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Hay Day is one of the most popular free to play games on the App Store, but it'll cost you a bundle in in app purchases if you're not careful. Every crop you plant will double its yield upon harvest — one unit of corn planted in your field yields two corn units in your silo. Especially as your farm grows, you're going to need to constantly supply your livestock with feed — to that end, you should always have a good stock of wheat, corn, soybeans and other feed in your silo at all times. Some crops only take a few minutes to pop up — wheat, corn, and carrots, for example, all take less than ten minutes. Visitors to your farm want to buy your goods, but they typically don't want to pay a premium for them. About the only exception I make is when I have a total glut on something, like chicken eggs, or something I can make really fast, like wheat. Rather than selling goods to visitors, sell them to your friends and followers who are also playing Hay Day.
Your bulletin board will pile up with orders from nearby businesses that need your goods — stores, salons, schools, churches and more. You'll end up waiting a few minutes until the next order arrives, but if you can fill it, it'll be more worthwhile than having the limited space you have for orders taken up by stuff you can't or don't want to fill. Succeeding at Hay Day is as much about leveling up as it is about making coins, so look at those orders carefully. I've already given you six tips and tricks, but I promised you a cheat too, so here you go: Your newspaper shows you the current deals that other Hay Day players are offering.
Boom Beach: Top 10 tips and tricks to defeating the Blackguards without spending tons of real cash! Cut the Rope 2: Top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats to help Om Nom beat levels and find his candy faster!
Want to get fast XP? If you are level 15 or up and you have apple trees, make sure you pick the apples as you will get 7 XP per apple. You can buy the cats and dogs with vouchers and you gain vouchers from completing boat and truck orders or harvesting crops and treasure box. If you have run out of a certain type of crop, go into your friend's tab and select Greg.
Provided you have an available slot, you can sell stuff at the roadside shop as often as you want.

Buy a lot of wheat until silo is full, plant half of it, then turn your device up right and shake it while cutting down wheat.
Become a Hay Day tycoon and expand your farm quickly without spending any real money and diamonds. There’s no doubt that Hay Day by Supercell is currently the best farming simulation game for iOS and Android devices.
There are two currencies in Hay Day which are Coins and Diamonds, you can obtain coins by selling your farm produces but diamonds is very rare. With this Hay Day Hack Tool that we developed, you can get coins and diamonds as many as you want. We’re using Mediafire as our filehost, Mediafire is one of the most popular file hosting server.
You grow and harvest crops, raise livestock, clearing land, and make goods you can sell to local businesses and consumers to make a tidy profit. As tempted as you may be to use up all the seeds in your silo to fill a lucrative order, don't. Some take hours to get ready, so make sure they start production before you're off to bed, and they'll be ready when you wake up the next day.
You can check your newspaper to see what your friends are selling products for and follow suit. They're usually willing to pay a fair price, but sometimes you don't have enough goods to fill the orders, or it'll take too long, or you may not even have the equipment or livestock to fill the order.
Coins are the money you'll get for each order, and stars are the experience points you'll get for completing that order. It may be worth your while to go with an order that offers less cash but more experience to help you level up faster. A good place to find them is when you are harvesting crops as they will just appear and go into your barn. All are first hand strategies and tactics you can use to grow your farm s fast as possible.   These are real strategies that are totally legal and will never get you banned. It is good to have diamonds because it can be used to add slots to your machines, upgrade your storage, instant building, etc.
With each new level comes new goods you can make, new livestock and crops, and some other assorted goodies to help make your farming experience better.

Plant those seeds and make sure to keep enough on hand to create the products you're going to need later. Make sure to plant those crops before you go to sleep or if you're going to busy with work or school for a few hours; that way they'll be ready when you get back and you can harvest and use them as you need to.
They won't take offense and they'll come around again soon enough as soon as the mood strikes them. When you have enough vouchers you can buy your cat or dog, but before you do this you must buy a cat or dog house.
When you have enough diamonds, pay for Tom's service and have him find nothing but TNT and load up on it.
Moreover, you can also get more coins more quickly to help you  upgrade more faster  in the game.
I understand that I was like you once and I know what it’s like to be constantly out of resources and unable to progress quickly enough to enjoy the game. The great news is, we’re giving this tool for completely free, you can download it from the button below this article. Like most free to play games, there's an in app purchase mechanism that you can use to buy a hard currency in the game (diamonds) which will get you ahead and get you out of jams.
If Greg does not have what you want, visit other farms and go thought their newspapers and buy what you need in bulk (like 10 wheat for $x).
I know,  all of us don’t want to wait forever for the crops and other produce to grow.
That is why, get your copy of the latest Hay Day Strategy, and bring your game to the next level. But at the same time we also do not want to spend real cash buying diamonds to speed things up. Unlike any other farming game which might frustrates you because of the controls, Hay Day is really comfortable on this one.
The thing is that I am perplexed by how other players seem to be doing so much better than I am.  How are these people leveling so fast and getting so much coins and diamonds yet claim they didn’t spend any real money?

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