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It is arguable wheatear it is more profitable for developers to have free ad-based apps or paid ones. The first thing that you should do is to make a simple assumption of the number of impressions you expect the app to generate for a particular period.
If your app has a strong competitive advantage and it is hard to be imitated then, you can make it paid and even offer it at a higher price. If your app offers static content, for example a database with facts or other information for which internet connection is not requited, then there is no point to offer your app for free and rely on ads, because ads are shown only when an internet connection is available. If you have a product or a company that you want to build brand awareness for, the offering a free app with no ads is the recommended choice.
If you are building an app that either monetizes or promotes another paid service (usually on a web site) or paid product, then choosing a free app with no ads is probably the best choice.
If you choose to offer your app for free, then you have to decide which of the revenue models described above to use.
Although all of these patterns can be seen in the Windows Store, my recommendation is to avoid publishing paid apps with no trial, since less people would purchase your app if they can`t try it before paying for it. 3.generate 10 times more revenue, on average, than paid apps that don't include trial functionality.
So, although it definitely depends on the app, on average offering trial functionality should grow the number of "potential customers" and if the quality of the app is good then the developer should expect increase in revenue. With the upcoming release of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft are offering Windows Phone developers even more monetization's opportunities like in-app purchasing. The choice whether to offer your app for free or to charge for it is yours and depends entirely on your incentive and objectives. You can use the collected money to make Business investments, Financial investments, and Political investments to make more money. You can get Make It Rain Money free from Windows store by using the link given at the end of this review.
After launching the game, you will find a bundle of dollars on the screen and three different investments: Financial, Business, and Political. You can use the collected money in three different investments: Financial, Business, and Political. For example, if you have a "News" type of app or a mass consumer app (engaging enough), the assumption is that users will use the app daily by a large number of users, so there is a good probability for your app to generate a significant amount of impressions daily. In short, before start building a mobile app, make a quick research to see who your competitors are and try to find what your app's competitive advantage is, what makes it different. On the other hand, if you are showing dynamic content that comes from a web service, then showing ads is a good choice. For example the WindowsPhoneGeek app is a free app with no ads, we do not make any money from it.

For example if you have a service for which users are paying, by offering a free app you build brand awareness, attract more users and retain existing ones. According to Microsoft, more users would consider and buy Windows Phone apps if they could try the app out first to see if they like it. Paid apps that include trial functionality are downloaded 70 times more than paid apps that don't include trial functionality, expanding the number of potential customers to purchase the full paid version. More than half of trial downloads that convert to a sale do so within one day, and most of those within 2 hours. Also offering a free trial with ads is a good way to measure which approach works better for you and brings you more money: revenue from sales or revenue from advertising.
You will get many different ways to invest the collected money, like Lemonade Stand, Hot Dog Cart, Five Star Restaurant, Hotel Chain, Mobile Gaming Company, etc.
On top of the screen you can see the amount of money you have in your account and bucks you are earning every second.
It provides many different options o invest, like: Mattress, Baseball Card Selection, Bank Account, Bitcoin account, Stocks and bonds, Real Estate Investment, Credit Card Fraud, etc. It provides many different business investments, like: Lemonade Stand, Hot Dog Cart, Five Star Restaurant, Hotel Chain, Mobile Gaming Company, Football team, Casino, etc. It provides different investments, like: Fund Convention, Fake Documentary, Run for City Council, Run for Mayor, Blackmail Politician, donate Politician, etc. The game sounds to be simple and boring but when I started playing the game, I found it to be quite interesting. The more impressions the app generates the more money you can get from advertising and vice versa. If you can`t find any, then the app is not worth implementing and you will not going to make a lot of money from it. There are many ad serving providers available, and in the WindowsPhoneGeek Component Marketplace we have collected a number of advertising networks for Windows Phone all of which have different offerings. With every single click on the bills you will earn 1$, then 2 for another click, and so on.
So, if your target market is big enough then offering the app for free with ads might be the best choice. For example there are more than 100 "Twitter" apps, so there is no point to implement just another "Twitter" app, because first of all the competition is huge, you do not have any sustainable competitive advantage other than may be a better UI or a few more features, which is easy to imitate and everyone can copy. Take a look at the Microsoft Advertising pubCenter for more information of how to make money from advertising. On the other hand for example if you have developer a complex image processing algorithm and base your app on it, then you have a promising chance for success. RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and improve system performanceOpen Source software is nothing new to many.

It can be taken for granted that people create open source software because they love coding. If so, how do Open Source Programmers and companies  make money?  The objective of this post is to identify and list the methods by which such software companies and developers can make money.How do Open Source Companies make moneyOpen Source companies sometimes create software and do not make public, all of the code. If anyone wants to use such software, he or she needs to pay to the company some money to be able to use the software with full functionality.Open source companies like Oracle etc. For example, Apache’s Hadoop is free to use, but is too complex for anyone to start using it right away. In such cases, the open source companies provide for-profit assistance with installation and training of employees of the company that hires them. In Hadoop’s case, though third party personnel might be useful, preference would be given to the personnel associated with Apache as they have been developing the source code as they know better it than the third party trainers or support providers.Some open source companies – mostly the ones that develop software for mobile devices – display in-software advertisements to make money.
These advertisements are displayed on top or bottom of the screen and generally, are not intrusive. On the contrary, since they are free, users do not have much objection to the adverts.How do Open Source Programmers make moneyCompanies Pay Open Source ProgrammersYou might find it hard to believe this, but there are companies that pay the programmers who create open source software. For example, Red Hat, IBM, Novell, Linux Foundation and other distributors of Linux operating system pay the programmers working on Linux so that the work of upgrading and patching the software continues. Though Linux comes at free cost to the end users, it costs a little to the distributors of the operating system. But then, the costs are much less than what they would have to pay when distributing Windows or Apple operating system. If any loophole is discovered in such software, say Linux, there will be companies willing to pay programmers who can fix the problem.
Since they have already worked on creating the open source software, they have knowledge of the code and they need not work from the scratch. Again, this is favorable for companies asking for modification as they are engaging professionals who have already worked on the code rather than asking their own programmers to study and modify the code. Companies who implement a version of such software might engage one of the open source programmers to train their staff and to provide support in case of problems.Some people deliberately create sort of open source software that passes off as free and open but has much part hidden.
Though such software is not an Open Source Software ethically, it still sells.One needs to be pretty active in the field of open source to get an offer from the companies wanting modification or extra features. As far as I know, people working on a group project, often include their name and email IDs in the comments of the source code, so that others studying the code can contact them for any reason and if an email ID appears many times, as that person is probably the best one to work on tweaking, modifying, creating extras or performing similar actions on the code.I guess the major percentage of money in open source software sector comes from support and customization of the open source code.

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