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LAST week we took a look at online money making scams and pointed out the pitfalls involved in enrolling with schemes designed to make the scammers more money leaving you short. The top five sites out there today which will help you increase your income by as much as ?250.00 per week!
It’s pretty hard to understand why we spend 70% of our lives working, yet the majority of people don’t enjoy or even feel remotely inspired or rewarded by what they do. Okay, agreed, seldom will you come across someone who enjoys every aspect of their work, and by nature of its modern-day definition, there will always be aspects of work that are compulsory and unenjoyable; end of month accounting is one of those aspects for me! However, many of us need to endure the boredom to earn enough money to get by, and yet we are still left needing some extra money at the end of the month. If you need extra money but don’t want to take on extra hours, then think about exploiting your skill set and putting your talents to work – talents being things we usually enjoy but rarely get time to nurture.
For example, if you love fashion and design you could sell clothes or collectables on eBay, if you are entrepreneurial you could hold car boot sales or trade stocks and shares.
The point here is to understand that although you will be doing something new to make money, the money will become the secondary focus point of the activity – the reward for your enjoyment. The primary focus is on doing something you enjoy, undertaking a challenge, using your skill-set (often unexploited at work) and partaking in work that doesn’t equate to boredom, stress or frustration. If you have a talent or passion you think could be monetised, then make making money your hobby and stop associating work solely with things you don’t like doing. For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. It has almost 65,000 rooms advertised by homeowners in the last 12 months, worth £385m a year.

This is what determines their success; not how much money they make but the fact that they enjoy their work and happen to be rewarded handsomely doing it. The word ‘work’ has, in the modern day, attracted a negative association that it has to be something we don’t enjoy.
What if making money became a hobby, something you did in your spare time to relax, de-stress and enjoy life. Once you start to change your mental association with the word ‘work’ to a positive one, you will be amazed at the possibilities that open up. Once you start down this route of re-association, doors may well open up that lead you away from that day job you dread so much and into a realm of successful and enjoyable money making.
It's everything from the paycheck to the personal.Currently Featured SeriesCurrently Featured SeriesHow well do you know superhero sounds? The site is easy to use and you can vet tenants in a variety of ways which mean you can find the perfect fit, whether renting a room in family home or a busy student house. This site allows you to rent out a parking space or even garage to people who need to park their car safely.
If this were the case, work would become interesting and fun, and in turn, making money would become easier.
Since then, the Dallas Police Department has been sorting through a deluge of job applications. Nearly 500 people applied in the early days following the shooting after Police Chief David Brown called for people to get off the protest line and put in an application. My only concern is that you will need to be very happy with your customers if renting items which cost a fortune to replace.

If you are planning a trip in the car and have spare seats you can save a fortune of fuel and even make cash. The site estimates there are 38m empty car seats travelling around the UK every day and says users of the service half their weekly petrol bill. All of them started their training before the shootings that rocked Dallas.“We were scared. This little number is about bring local professionals to the door of locals customers, people who can be trusted.
If you want to increase your reputation as a tradesman in your local area this can be a good way to go. We’re going to be scared,” said Chelsea Montanino, whose class started just one week before the attack. Dallas-born Barber is African-American, and said you can’t judge all police by the actions of a few.“It doesn’t define what policing really is,” Barber said.
Still, Deputy Chief Jeff Cotner said these recruits enter the field at an exciting time.“It’s a good time to make positive change,” said Cotner, who oversees the department’s training programs.

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