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Control City’s location, temperature, climate, and any other type of control that will increase the amount of simulation control that will make this game more and more realistic.
We want all the types of Public Transportation, why would you leave out Subway and so many other forms of Transportation?
Hopefully this game has every type of taxing option that you would need to have to control the amount of money the city makes from the people as well as businesses. Maxis take some time, develop a website or forum where people can go and add a list of features they want to see in the game.
Make cities be able to be from 50 people to 12 million people… just like in real life. Snow, rain, and other types of weather effects put a certain type of demand onto a city, for example if a city snows 5 months of the year, there is going to be lots of jobs having to do with snow removal, and repairing roads because of the harsh weather.
There are tons and tons of features needed to create a great game that fans are going to love. The presence of empty spaces not editable (useless empty spaces) with automatic road connections. Not being able to save your maps on the hard drive (you will not be able to reload the city to a stage prior to disasters). Player doesn’t have complete control over the zoning by population density (almost automatic zoning). Personally, I’m fine with a simpler SimCity than in the past, so long as it has depth (not complexity) and a fun factor. IntroductionLike many Simcity fans, I was underwhelmed by the new one, which inspired me to dust-off Simcity 4 and play that again. Wow awesome blog.I havent played a SimCity game in years but now i have a huge urge to play. About the crashes on Win7 64bit, I was extremelly annoyed with them and started looking for a solution. Want to become a good mayor and create a thriving region in the fourth edition of the SimCity series? If the road (road), running in an industrial city, will become overloaded, you can improve them to the avenues, thus obtaining additional traffic. Do not forget to build a good and easy to use transportation system that would allow Sims to travel to work and back. Attractions and parks stimulate development, especially in residential and commercial area. Instead of building in the second city industrial zone medium density, you can start with the agricultural sector – it does not need water, and require very little electricity.
Insufficient funding for police stations, fire stations, schools and hospitals may lead to strikes. For example, what if we want a residential area that is full of million dollar homes… or if we want to control a neighborhood that is full of more basic cheaper homes.
The point of making a video game is to create a game people love, not a game people dislike and wish had so many other features and control.
If a city rains a lot, the sewer and water infrastructure will be much different than a city in the middle of the hot dessert. And the amount of cops you need is based around crime and those types of things… not just distance. You need pipes, treatment plants, canals, and tons of other factors to provide water to people and business. Residential zones most definitely need fire stations, police stations and other buildings of their ilk built within the area. Customize your city as much as you’d like when it comes to changing the location of buildings and streets and your master plan for a well-running city will come to fruition. Before you tend to the other important aspects of your city, make sure you set the jobs required to produce these goods beforehand. Make sure you have a nice mix of basic materials and store produced items at all times so you can keep your population happy and build up a healthier neighborhood for them. First people have to download useless shit – being charged $5 or more a month for a minimum of 3 months!!!
I’ve been looking through different websites for cheats on Sim City Build It to make game-time just a little bit easier, because it can get so frustrating at times. I just installed all the mods and shit for this game!One thing I'm having huge trouble a lot with my games is farms.
The first thing I found was setting the process affinity on the task manager to a single core, and it hasn't crashed since.
What do I use it for?Also, is there a good windowed mode or is it windowed mode or just smaller fullscreen?

What do I use it for?Also, is there a good windowed mode or is it windowed mode or just smaller fullscreen?You mean to tell me that you are playing Simcity rather than watching HOTS? This happens because the demand for jobs in your city is great, because you offer them quite a bit. The community is well educated Sims will ensure the welfare of the commercial zones in your city, and create a framework for the development of high-tech industries in its industrial zones.
Over time, you need to begin to add commercial area of ??medium and high density in your city. Anyway, it is worth doing only when you will receive the positive difference between costs and revenues at least 1-2 thousand $. The maximum number of residents that you can get on a regional map – 100-120 thousand Sims. When the whole area filled with farms and fields, and start building on top of these areas the average density and raise taxes to 20% for agriculture. For example: (If a have a neighborhood that has multi-million dollar homes in it the types of individuals are most likely working high paid jobs. And should be a lot harder to get people to your Casino… why make the game so easy and basic? I live in Bakersfield, and the two largest types of jobs is Agriculture and Oil… watch I don’t think Maxis plans on having in the game. Have plenty of people move in by building plenty of new residences and upgrading them as much as possible. These buildings should be built and placed in close proximity to residential zones, which leads to a positive area of effect and helps that zone generate more tax income.
Finishing off these materials leads to your stores having the items needed to produce their goods after all.
So much fun, that I wanted to share it here with fellow TL players who might be looking to play Simcity 4 (SC4) again, or for the first time.
No matter how much farms I put, it never satisfies the RCI for my city and I always end up stuck with just farms and mediocre towns.Any suggestions? Place it close to residential areas; set its budget by 30% more than the minimum necessary to meet the needs (so you will save money).
The city should be placed on the plain, because on uneven ground industry is developing bad. Instead put another power plant in this city, you can extend the power line to the edge of the city and create a connection with a neighboring city. Do not forget about the health care system to be sure that your Sims can live to a good old age. For starters, the average is 40-50 thousand Professionals will be able to achieve a few million in the region.
But if a city is in a high elevation far from major roads and in the snow there isn’t going to be massive buildings and companies like if we are in downtown Seoul Korea. And getting paid a lot by their jobs, and they will need a different amount of power and water, they will also spend a different amount of money for dinner and shopping and entertainment, this entire concept is completely ignored in the development of this game. If I am in the middle of Inglewood I will need more cops than If I am in a very nice city in Minnesota.
In order to create a simulation game, it must simulate real life… and in real life, roads are very complicated.
More people living in your city means you’ll gain more tax money that can be used for beautification projects.
While your waiting for all of these goods to reach the end of their production time allocation, kill some time and work around your residential areas. I am no expert in Simcity, I am not claiming that this is the best, fastest, or most efficient way to play. With it running in XP SP2 compatibility, it's only crashed once in ten hours of play, so I can live with that. Remember that trees at this stage free – they will add value to the land and health indicators. Once you are comfortable with the cooperation of the two cities, the time to create a new city.
By this point, it is likely that the demand for commercial development will be very high – your blocks will quickly begin to develop. Sims will settle in your residential city and switch in search of work between the other two. And when your commercial the city will work more than 45 thousand Sims, there will be skyscrapers.
If you have correctly balanced the demand, we will be able to get up to half a million Sims in a large residential city.

And how in the world can a population support all these roads, and police, and power….
For the items that take much longer to finish producing, set them to work during those periods of you leaving the game.
Do I build them anyways?I got a mod that gives me more jobs for farmlands to help ease the pain. Do I build them anyways?I got a mod that gives me more jobs for farmlands to help ease the pain.I just added a big block of text to the OP, copy-pasted from what I wrote in the Simcity 5 thread. Roads should behave as before, but there are more options that you can tab through for most buttons, as well as new options, like streetcars and trams and such. The power plant provides quite a bit of jobs, growth at this stage will be negligible – this is normal. Once your city reaches a population of more than 1 thousand 100 Sims, can proceed to the construction of residential areas medium density. Your residential city will reach a point in 20 thousand Sims living in it, or even exceeded 100 thousand! It seems if I want to create the roads, businesses, power, and all the other little details that go into a city to make this city a bunch of farmers that live a very basic life and spend time playing backyard games and having bbqs isn’t possible.
There's the constant interruptions, the possibility you may want to go back or leave without saving for some reason and the fact that losing 10 mins is less annoying but still annoying.
It isn't necessary to have a good time, but your ultimate city size will be capped at a lower limit without it.
We'll start in the top right, create a starter city with a balanced mix of residential, commercial, and industrial, and just work our way, down the numbers, to eventually build a mega-city, with residential zones feeding into it, and a industrial zone by the bay. The plan is subject to change, but this is gives you an idea of the scale you need to be thinking on to get the simcity 4 experience. I basically said custom install and just chnaged nothing.You should get a ton of new building-elements for streets, trains etc.
Since our future industrial zone will be to the southwest of here, for continuity's sake we will put our industrial zone in that corner.
I've got low-density residential along streets, with medium- and low-density commercial lining the main avenue and roads. Housing value is decreased by traffic, and no one wants their front door to open to a highway. Commercial likes traffic, so we put commercial zones along the sides of the avenue, and in a buffer zone between the residential and the industrial. This will insure that dirty industry will never come, as shown by the negative demand for I-D. Now that it has, we can start to put down industry.Re-zone some of your farms as medium-density industry.
Create a rail connection to SimNation (the region map), by dragging a railroad line to the edge. Build a freight terminal to start shipping freight.Goods are starting to move, which will give you a nice boost to the economy. Start re-zoning a few areas with medium or high density as you prefer, and upgrading streets to roads as needed.
You should be getting goodies like mayor's house, statues, and houses of worship, which you can use to boost the desirability of certain areas. We put down a small airport, which greatly boosted commercial demand, and put in a university and a golf course, as well as an advanced research facility.The downtown commercial district.
Add some zoned land, wait for the game to respond, then decide what to do next.+ Before you do something major, build up a cash reserve.
For example, putting down your first airport is a big budget-buster, and it may take a few years before it begins to pay for itself in increased commercial activity. You can skip police kiosk, but generally speaking, work your way up the various city-service builds as needed.
Remember that most buildings have sliders so you can reduce the cost.+ Zone low- and medium- density for now. Agriculture consumes a lot of land but doesn't pollute, giving you the option of re-zoning that land for something else later. Build up one area as a suburb, one area as a industrial zone, one area as a city center, and connect it all with highways and train lines.

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