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Spreading the word, cleaning up clutter and baking some cookies can all help sell your home quickly.
To draw in more homebuyers, place open house signs in the front lawn and at all major intersections. When a home hits the market, one of the first tasks for the seller is to put on an open house. Either way, you and your agent can take steps to make sure the maximum number of people sees your home, increasing its chances of selling quickly for a better price. In fact, her daughter, Amy Hardy, who works with her, notes that you can use a smartphone app to find open houses near you when you're out and about, as well as view sale prices for comparable homes and competing listings. According to 2014 data from the National Association of Realtors, 92 percent of homebuyers use the Internet in their search, and that makes listing your open house online important.
He advises sellers to share their listings and open house dates through all their social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Many times neighbors attend open houses, even if they're not looking to move, out of curiosity. If your home is listed with an agent, he or she is likely to put on a broker's open house, in which lunch or snacks are served and agents are invited to tour the house, usually without clients. Our $250 winner is Carol Marra, who shared, “ I couldn’t believe how easy it was to create my first ProspectsPLUS! The winner of our $100 gift card goes to Tony Green who said, “If you are looking for a professional and affordable real estate marketing company, ProspectsPLUS!
Thank you all again – and if you were not a winner – please enter the August contest!  We’ll choose another lucky three winners in September!
Jim MortonJim entered the real estate business in 1978 and quickly became the top producing agent for Nevada's largest real estate company. As the founder and President of ProspectsPLUS!, and a suite of professional marketing products, Jim masterfully leads his creative team to produce the innovative products and services necessary to enrich the lives and careers of sales agents and managers each and every business day. Follow our Real Estate Marketing Blog and get expert news, tips, trends, and advice on direct marketing and advertising methods for REALTORS® For over 20 years, we have been a recognized real estate marketing leader, providing tens of thousands of top agents with the kind of efficient, effective and powerful marketing news they need to survive and succeed in the real estate industry. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or  HIV-AIDS is caused due to the Human immune deficiency virus (HIV). According to the statistical data by the department of health (DOH), in the year 2010, country had reported total 4,424 AIDS victims starting from the year 1984.
Although, this factor has not yet been significant with not much cases reported of virus transmission from a HIV positive mother to a child, but this reason should be concentrated too. People with higher risk such as youth working at call centers with lucrative salaries and risky sexual behavior, MSM groups, the sex workers and drug users are being educated about safe sex, and about refraining from sharing needles to prevent the HIV virus from spreading. That is shameful, not the people but the lack of services to help prevent it, keep it from spreading and treating it. I think Government should provide sex education in schools,colleges so that people can aware about these type of diseases. This entry was posted in Investing and tagged 7million, 7million7years, debt, Investing, wealth by Adrian.
If your home is listed with a real estate agent, your agent will tell you how to prepare your home and organize the open house. While technology has changed some aspects of open houses, others a€“ such as the importance of making a good first impression a€“ remain the same.

Friends, neighbors, colleagues and relatives could know someone who is looking, plus you never know who outside your direct network might stumble across your tweet or Facebook post. Some believe that open houses help agents find new clients but are less effective at selling a specific home.
Most agents encourage that, and some even send flyers to neighbors because they may have friends and relatives who are looking for a home. You want to freshen up the landscaping and exterior paint, plus consider purchasing a few new items, including a garage door, mailbox, exterior door and house numbers.
Cannon Christian, president of the Southern California-based Renovation Realty, says his company adds furniture and accessories to vacant homes. If the house has too many pieces of furniture and knickknacks, it's hard for potential buyers to see the home's features. Make sure your open house is listed in the multiple listing service as well as on all the major real estate portals and Craigslist. In addition to putting a sign on your front lawn, put signs at major intersections directing people to the house. You or your agent should provide information for prospective buyers to take with them, including a brochure or flyer with photos of the house, information on comparable home sales and perhaps school or community information. Not all agents agree on the importance of refreshments, but most think they're a good idea. One valuable takeaway from an open house is being able to hear what people think about the price and features. Nevertheless, Philippines is said to be a Low-HIV prevalence country compared to the statistics across the globe.
Since, the disease has hit the country in 1980s, total 54 deaths have been reported in Cebu due to AIDS. However, what is surprising is that the sexual contact leading to the transmission of the virus is not the heterosexual transmission, but rather homosexual and bisexual contacts. Is the abstinence from sex which the government is suggesting only for people infected or is it advice for everyone? Youth these days don’t have enough education to know how you can even get the disease or chances of getting it. That includes information on how to stage your home for sale and how to put on an open house. But many sellers and agents do find them valuable and suggest holding an open house the first weekend the house is listed. Clean the driveway and walkways, and get the cars out of the driveway and from in front of the house. That could mean hiring professional house cleaners, having the windows washed and having the carpets cleaned. If you're living in the house, consider some small touches such as fresh towels in the bathroom, vases of flowers and a few well-chosen accessories.
Sellers should start packing before the house goes on the market, making the home as sparse and streamlined as possible. When a potential buyer sees your family photos and your children's crayon drawings on the refrigerator during your open house, that becomes more difficult. If they can't be removed from the house, they need to be confined to a less trafficked space.

Your agent cannot be in every room with every prospective buyer at once, so be smart about what you leave out.
Mitchell also gets a local lender to provide information on payments with a few loan scenarios. Christian sometimes invites food trucks to his open houses and gives away sports tickets, notebooks or other trinkets.
If you're doing your own open house, you want to be as professional and unobtrusive as possible so visitors will feel free to imagine themselves living in the house and discuss its flaws without fear of offending you.
Shea€™s also written for MSN Money, The Miami Herald, The New York Times and The Boston Globe. I actually think it saved time and money, over the company I used to use because I didn’t have to wait for the designer to create a postcard and pay a designer fee. One of my favorite features is the ability to map out an area to specifically target buyers and sellers in the geographic area desired. The number of AIDS cases reported in a year is increasing in some part of the world, and thus, many volunteer organizations and government are taking significant steps to ensure that people are aware about this deadly disease, the probable causes for it, and the ways to prevent it. However, Cebu city in Philippines stands at the second position out of the three most dreaded cities to have higher HIV-AIDS cases reported. Usually drug users group shares the same needle to inject the drugs and facilitates the spread of virus.
Personally I don’t think preaching abstinence is effective but I understand that other people have different views to me on that subject.
I do understand the mathematical ramifications of using debt to leverage yourself, it’s just something I plan to do without.
He also likes the fact that serving cookies and drinks gets the visitors to stop and interact with the agent or seller.
I love the fact I can order the postcards with my company’s information, have the mailing list provided and mailed within two or three days of ordering. Drugs that save lifes should be freely available and no capital gain should never be placed upon then.
You’ll surely be surprised how huge the place is and how beautiful their infinity pools are. Wild-colored walls should be painted and, depending on your budget, you may want to paint kitchen cabinets, add new hardware or change faucets. Collect names and contact information from everyone who visits and contact them afterward to see what they thought of the house.
A percent of more than 50% of drug users being HIV positive or at higher risk of developing AIDS is epidemic.
Secondly religious institutions should play a larger part in helping prevention, education and family planning rather than teaching traditional views.
For only Php300 plus per night, we got a private room, aircon, wifi connection, and a breakfast like that.
The more you book, the higher your reward points which you can use as payment in your next booking.

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