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Our purchase order template for Excel is an extremely simple and budget-friendly solution for your business.
This PO template was created based on our original sales invoice template, so customers and vendors can benefit from using similar tools.
Values within [brackets] are meant to be replaced with your company (the buyer) or vendor (the seller) information.
Ship Via: The method of shipment such as "UPS Ground", "Federal Express", that the buyer is requesting.
Shipping Terms: This field is usually used for payment terms such as the method of payment or when the payment is due (usually set by the vendor or seller).

The recommended way to send the completed PO to a vendor, other than by printing and mailing it, is to email a PDF version of the document. If you are a vendor and need a purchase order form template for your customers to use, you can just point them to this page.
Customize the spreadsheet for your business by adding your billing and shipping information.
Details that don't fit within the Terms field can be described in more detail in the Special Instructions block. PDF conversion software often allows you to 'Print' to a PDF by selecting the PDF driver as if it was a separate printer.

You are welcome to create a printable PO as a PDF file and put that on your website for your clients to use, but we'd prefer that you simply refer them to this page to download their own spreadsheet. If you already use Excel or OpenOffice, just download our Purchase Order Template, and you can have that PO whipped out in a matter of minutes.
You can also customize your own order forms such as adding a logo or changing the color scheme.

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