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When Jin Woo told his brother Hyeong that his son killed Deok In’s son, I found it interesting that Hyeong told Jin Woo not to tell Deok In and just to bear the pain inside. In my opinion Jin Woo should have told Deok In the truth about his son and let Deok In handle it the way she wanted and not cover it up like his brother did. I cannot stand Hong Rae and Eun soo and their constant bickering and scheming on who is going to get the company.
And Jinwoo when he came to his parents house and encountered Eun soo and she just degraded Deok In again with her vicious lies about her.
And how many times have Eun Soo and Jin Myeong been either in the kitchen or outside talking and no one catches them.
I am surprised that Deok In being a detective did not think about asking any of the store owners on the street where her son was hit if they saw the accident. I can’t wait for brainless Hong Ran and evil Eun Soo to get caught with their schemes by the father and be put in their place, like out the door. When Jinwoo’s mother told Deok In that she would not accept her as her daughter-in-law,etc. A week ago I was watching an Entertainment show where they interview the celebrities and they had the wrap party for this show on. Deok In, her ex-husband and Jin Woo were all sitting with the interviewer laughing and having a good time.
I just hope Hong Ran and Eun Soo get what is coming to them for all the conniving they have done. Eun Soo can really spin the stories to get the family to be sorry for her and believe whatever she tells them. Me too, got confused especially the names Eun Soo, Yeon Soo and Hyun Suh, for me those names have the same pronunciation.

Me too, at first i got confused especially with the names Eun Soo, Yeon Soo and Hyun Suh, for me those names have the same pronunciation but eventually as the story of the drama progresses i was able to differentiate whose who. So MBC is up to funny tricks again — they showed Ep 29 Saturday and Sunday where I live.
I just Ep 30 — I know that Jin Woo and his wife did not get along that well or his wife was not happy but it appears that Jin Woo did not have good relationship with his son.
In this episode it appears it was the first time Jin Woo and Yoon Seo had some compassion for each other.
Ep 30 and 30 are kind of sad in parts with Jin Woo sending his son off to America and Duk In’s ex, Kyunchul not having long to live.
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They love each other, why do they have to endure the pain especially Deok In watching Jinwoo with another girl. I did watched the individual interview via youtube with Deok In, Jin Woo, Eun Soo and Kyung CHul before they went inside the venue but its so frustrating coz i dont understand Korean language and there is no English subtitle.
He has an evil spiteful mother, is stuck in the house all the time, likes a girl who doesn’t like him, has no friends, and the guy, Gyeong Tae, who he thought was his friend is really not.

Actually its Jinhan the eldest of Kang family, Jin Hee is the youngest and shes a female(ex girlfriend of Deok In’s ex husband). What their children need is love,parents time, advice but instead some tolerate their children’s bad behavior. We really hate him in the first part of the story but bad KARMA is just around the corner, in the end we pitty him. She quit her work after she lost her only son and runs a small restaurant in front of her deceased son so that she can reserve the memory about her son. She then opens a food stall in front of her son’s school to preserves the memory of him and to protects the other students.
You don’t see a grown man throw a temper tantrum much on dramas and IGJ did it so well. They subbed until episode 39 but you could understand only until episode 30 since episodes 31-39 still system sub, members are still correcting the grammar. She fights through the staggering process of healing and forgiving while she goes on a journey to discover the truth behind her son's death.
Along the way she will struggle to forgive people who were responsible for her son’s death.
While running her restaurant, she tries to keep the memories of her son alive and she also tries to protect the neighborhood children from danger. True love really will endure all the pain that love could offer,all the trials, there is no perfect love story in this world without experiencing those pains.

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