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A 90 year-old Massachusetts man was arrested after he called police to report a hooker he hired had stolen jewelry from his home.
Police informed the elderly man, Nicholas Salerno, that he would be charged with a crime for admitting he had hired a prostitute. The 48 year-old hooker, Karen Proia, who came highly recommended to Salerno from a friend of his, apparently left Salerno’s house with more than his DNA and his money.
He waited a week to report the crime to police because he wanted to give Proia a chance to return the jewelry and make things right.

Proia likely will not face any slowdown in her workflow since she seems to have cornered the over-80 demographic in the area. But although she was now a hooker with a necklace of gold, she was not a hooker with a heart of gold. She’s been charged with prostitution, larceny, and having customer service skills that suck.
Meanwhile, Salerno has suddenly become popular in the state for becoming the oldest john in Massachusetts since Senator Ted Kennedy.

Kennedy the obverse was designed by Gilroy Roberts and the reverse with the presidential coat of arms by Frank Gasparro. For the United States Bicentennial in 1976, the reverse of the Kennedy Half Dollar was redesigned by Seth G.

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