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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The academic professors argued that you can’t make money trading because of random walk theory and efficient market hypothesis. Let me tell you first… trading is very difficult (I bet you already know!) It is one of the hardest things you can do in life. Some of these institutions who managed the funds are so large that they ARE the market, thus they have difficulty beating the market. You are free to roam among equities, futures, currencies, options etc when you see opportunities, as long as you have the skills.
To conclude, as a small trader, we don’t compete head-on with the big boys, instead we ought to play differently and target a different time-frame – by focusing on the daily time-frame. I understand the above article is a very general piece of advice and the main “meat” shall be on specific swing trading strategies in the near future – how to look at market structure, how to trade pullbacks, how to assess trends etc…. How to Invest Your First $20,000FREE Ebook disclosing how 14 finance bloggers would have invested their first $20,000 with what they know today.Where Should We Send The Ebook To? Every timeframe, there will be both retails or institutions trading… collectively it makes the market. If you are day trading or scalping, you are trading against the Algos… and it is very difficult to compete against them. There are also people that have perfected the attitude of I can’t risk it and go on with their “secure” jobs.
Well, if you belong in the group of the bold and untamed and are willing to make money with Forex Trading but have no clue where to begin or are afraid that you can’t, best you read on. For starters, it’s good to point out that making money at any one time is a tricky affair and has become a challenging front in today’s fast declining economic scenario.
Well as much as money seems to have been swept under the carpet into some deep, dark dungeon. Let’s find out whether you can join the group of people who have their hands loaded up with cash through Forex Trading. Unfortunately, on a Forex trading platform, people stand to make huge losses through their ignorance, poor judgment or lack of education.
One great way to start is to observe and keenly watch other traders and see how they make money with forex trading. You should also keep researching forums and websites to keep track of what is working in the current economy and what isn’t working.
However, the Forex trading market is understandably jittery and currencies change instantly and this is where you make your money.

Thankfully, the internet has brought Forex Trading to your doorstep through the PC and smart phone applications.
You can now download Forex Trading applications right from the internet and you will be given an opportunity and a chance to participate in trading markets without risking your own money when you opt to start trading through a demo account. The demo account makes it possible for users to keep track of their wins and losses before deciding that they can make money with forex trading. Furthermore, trading times are flexible as the Forex arena operates under a 24hr, 365 days a year platform. This means, you can choose the right time to do your trading that fits into your lifestyle.
As you become an expert in the trading arena, you can start using margins to multiply your returns. The beauty of making money with forex trading is you are not required to put up 100% of your own cash into the trade. You are able to put chunks of your money into trading; this act is commonly referred to as margin.
The margin allows you to create greater returns on your investment since you’ll be able to place larger trades. But don’t forget using margin might increase your profits, but it can also do the opposite and increase your losses. If you are still scared of trying to make money with forex trading and believe it’s not your preferred choice of making money, what else can you do? Well you can decide to brew some coffee and put it into a, to go cup, wake up early and stay up late doing reports and present them to a boss who doesn’t even appreciate your efforts.
Or you could give Copy Trading a go, this is where you are learning while your account growing and you are following real traders making real money. This is a great way to get started, make some money and get up to speed on how to make money with forex trading. Trading foreign exchange carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. So, the best way is to put your money in a diversified or an index fund and let the effect of compounding interest do its work for you in the years to come.
You don’t have a huge capital and you are unlikely to be the smartest guy around (Wall Street attracts some of the brightest minds with PhDs in the world). The world is formed by persons who know how to build a rewarding and successful business fiddling in the markets.
It is relatively stress-free and you don’t have to worry about the market gyration daily.

Being a smaller retail trader, you are also unlikely to face liquidity issues (if you are trading the major asset classes). For many of these fund managers, their investing time-frame is in years, while the HFT firms’ time-frame is in seconds or minutes. Swing trading is less stressful and I don’t have to stare at the screen every minute.
Of course, there are traders who can make money in scalping, but it is getting increasingly difficult. So you should learn how to trade forex yourself not to give it to trust your funds to other traders to trade on your behalf. What makes you think so that YOU are able to do it, sitting at the comfort of your own house without any informational edge or advantage that those big players have?
If that’s the case, then how can small retail traders like us make money in the market? Secondly, large institutions normally invest and make decisions based on fundamentals and their time-frame is usually much longer (years). I believe most of the people reading this have a full-time job and intra-day trading is going to wear you out. Before trading, please carefully consider the risks and inherent costs and seek independent advice as required. There are plenty of places online where you can start trading forex without paying anyone or buying any ebooks for that. Besides that, I don’t really enjoy staring at the screen also… so it depends on personality too!
Here i will be sharing the best place for new forex traders to learn how to trade forex online.
Stay tune to this blog for a tip on how to make $10 daily spending less than 5hours daily and with that you can generate 100dollars or more to start trading. All this you are doing it without spending any money from your pocket.Probably i can change this topic to ‘learn forex trading online free and start trading forex without investing a single dime’ but i will let it pass.

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