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Having a Facebook page is virtually essential for modern businesses, and now they might be able to reap some new benefits from it too. Facebook is rolling out two new sections to promote both goods and services that merchants sell on the platform. The Shop section lets businesses list products they’re selling, and allows customers to put in an offer through Messenger, while the Services lets them do the same for, well, services. Given actual sales operate via Messenger, the feature seems primarily intended for small businesses and individual merchants, who normally deal with with customers on a one-to-one basis; you won’t be buying chips from Walmart this way.
Still, it’s a simple and potentially powerful way for businesses to strike new deals with customers who are already on Facebook most of the time anyway. Microsoft keeps dropping hints about how radically different Windows 10 will be from all other versions of Windows like a trail of breadcrumbs leading to no-one-fully-knows-where yet. And now we have another clue, from ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, which adds details to the information we reported in March about Microsoft's plans. Microsoft is creating a complex matrix of support options for Windows 10, she reports, and it will charge for them in an increasingly complex way, allowing it to continue to make money on Windows, even if a lot of people opt for the "free" upgrade to Windows 10.
With Windows 10, only the biggest enterprises will get full control over installing updates, Foley's contacts tell her. Most Windows users, including consumers who get the free upgrade, will not be able to turn automatic updates off. Microsoft hasn't fully explained what that means except for calling Windows 10 "the last version of Windows" and indicating that Microsoft will automatically send new features and security patches through its new and improved Windows Update service. The issue is how much power a user gets over which features and security patches get installed and when. MicrosoftDifferent versions of Windows (for consumers, businesses, and large enterprises) will be members of different branches.
Windows 10 Home, for instance, will be part of something called the "Current branch" which means Microsoft will send updates and you won't be able to refuse them or turn them off.

Sending updates like this isn't a bad thing, and many consumers will be happy to get the latest features and security fixes. But there's a legitimate reason to be concerned over how intrusive such updates will be a€” for instance, if they automatically install while you're in the middle of an important task, sucking up memory or forcing your computer to reboot a€” and if they'll always play well with other software and drives you have installed on your PC.
For those who want to make money with their homes, consider registering with a site like AirBNB. Other ways to make money include finding agencies that will rent all or part of your home or offering a service apartment. As previously reported in The Inquisitr, Fiverr is an easy way to make money for those who are looking to make a few hundred per month to supplement their income.
Elite Daily offered nine creative ways to make money for those who want to supplement their nine to five jobs.
For the more adventurous types who need to make a lot of money, consider donating your eggs for those who want to have children. Facebook lists the top 10 countries for Shops on Pages as Thailand, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, India, Argentina, and Taiwan.
It’s certainly more convenient than having to visit a business’ webpage – if they even have one. He's interested in all things tech, science, and photography related, and likes to yo-yo in his free time. How you choose to make money should be in line with your passions and interests, as well as topics that will pay you for your expertise. Service apartments are an offshoot of Airbnb, and instead of renting rooms in homes, renters can purchase an apartment for rent instead.
For those who have plenty of clothes they don’t wear, the auction site Ebay offers a way to auction off these clothes to make some extra cash.

Egg donations can command about $20,000, so if you’re desperate and need a large chunk of cash, this is an option. The company Hair Sellon can tell you how much your hair is worth based on inches, thickness, color and quality. As Business Insider previously reported, we're also hearing that big enterprises will also get a menu of support options, each at different prices. The skills you are willing to learn to help you make money make a difference too, because some businesses require more technical skills than others to set up and run. The income for renting these apartments is substantially better at around $85,000 – $95,000 per year. Other sites like Tradesy, Poshmark,and thredUP offer a chance to easily dispose of those clothes to the thrift crowd looking for nice clothes at a bargain. This doesn’t offer quite the payday that donating your eggs does, although it can gain you a tidy $50 to $900.
It’s also possible to outsource some of the tasks that need to be done, provided you have the funds to pay for these services you need. Services include everything from writing tasks to voiceovers and just about any service that users can come up with that there is a demand for.
Other ideas to help you make money include selling your hair and beauty skills, as well as working as a personal shopper. Airbnb was started in 2007 and is a global phenomenon that enables hosts to rent out their spare rooms.

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