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Probablemente la terminaciA?n de las palabras les cuesta a los hispanohablantes porque en su idioma no existen tantas combinaciones posibles de sonidos al final de las palabras. We can make an effort to pronounce thease verbs, but the it’s very difficult to hear the ends of them. I think you shouldn`t say that beacuse our language is not so simple as you say I imagine you haven`t studied spanish before you say so many stupid thing I think you shoul lear spanish beacuse its grammar is not easy as you say even is more difficult than english. I too, realized that there are relatively very few Spanish words ending in consonants and that is why Spanish speakers might find it difficult to pronounce the ending consonant group. En esta entrega vamos a ver cA?mo evitar errores en la pronunciaciA?n de las terminaciones de las palabras.
El error mA?s bA?sico de este tipo es no pronunciar la s al final de los plurales, posesivos y las formas verbales que terminan en esta letra.

Spanish people need extra help with pronunciation because their language is so simple, phonetically speaking.
Doy clases de inglés en el centro de Madrid y por Skype en cualquier lugar en el mundo. Sea cual sea la explicaciA?n, haz un esfuerzo para darles a los A?ltimos sonidos de las palabras A la importancia que merecen. Although I wonder if they will start sounding like Italians, who have that distinctive tendency of adding a little vowell after consonants at the ends of words. Neapolitan, Calabrian, and other Southern Italian criminal groups merged with the Sicilian Mafia to create the modern pan-Italian Mafia in the United States. En muchos casos son particularmente importantes para distinguir una palabra de otra y para que te hagas entender.

Many large cities have one Italian mafia family but some larger cities like New York City have more.
Much like The Godfather, which portrayed a romanticized version of the Mafia, their have been times when mafia families had gone to war with each other.

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