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To be able to sit back, relax, put in no effort and still see the money coming in might sound like a fantasy, but there really are ways you can make money doing nothing. Alright, we’re not promising you can earn a full-time income while you lay back on the sofa and watch TV all day, but there are ways to earn a bit of extra cash which require very little of you.
Bed testers get to test out a whole range of beds, often luxury ones, and then report back on the night sleep they’ve had.
Unsurprisingly it’s a pretty difficult job to get because of the competition for such a position, but no harm in keeping your hopes up. Most people were first introduced to the idea of being a bed tester after Hotel Chatter put out a call in 2006 for a professional to test their 25,000 beds.
Chances are there’s some damp soul in those queues who would rather pay someone else to be sat there. There are also people with work or family commitments who are eager to get the latest iPhone or the newly released concert tickets but are unable to. These people too may be willing to pay you for queuing for them.
It really is money for nothing – click here to download the Digital Trends app and get ?10. Thought not, which is why this next money maker really feels like a way to make money doing nothing.
After tasting the food you’ll be asked for your feedback – this might be as part of a focus group or you might simply just have to give it a score in a questionnaire. Tasting sessions last around an hour or two, but if you’re taking part in a focus group it may take slightly longer.
It’s a great way to supplement your income, with the potential to earn between ?5-?55 depending on whether you’re just completing a questionnaire or if you’re taking part in a focus group.
It’s not a way to earn big money by any means, you’ll only be earning a few pennies per review, but if you like listening to music and giving feedback then a little bit of money is better than no money at all right? House sitting is a growing phenomenon, many people who own more than one house are away for long periods of time for business trips.
Such people often prefer to have a trusted house sitter take care of the house than leave it at the risk of burglars or squatters.
This one might sound like a cheat, but really not wasting money is doing nothing – and you can save a lot of money.
We all dread those horrible time windows given to us by delivery companies or the plumber when you need something fixed. Pay can actually be quite good, you can earn between ?8-?10 an hour, and you really are doing nothing but waiting! You don’t have to pay anything, only people looking for a friend have to pay to sign-up. If someone likes your profile and wants you to be their friend, you can charge ?5-?30 an hour for your time, so there is good money to be made. Cashback sites are such an easy and straightforward way to make money, but still so few people join them. Basically, by joining a cashback site, you’ll get a bit of money back on everything you buy. All you have to do is sign-up (absolutely free) and shop through the cashback site’s portal.
Two of our favourite cashback sites are Top CashBack and Quidco, both of which are absolutely free to join. You really are getting money just for shopping as normal – why wouldn’t you sign up? Newest Make Money TipsMake money the easy way and beat the banks The quickest way I know to get rich… Got a money-making idea? It got me wondering exactly how many people were truly serious about this fantasy, such that my curiosity prompted me to perform a quick experiment.
It was nothing too fancy to be honest, I just simply jumped on the Google External Keyword Tool for fun (or was it frustration?) to see if I could determine how many people do waste time looking for ways to make easy money.
Due to the wee bit-o Scottish blood from my dad’s side, I’m not the best at mincing words, … so I’ll cut to the chase and share a bit of both the good news and bad news and hope it doesn’t smart too much.
Unless you win the lottery or something similar… (and, frankly I hope you do)… there is NO WAY to make money doing nothing! Literally wasting time obsessing over the easiest way to make money online (doing nothing) is looking for a magic pill or golden egg that does not exist, and is nothing more than a distorted fantasy.
As much as I hate to break it to you, there are no hidden secrets or ways to make easy money online… or offline – especially by doing no work…. The good news is however, You CAN make money and even good money at that; in fact there are many ways earn a decent living online. The part that might make your eyes water though, is you are going to have to roll up your sleeves, put your nose to the grind, take some form of action and do some ‘W-O-R-K’ !.
I know you might be looking for ways to justify your fantasy, and by now you are likely rolling excuses through your mind as to why you ‘know’ I’m wrong… and that you just need a little longer to prove to me that it can be done… by doing nothing more than thinking about it. People do it all the time… and use reasons such as lack of time, lack of skill, fear of failure, worrying about what others think…or too much competition. The latest excuse I heard was due to “age”… “Oh I should have started earlier, I’m much too old for it now…” (At 51 btw).
The bottom line is… if you are happy with your current situation, but looking or a way to earn fast easy money…and have the time to waste doing it… then by all means, carry on!
In five years time you’ll be right where you are now… and that’s ok… ’cause you’re happy with your current situation right now … right?
You see, making money takes work and is all about pulling your head out of your proverbial backside, and managing your time… with of course the right determined mindset and a sprinkle of ambition.
If you decided to be serious about success, you will find that building and working towards a better life is not only possible… but also incredibly rewarding… and the work is fun and fulfilling too. Now I know I’ve been on a role this week, telling it how it is… perhaps it’s the hot flashes… not sure… but sometimes things just need to be said… and often when you hear it from someone else, the penny drops.
I am so looking forward to freeing up a day or so to nothing but listen to you share your knowledge.
It is a fact that affiliate marketing is among the simplest and most efficient ways to generate income online.
We’ve all heard stories of people making easy money online with auction sites like Clickbank, or by writing a blog, or by using Google AdSense, and quite a few other methods. You can also discover the top secrets and methods made by one of the top successful affiliate marketers (Matt Keenan), that will take you on a step by step guide and discover how to generate big revenues using nothing but free traffic. I completely agree that we get-rich-quick schemes don’t exist, but I think that there’s definitely a way to make work not seem like work! BTW whatever the reason… keep dong it because I think your comical soap box style is totally refreshing. Considering the feedback from other commenters here and my recent post (Hurrah… I’m learning from you now!! The problem with most people is they are so busy looking for something that doesn’t exist that they miss the boat! You are absolutely right though that people really do waste a lot of time looking for something that does not exist… its a shame really isn’t it? Personally, I would never wish anyone that they win the lottery of they are truly trying to become successful entrepreneurs and here’s why! Of course, they have more time freedom and control over how they spend days but the fact of the matter is that building a successful internet business takes hard work – something most people are not willing to do. I understand wholeheartedly about not wishing someone to win the lottery while trying to become an entrepreneur. I am glad you saw my snippy side, but with that said, I am sure you may have had similar experiences?! Second, some people are just desperate to make some quick money so they search online thinking there has to be someway to accomplish this quickly.

Too bad there isn’t really a way to accomplish this but you just never know what the future holds.
On the other hand, you can start a blog for less than $10.00 bucks per month, and do affiliate marketing or something else. I think the reason people actually believe they can make money doing nothing is because of all the hype out there about online marketing. Yes, I know what you mean, I love what I do as well, but it’s been a lot of busting buns…It sure beats leaving the house every morning and leaving the kids with a nanny though! What those easy money-seekers seem to forget is that we feel more worthy and deserving of the money if we worked for it, if we did something for it.
Anyway, I will keep searching on Google because I know that easy money is just waiting for me, if I can just avoid the scams. It really is amazing though is it now how much of the population want it all on a silver platter.
What I find amazing is the point I remember from Randy Pausch and his Last Lecture (he died of cancer in 2006, I guess).
There are ways to make money online or offline that are easier than others, but I think it depends entirely on what works for each individual person. I think that sometimes people get mesmerized by all the gurus with their million dollar launches, making gobs of money in minutes online. Hi Heather, I hope you enjoyed your jumping session, perhaps it will save you from going to the gym tomorrow? You reminded me of a time when I was in college and a friend of mine told me about some thing or another that promised easy money. I guess the cold hard facts are that if something sounds too good to be true it likely is…. Buckling down though is the easier way to earn than by dreaming and doing nothing at all … as we know. Stay away from ventures that ask you for money, personal information or ask you to sign up for services. Planting trees, crops and flowers, caring for them and then harvesting them is one way to make money doing manual labor. A small disclaimer that should go without saying: nothing in here is going to make you rich or pay your bills. Of course, if you don’t have Android or simply prefer real money to Google Play credit, there are plenty of other services you can try. There are, of course, some things you should be aware of when pursuing sites like this: for starters, not all of them are going to be legitimate. We all want to make money doing nothing, or almost doing nothing, and the kind of world we live in today; it is a need more than a want to be able to have a second income. Disclaimer: While most of the points we may cover in this post focus on some best ways to earn money, these will mainly be passive incomes at start, but if you are good at them or slowly get a hang of how things work, you can make it a full time income stream and quit your job too. If you are good with words, can express yourself and have a passion for a particular kind of topic, or have some creative ideas, or have an opinion about the things around you, and have a unique perspective that you think people will be interested in; blogging can be a great second income and is among the best ways to earn money online in India. I share what I learn and, with that in mind this is what I recommend if you want to start a blog of your own and build traffic quickly for it. The thing to keep in mind here is that, you will have to be different from the crowd and it is not overnight money making machine. Things like paintings, murals, glass paintings, customised greeting cards, and lot of other creative things, always find buyers.
You can make some designs digitally and put it up for free downloads on your own site and can start online design consultancy, where you can charge for customized designs. This is pretty common way to make money in India wherein people use online platforms like Olx, Quckr etc to sell stuff they don’t need. Thanks to the internet and the entrepreneurial gene mutating in all of us these days, there are lots of likeminded people around whom you can collaborate and start some venture or get your work done by forming mutually beneficial partnerships that require very low to almost NO investment. With internet revolution in India and the booming online stores, blogs, websites, and so much of online presence, companies, small businesses etc require to be found on the internet searches and need content for their sites. If you are good are baking, cooking etc, you can supply some of your home made food products to your local grocery store in small quantities to start some small income on the side.
A little bit of effort, very little or no investment but a bit of passion and some expertise and a first step forward is all you need to be able to make money from nothing or almost nothing. Hey Thanks for your suggestions, something positive I got from that but the problem is I m very good at everything but do not know what should I do?
It might be a hotel chain or a superstore like John Lewis, or look out for bed making companies themselves, particularly those who supply to hotels.
Over time the little savings you can make will really add up and, at the end of the day, why pay more than you need to?
For example, do you really need to buy that cleaning product or do you have products in your home that will do exactly the same job? You can apply to join their team, although they ideally look for people with a background in childcare or teaching.
Some people want to be shown around an area, others want someone to go to the movies with, some want a workout buddy and some people even want a wingman! Girl, I just wish money and power would fall out of the sky and land on my lap so I can make money fast! You gotta promote it like crazy, build a ton of backlinks and get it on the top spots of Google! However, you will have to make an effort right until you can generate income from your affiliate business. Learn from the top successful affiliate marketers that have succeeded as being affiliate marketers and copy the same exact methods and techniques that they’ve done. This doesn’t include things such as creating internet websites, writing articles, producing videos, advertising, or a combination of any or all of these techniques. Ha ha) on finding your unique blogging voice, I think you are doing a great job at refining this.
It conditions you to think and be the type of person that wants to receive without working hard for what you have earned.
Yes most people want to make money online but not many are willing to do what it takes to earn what they seek. Have you ever thought of the perspective, that those people who put “easy” keywords into google might be the publisher of these uncountable websites where easy money is promised? That doesn’t mean that we have to be a workaholic or that we have to the make the new groundbreaking invention to cure cancer. He pointed out how important it is for his wife to get every help possible before Randy passes by, and every help possible after Randy passed by, to enjoy her life with the three little children. If you think that you're going to put in four or five hours of work and the cash is going to start rolling in, think again.
Since the goal here is to make money doing nothing, you need to find a venture that pays residuals. There are great sites out there like ClickBank and Commission Junction that earn you a percentage of any sales that comes from your promotion.
The idea is to make a bit of extra cash while you idle in the checkout line, in a waiting room, or without doing anything at all.
The concept is simple: answer a few questions every once in a while and get some free credit for the Play Store. CashCrate is another site that pays money in exchange for filling out surveys that can be done within a matter of minutes. If you try to turn answering surveys into a full-time job, it would be easy to find yourself on the business end of a phishing scam. Inflation, lack of new jobs, unstable jobs and so on has led to a second income being an absolute necessity.

3,000 just once in a whole year and you would need to buy a domain name and server space for your blog. It will take some months before you see some traffic, and then you can earn from avenues like Ads or Affiliate marketing. If you have a creative hobby, then it can translate into something that you can make money from nothing, in terms of major monetary investment. You need not even posses an expensive SLR, a good digital camera would do, and you can get some free photo enhancing apps online and refine your snaps and sell them as stock photos.
Also if you are starting a small home based business like the point mentioned above like customized designs, sell artwork etc, and then this can be a great way to promote your work and look for potential clients. Usually these stores accept your edible items on the condition that if they are not sold, you will have to take them back at the end. You might wish to invest in a good affiliate marketing course to teach you about the numerous strategies available.
They optimize their rankings, just in case somebody puts the keywords into google, to be on top of all those empty promises. And of course, if you won the lottery, the work would start after you you won it – to keep the money. Feeling worthy and deserving is very important to be able to keep and grow the money we make. In that sense, you’re absolutely right: The money is waiting, so what are you waiting for? I had to take a moment to step away from the computer because I was laughing so hard that I almost fell out my my chair. If you want to make money doing nothing beyond your initial efforts, those efforts have to reflect your desired results.
Probably the best method is to write for a content sharing site like eHow, Bukisa or Associated Content.
If you place an affiliate link in a relevant article, you can easily make money doing nothing more than promoting that product. That's great, but if you find that your initial efforts are taking too much time and the returns are too few to justify the hours you're expending, you have to rethink and adjust your methods.
With the exception of large capital investments or owning a business, most things won’t make you a ton of money for that little effort. The good news is that there are legitimate and simple ways to make money from nothing, and by nothing I mean minimum investment and money requirement. You can use platforms like Blogger, WordPress to make an excellent website, even though you are not a web-designer, it’s easy. Raw material is required, but that will not burn a whole in your pocket and if your mind is creative enough, it can be the best way to earn money from little investment. Better still, you can create your own website and maybe give some of them as free downloads and some that you feel are unique and simply superb which people will be ready to pay for can be charged. You can even take up such freelance jobs from sites such as skillpages and find people who need something you specialize in. There is a good market for these kinds of things as people want different and unique things for either themselves or as gifts they can give others. You provide services in your area of expertise to others who need the guidance and knowledge and can charge for it. You can do something similar, form a group of people and form a partnership and start something. Supplying home based things like chutneys, pickles, papad, pastry, cookies, chocolates etc are among the best way to earn money if you know how to make them well.
When you discover a proven system however, then it truly is feasible to make easy money online. But don’t confuse it with simple money, because selling data consumes very much time, if this is what one does for a living.
But I love the way you put it and kudos to Dr Rob ( the first comment) he got me going too. The goal is to make money fast and easy, but it always requires some action that needs to be taken on your part.
The amount of prep work involved in making $1,000 a month in passive income is significantly greater than the prep work to make $100. Another great method is to create a website around a niche product of your choosing and than watching the residuals come in from your affiliate links. Remember, there is a potentially decent passive income to be made with a minimum of effort, but the odds of getting rich this way are miniscule.
However, a few extra bucks here and there is still something, and if you add up everything here you could give your petty cash fund a nice pad. Secondly, these things are only viable because somewhere, some focus group or marketing machine needs data to drive its decisions. There are ways to earn money online in India just like in the rest of the world, and there some great ways to do it offline too. You even have online tutorials on buying domain and server space, and how to make a site using the above platforms, it is pretty simple. Just check the guide I have recommended above to get a step-by-step guide with video tutorial to set up your blog, how to get traffic and to manage you blog. This can be a great traffic generator for your website, people love free stuff, and if it is good quality then images get shared, downloaded, and spread virally so you can earn from ads, affiliates, and lots of ways from your hobby of photography. Things as simple as setting up a free website or blogging, in case you are a web designer or blogger or just happen to know stuff, can result in great a second income.
You can have people from different fields so that various expertise can be tapped into without any cost, since all are partners working at a common goal. The difference is the success everybody is making and the trust and honesty that is involved. There are too many drive-thru mentalities that want everything in 2 minutes or the horn will be blowing! The good news is that once you start on the passive income path, you can continue to make money doing nothing beyond your initial effort. If you write useful, high-quality content, you will find that you will make money quick and easy and the potential for growth is exponentially greater the more effort you put in up front.
There are programs available such as Google Sniper which shows you how to potentially earn hundreds of dollars every month on sites that you only have to spend 2-3 hours on and then never touch again. If you want to put a bit more effort in, there are plenty of ways to make even more money in your spare time.
It’s very obvious to see why Google would shell out a pittance for data on consumer habits. It can be any topic, that you are an expert in, just make sure you know what you are talking and do not misguide people or else it can harm your reputation.
For instance if you need to make a good website for a new online business venture, you can form a group of people which includes a Web Developer, Designer, someone who can Market and so on, thus it can be a great way to start something that can make money from nothing. You must work hard if you want to achieve success and you will also have to apply certain tools in order to earn money. What everyone can achieve out of a good role model is definitely more than a nickel, dollar or pound.

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