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Home of the amazon clean up of the jungle, rivers, villages and villagers using metaphisyc technologies. 4) Every Birth is to be registered as a Corporate commodity in each country by UCC law with is a Roman law dating back to 1302 . 6) Words of LAW are twisted in this most intelligent of crimes to deceive you and below we help you become more familiar with the deception. Your Strawman makes sure your government Govern ( Control ) Ment (Mind)  has made money out of Your Berth ( birth). Please help us set up a cottage workshop to teach and build these projects of Plasma free energy for the Quechuan People of Peru. Since I save everything I research, I was able to show him a ton of reliable information on the subject.
As a final note, I hate to be the type of blogger that presents a case by just presenting one side of a case. I came up with nothing, although I would have preferred one or two articles to present both sides, to allow a reader to have two competing cases to choose from. Also, a few drops of Pink Himalayan salt dissolved in water for you workouts,  long distance running, hiking, or just in your watter bottle on hot summer days work miracles for keeping the body hydrated and replenishing the body after a workout.
I know it sounds weird but the first thing I do in the morning, before I put anything in my mouth,  I have a large glass of quality filtered water and with an eyedropper, drop in a few drops of Himalayan Salt sole, from Pink Himalayan Salt crystals pre-dissolved in spring water, stored in an airtight glass flask. In Northern Pakistan, the mountain range is called the Karakoram range, with the second highest peak in the world, named K2, and actually more peaks higher than 8000m than the Himalayas proper. With all the above being said, I think it is easily verifiable to establish this is a natural and historically used product, sitting in mother earth for hundreds of millions of years, and now being extensively extracted from underground.
Himalayan salt has replaced iodized salt in all of my recipes!  There are so many health benefits and uses! So are you saying that the Himalayan salt is even better than Celtic sea salt, which is what most of the traditional foods bloggers recommend? I only heard about it recently but I got the impression that it was a legitimate salt because it is not processed via chemicals.
I only drink a glass in the morning with a little wild raw honey and a little Ceylon cinnamon. Toxins in our environment compete with Iodine in our body – including fluoride, chloride and bromide.
In particular respect to Natural Iodine, a Healthy Human Being living the normal life span of about 100 years would use about 2 grams of Iodine, women have a larger Thyroid Gland use the double amount, about 4 grams. Iodine is also very important for pregnant women, brain deficiency in the baby can arise in cases of lack of Iodine, Silicium, Magnesium and others.
Thailand is one of the countries where Iodine deficiency has been found in every province of the country, also 50% of pregnant women are deficient, IQ levels have been falling drastically in the last 30 years although Iodate Potassium has been added to the harvested and refined  salts.
For millions of years people consumed Natural Salts, in the last 70  years the Industry took over, Magnesium was washed out so Salt would dry, if Magnesium is in the salt it will always remain humid. Hand Harvested, Unwashed Natural Sea Salt is at advantage over Himalaian because Oxygen, Nitrogen, Light, Movement are integral part of the quality of the elements. One of the best Salts harvested nowadays is from Portugal, Algarve, at a coastal Nature Reserve 2000 years old Saline, its terraces are covered with clay and the waters are allowed in when the southern Atlantic currents flow in that direction, it is the only salt to receive a full clean sheet for Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Fungicides or other toxic elements. I've been trying and researching different types of a salts for a while and my personal conclusion is that the Himalayan Pink Salt is the best when it comes to the quanty of trace elements it contains but then the Celtic Sea Salt has a lower quantity but in higher amounts. Further research mentions that it is more likely to be iron oxide which the body cannot assimulate. I was looking into that a while back, I might have to dive into it this weekend, as I amalways curious about these things. When you talk about the eye dropper method, do you make a sole mixture and add a eye dropper full of the sole into a lrg glass of water? To be honest, I’m not at the level where I could answer that question in that I have no health issues.
I very much enjoyed your piece on why you prefer pink Himalayan salt to sea salt… some honest commentary I think! In this case, the research I undertook was with regard to adrenal fatigue and it led me to this discovery. Interesting comment, I’m sure if will give people some motivation to consider the switch over. I mentioned somewhere in the article that colors or pink salt can swing wildly from near white to near flaming red. Several years ago I discovered the process of dowsing with a pendulum for answers that apply directly to my body with a degree of accuracy that is astounding. Very interesting comment, I’m totally with you on what you are saying as pertains to everybody has to dig in and see what works for them. Before reading this article I have been consuming sea salt, but pink salt seems like a healthy option and have also never heard anything negative about it.
Also, thanks for the link to the Pink Himalayan Salt, I've never known what brand to buy.
As our Creatora€™s keepers of Light on the Earth you are being called into active Light Duty. Your planet is surrounded with the greatest force of Light from all of creation; all eyes are upon you. Fanir, Lord of Glittering Gold, joins the battleground of the gods with the role of guardian. If used correctly, skilled players could really turn the game’s economy to their own advantage.
In preparation of Dreamhack, HiRez announced that starting Friday June 10th until Monday June 12th, players will earn double favor, experience, and worshippers in the battleground. He said that he uses sea salt, and then asked me why is that I think Pink Himalayan Salt is better. I did go out and look before writing this post to see if anyone was claiming that sea salt was superior to Himalayan Salt. If someone has an link that speak to Sea Salt over Himalayan Salt, I'll be happy to add it to this post. I put it in category of legitimate products that were over-marketed but because they were actually good products that were attempted to be brought into the lucrative American consumer market.
When you see YouTube video of work at the mine, you will still see men using hand drills and saws as well as wheelbarrows to haul the salt rocks.

Karakoram is separated from what we know as the the Himalayas by an intricate network of rivers.
The only other question is find out, when the salt is extracted, is it being processed in any way? I find that even the Celtic salt doesn't make me retain water but if we go out to eat at a restaurant , with all their iodized salt, I will wake up with puffy eyes and feel swollen.
I’m a big fan of real honey, Actually I think I am gonna start adding this to my workout drink. Just add the Himalayan salt rocks to a sealed preferably glass container and the sold will gradually dissolve. With the crystals I put a bunch at the bottom of the glass container and fill with spring water and seal. I never got the impression that Himalayan Salt will make you bloated like other salts, but that is just my opinion from years of use.
The Ambassador is always a well known figure who acts as a salesman, the last one was James Bond himself, Mr.Roger Moore. Magnesium and most other elements are sold to the Industry, people are robbed of the most important elements and consume pure sodium chloride. Rock Salts and Mountain salts have been isolated from their natural environement for too long and washed by sweet waters from rain and other underground currents. I do remember whan I looked into it, it didn’t seem to be a big deal, I email you on what I find, however, this has been a salt used for two centuries, and I always remember people would not use it over the years if it was totally bad for you. If so, what is the recipe for the sole you make to incert into your lrg glass of water with a eye dropper?
Otherwise known as Applied Kinesiology, it is a simple technique to learn and like every new skill, the more you use it, the more confident and accurate you become.
We are currently benefited by cutting-edge pioneers who are working with the energetic qualities of water, finding low-tech ways to transform it from being dead due to all the negativity it has acquired from being recycled through pipes, stored human negativity, etc. Doug’s blog is a powerful inspiration to many and I am delighted to be able to participate. So hopefully it has the same positive effects on me, if I see my body react better to it then I'll definitely be promoting it to friends and family.
Like I said in the article, there are many quality brands of sea salt out there (like Celtic Sea Salt), even at The Salt Works website where I buy my Himalayan salt.
They have been holding the unconditional love that the Christ brought over 2,000 years ago. Of course, the extra protections are good, but at the same time you will probably prefer to spend the money right away so it’s unlikely that it will make a huge difference. Among these, Ratatoskr is probably the one who got the biggest hit, with both Dart and Flurry receiving a nerf. My personal philosophy on presenting a case on something is to just present those facts that the person can at least go out and confirm for themselves. It naturally does what Gatorade and the other sports drinks claim to do, without the fructose or other artificial ingredients. Oh, and I buy my salt online at The Salt Works, and they have an extensive selection of not just Pink Himalayan Salt but other salts as well. The salt is not actually mined in the Himalayan Mountains, in that the city of Khewra is south of the major mountain ranges, averaging about 1000 feet above sea level, much lower than Denver, Colorado. So technically, though it's splitting hairs, high mountains do run through Northern Pakistan, but there, they are named something else, and even with that, those mountains are further north of the Khewra salt mine. As I understand it, it is not processed at all, but I will see if I can find the specifics and put a sentence here after more research. While I buy both Celtic sea salt and Himalayan pink salt my mainstay for years has been Redmond's Real salt. The point is that they are only going to dissolve so much once the water gets to a level of salinity.
I am needing to lose a lot of weight and am starting with a good cleansing diet with fresh juices, veggy soup, and eating mix veggies (broc, cauli, carrots). Secondly I do know that Himalayan Salt keeps more water in your system, since I have read studies that post workouts with Himalayan Salt found test subjects urinating less. But I’m here to learn as well when someone suggests for me to look into something, it is always a message. I got a gazillion articles queued up, but I will be sure to put something together on this. Also, my understanding was the there are trace level of iodine, I’m not a believer that iodine has to be in salt just because they put it there, any more that flouride has to be in water. I have a large sealed glass jar about a quart I think that I put a lot of himalayan rocks in (though I have use different coarseness I don’t think it matters) and my spring water.
Just saying that because some people have said that regular salt gives them high blood pressure or other issues, but Pink Himalayan Salt has the opposite effect for them, in that it gets them more in balance.
Facts point us in the right direction, but since we all have individual biochemistries, different nutritional needs, etc. You can hold any food or supplement close to your body (even a piece of paper with the item written down or a picture works), test for it, and find out whether it will enhance you health or the opposite.
But of course with information (like this) going around, you realize there are healthier options. The Earth wants to free herself from the encumbrances that have been holding back her ascension for a very long time. Elevate yourselves in thought, word and deed and become a part of the great unfolding back into the heart of the Creator.
The ghost and the machine How the Matrix deals with power How many lies can the White House tell before the walls collapse? The mine became active during time of Alexander the Great, after he got there about 329 BC.
However, the groups of mountains that run east-west across the Asian land mass, being the Himalayas that we all have heard of, as well as the lesser known Karakoram and Pamir mountain ranges, and the Hindu-Kush mountain range, all blend together as one broad mountain range extending all the way from China, back west, thru Nepal (which borders on Mt. But, in the end of this analysis, we must conclude that we are dealing with a totally different animal than processed salts, which are generally not the same substances extracted from the earth and sea, due to various forms of processing, like common table salt, and even some sea salts as I try to point out in this article, in which they often process out most trace minerals, leaving the sodium, and sometimes adding iodine. I want to do JUST THIS for several days, then begin to incorporate more veggies and some meats, etc. I noticed that each morning, there is a pink residue at the bottom of the glass which did not get dissolved.

When I make my himalayan Sole that I save in a jar, that same pink residue is always at the bottom. After a day or two some of the salt will dissolve, the rocks get smaller of course, but they normally won’t dissolve completely depending on how much you put in. Any local or other side of the world product can be bad and either can be good, depending on how they are processing the product. Water has the same capacity as crystals in that it has memory, can be energetically cleaned and programmed. The Light is paramount; this includes the Light within you, coming from you and that is all around you.
Everest and the other highest peaks), through Northern India, Pakistan, and even Afghanistan and to a certain degree, Tajikistan, formerly part of the old USSR.
My information basically has been accumulated over time from what I have read and the health guru’s I follow. I think my article is speaking more to the manufactures who product low quality sea salts and call them sea salt. Don’t expect the crystals to dissolve totally however, unless you only have a few in the glass.
Since I don’t know what is going on there, I always dump it out when my jar gets low just in case. You should put enough in so they don’t all dissolve completely, that way you insure the salt water will be at its optimum level (when the water is at optimum salt lever, the rocks will stop dissolving).
I am suggesting you want to consider it, and consider that a real unprocessed salt might have a positive effect on your body, and consider is there a way to try a little, assuming there is no risk or danger in doing that I’m sure there would have to be some other people out here on the web who have been in the same situation. It is about letting go and rising in consciousness in every way to remember and become your divine selves.
Supposedly, Alexander's calvary horses were noticed to be licking the ground to replenish themselves, and it was discovered they were licking surface salt. I simply shake some salt from a salt shaker into the water, it dissolves during my workout when I shake the bottle, or sometimes I will stir.
I think those trace mineral like iron oxide are in everything we eat so I’m not convinced Himalayan Salt is containing somethig that the rest of our food is not.
Saves a tremendous amount of time and money experimenting with things and trying to figure it out subjectively. However trace elements of mercury are in just about everything, as I wrote in my Safe To Eat Seafoods article, where I note the Alaskan Dept of Health says most Alaskan fish are safe to eat even for pregnant women, in spite of trace amounts of mercury. If also works if you have an eyedropper, and put maybe a half of an eyedropper in the water.
I’m coming up with a list of dietary things to lose weight, stay tuned, but the top of the list will be to eliminate high fructose corn syrup from the diet, problem is it is in everything, so you have to start making your meals from scratch to control ingredients. Or is it water being kept in the body and being properly utilized in the muscles, digestive track or whatever. Some things that cannot be assimilated in the body are simply passed through the uring and solid waste, just as a general thought from a non-expert.
That solution is very salty, you can only drink a little at a time, so I add a few drops of it to regular water, especially when I fill my water bottle to work out.
There are many sources on the Internet where you can learn about this process and I highly recommend it. One of the current geniuses working with the transformation of water is Clayton Nolte who wrote Introduction to Structured Water. Later on, when the British officially started the 1800's version of modern scientific salt mining, the modern era of salt mining began there. Mainly because I can feel that replenishment to my body after a workout as opposed to regular water.
I’m gonna give it a try, just to have a variety of quality products for taste and such. Right now when I go to the gym I am simply shaking a few shakes of the Himalayan Salt powder from a salt shaker straight in the water. I had got the impression that people retain water from salt because the salt is normally mostly Sodium and Iodine, and the body has to retain water to dilute this unnatural chemical balance in the body.
When I have a water bottle or large glass or whatever to drink a serving of water, I will take the eyedropper, pull a few drops from my salty solution, and drop a few drops into my regular water.
My ex girlfriend was a diabetic and I got her into taking salt baths in Himalayan Salt water and she got amazing results.
As I said in the post, if anyone has any other opinion I will be happy to add them to this post. As long as your solution doesn’t taste too salty, which is subjective, you will be fine.
Since Pink Himalayan Salt (and Celtic Sea salt) have 84 minerals in balance, I was under the impression that this abnormal water retention thing didn’t happen.
If you want to just do one drop, that will give you the salt and nutrients but you won’t be able to taste it. If you check back in an hour or so, you will see my additions pertaining to Celtic Sea salt.
I like to taste the salt a little however, especially when I’m working out, so I may often put several drops in.
So basically, the heavily salted solution is used a few drops at a time, since my container is about a quart, that container last well over half the year. Also, before I found this blog, I was planning to do warm lemon and honey water every morning.
Sorry if that got confusing, if it still doesn’t make sense, feel free to write me back.
I have added at least 5 new things to my died since I started blogging, bases upon reader’s comments.

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