protect from Melee, as without it the mole will hit consistent 20's, regardless of your Defence level.
The dungeon includes four different levels filled with aggressive monsters from levels 5 to 86.
The level contains great ranging spots making it popular for new players to gain Combat experience in Ranged or Magic.

The reward at the end is a giant sack named Grain of Plenty, which rewards you with 3,000 coins and the "Slap Head" emote. The giant spiders are very popular to train as they are aggressive towards any level, and do little damage.
The Giant Mole's origin and creation are described as "a slight accident involving a bottle of Malignius-Mortifer's-Super-Ultra-Flora-Growth-Potion". In order to minimise this risk, one can simply wait for the mole to slowly die from poison when she's low health, but this wastes a good amount of time.
You will not hit as high, however you have more chance of hitting, and you do not need to keep your health low. Prayer gear isn't really a problem for you though because getting her in a safespot around a cavepart is quite simple.
The dungeon was created to enhance the security of players by filling out security question in their account management, and answer questions that relate to account security.
On entering the second door in a pair of doors, you will be prompted with a question related to account security. It is very possible to stroll through the Stronghold at level 3 unarmed, but it is recommended to bring cabbage or other minor foods. Flesh Crawlers are popular amongst players due to their consistent herb drops, primarily ranarr weed, and low Combat levels. Catablepon have a rare chance to drop the top of sceptre for the Skull sceptre, but are tough to defeat. If you are fighting with melee, be sure to have a Prayer level of at least 43 in order to be able to use the Protect from Melee prayer, or otherwise its accurate high hits will likely be too much for the average player to handle. It is recommended to use Prayer boosting gear such as proselyte or initiate armour, and a dragon scimitar or above is most desirable. If you cannot get her into a safespot, then go ahead and activate Protect from Melee until she burrows again.
There are also portals leading to the reward room at the beginning of the floor, but can only be used once the reward on that floor is claimed. The minotaurs may drop the right skull half and drop decent noted items, such as 15 rune essence . The reward at the end of this level is a chest called the Box of Health containing 5,000 coins and the "Idea" emote.

The reward at the end from the Cradle of Life contains boots of your preference (Either the Fancy Boots or the Fighting Boots), and the "Stamp" emote.
You can also get a Skull sceptre, which allows for five teleports to Barbarian Village, if you collect all the parts.
A bullseye lantern is highly recommended, as any light source that is not protected will extinguish. If you are not soloing, try to ensure that all players are present when attacking to maximize damage dealt before the Mole burrows again. However, she still isn't that difficult to kill if you simply pray melee and find her throughout the dungeon.
Players also need two-way Authenticator activated on their account now in order to claim the reward.
If you are using an unprotected light source such as a candle, you will need a tinderbox to reignite it. Because the mole is not an aggressive boss, it may be advised to log out after every kill next to the mole spawn to save potion boosts for killing her again.
Each kill takes roughly 4–6 minutes, depending on how much she digs, and your combat levels. However, the most effective way to melee the giant mole is to utilise the passive set effect of Dharok's set.
To do this, wear all four pieces of the set, while having low Hitpoints, and activate the Protect from Melee prayer as you could hit very high before she burrows away. Another method is to flick the Protect from Melee prayer, so you can safely melee the mole without having to use prayer potions or super restores. This is, however, quite dangerous for one inexperienced in prayer flicking, and typically not worth the risk associated.

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