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News last week that Tom Hanks (starring soon in Captain Phillips) has Type 2 diabetes has surprised many, as the condition is associated with obesity. TweetHollister, the surf fashion brand that doesn’t waste money on silly things like sponsored surfers, surf advertising or surf contests, is joining Quiksilver and Billabong in New York City with a new store called EPIC Hollister at the corner of Broadway and Houston.
Info FlowTo contribute information, hearsay, or secret corporate documents please click to email it to The Editors. It’s walking along Huntington Pier, hanging with the hottest crowd at the beach while the waves crash around you…literally!
They have an entire wall built of flat screen tv’s showing beautiful Huntington Beach, CA, and they are going to have a BEACH volleyball court with hott people in bathing suits playing beach volleyball! In the 1992 film, A League of Their Own, for example, he put on 30lb to play a baseball coach.
The two men have more in common than you might think, as Venkataswamy is to eye surgery what Ford is to cars.
In 1977, when he reached the mandatory retirement age of 58, Venkataswamy founded the Aravind Eye Hospital at Madurai.

His unit started off with just 11 beds, but there was an estimated 80 million blind people in India, 80 per cent of whom due to cataracts. He knew that if he were to tackle treatable blindness in the sub-continent, then he would have to come up with a more efficient method of cataract surgery. He decided that the production line championed by Ford was the best way, and went about implementing this in his operating theatre.
His units now make up the largest network of ophthalmology hospitals in the world and perform 5 per cent of all eye surgery globally. Studies in animals have shown that yo-yo dieting is far better for the body than remaining obese.
Andy Burnham, shadow health secretary, made the usual, predictable, half-hearted whinge about this being evidence that the Government is softening up the NHS for privatisation. There are many causes for this progression – getting older has a large part to play. But that doesn’t sound as romantic as an actor suffering for their art, especially not when they have a new film to promote. Taylor began to understand that streamlining the process could increase production, and he saw that unskilled workers could be made to be more productive by forcing them to do simple, repetitive tasks and follow pre-designed algorithms for any decision process.

What he hadn’t factored in is that people got bored doing the same thing again and again. The problem is worse with people of high IQ and doctors, because of the job’s academic requirements, tend to have a higher than average IQ.
What is telling is that wealthier patients rarely have surgery in line with Venkataswamy’s model, preferring to have a more personalised service similar to what we expect in Britain.
The chemical has considerable side-effects, including rapid weight loss and diabetes, and its effects in humans are unknown, as the study involved mice.
While it may appear to have an impact at a molecular and cellular level, there is no way of knowing yet if the chemical will actually influence the symptoms of these diseases.

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